Who is DCinvestor? Influencer with a $100M NFT portfolio

Who is DCinvestor? Influencer with a $100M NFT portfolio

The insight and Twitter insights of this analyst have helped many aspiring crypto enthusiasts navigate the NFT space. In his posts, he often looks at digital tokens from a global perspective, which helps him assess current trends. He is also known for giving accurate forecasts regarding the development of certain projects. He also owns the largest NFT portfolio in the history of the industry, which was estimated at $100 million in 2022. Today we will talk about Aftab Hossain, better known in the crypto world under the nickname DCinvestor.

Who is DCinvestor?

DCinvestor is a strategic advisor and private investor in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space with a focus on decentralized finance (DeFi) technology. Aftab Hossain led the Organizational Strategy & Design Practice and the Blockchain Working Group at Grant Thornton Public Sector LLC. He worked closely with the leadership of the federal authorities, who highly appreciated him for offering solutions that greatly increased the efficiency of work. Hossain’s responsibilities included supporting federal agencies in founding new organizations and developing business models to meet current and future challenges.

DCinvestor is known as a supporter of Ethereum, the second largest blockchain in the world by market capitalization and the leading platform for programmable decentralized applications. He is sure that one should “respect the blockchain”:

He also regularly posts helpful and educational content on Twitter and talks about his journey as an NFT investor. However, on his Twitter profile, he insists that he does not give specific investment advice. Influencers often talk about themselves on social media in the third person.

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Path of DCinvestor to the NFT world

Prior to his serious passion for NFT, Aftab Hossain worked as an analyst, as well as a specialist in organizational design and transformation processes in companies such as Booz Allen, Deloitte and Grant Thornton.

Aftab Hossain’s journey into the NFT industry began when he became interested in Bitcoin in 2013 and later in early projects such as CryptoKitties. In 2016, he discovered Ethereum. It should be said that at that time DCinvestor did not yet perceive NFTs as works of art. But at the same time, he already saw in the games Cryptokitties and Axie Infinity (by the way, the game recently appeared in the AppStore) great potential that can be used in the future in gaming ecosystem or digital metaverse.

According to the influencer, he has always had an interest in collecting. In his youth he collected stamps. He jokes that he switched to non-fingible tokens as a collectible since they don’t take up any physical space, which suited him just fine (the future owner of the largest crypto portfolio used to live in a small apartment).

DCinvestor in the NFT world

In 2021, DCinvestor gradually began to notice the growing popularity of NFTs and the fascination of collectors with collecting new tokens. In particular, he became interested in the CryptoPunks collection from Larva Labs. At the beginning of the year, DCinvestor purchased its first token – CryptoPunk #294, paying about 12 ETH for it (note that now the floor price of this collection is about 52 ETH). The future influencer liked CryptoPunk #294 so much that he began to use it as an avatar in social networks.

Aftab Hossain justifies his choice as follows: as blockchain art gains momentum, the demand for collectible OG items will grow.

After acquiring the CryptoPunk token, the influencer realized that the Ethereum platform holds many more interesting collections. Therefore, he decided not to stop there and invested in the Socks (also known as Unisocks) project from Uniswap. DCinvestor plans to hold Socks tokens as something reminiscent of the evolution of DeFi technology.

The next project that caught the attention of DCinvestor was The Hashmasks. He liked that The Hashmasks can boast not only beautifully designed digital avatars, but also a strong community.

So Aftab Hossain became the owner of tokens from two collections focused on generative art. After some time, he discovered the Art Blocks platform, which provides artists working in this direction with enough space for self-expression. DCinvestor especially liked the Ringers collection by Dmitri Cherniak.

Passionate about generative art, the influencer has invested in:

  • Squiggly WTF

DCinvestor has been able to acquire a number of works by “early” digital artists such as XCOPY, Anne Spalter, Coldie and others. The influencer’s gallery of top-notch NFTs is certainly a phenomenal collection and bears witness to its owner’s extraordinary crypto knowledge, broad outlook, and entrepreneurial spirit.

NFT projects of DCinvestor

Today, the influencer does not create his own NFT projects, but focuses on collecting as a form of investment in digital assets. However, in one of his tweets, back in 2021, he shared his plans to open a virtual art gallery on the Ethereum blockchain.

NFT collection of DCinvestor

The influencer has a rich NFT collection (more than 900 pieces) both in terms of historical, cultural value, and in terms of valuation:

In 2022, the estimated value of his investment portfolio was about $100 million.

Collaborations of DCinvestor

To date, DCinvestor conducts independent investment activities and does not enter into partnerships with other representatives of the crypto space.

Opinion of DCinvestor about the NFT market

The influencer speaks very warmly of the digital creator XCOPY, calling him a possible contender for the title of the most famous crypto artist of all time, and regrets that he did not acquire more than 1/1 NFTs from XCOPY in his time. Also, DCinvestor has a high opinion of the mfers collection and the artist Tyler Hobbs, whom he calls a genius.

Aftab Hossain gives the following recommendations to all novice investors:

  • Search and collect only what you are really interested in;
  • Don’t fall for the FOMO Syndrome;
  • Don’t buy NFTs expecting a financial return as you may be very disappointed as tastes change rapidly.

And when asked what NFT collection he would buy from if he had to spend 185 ETH from his wallet for one token, DCinvestor confidently answers: “Autoglyph”.

The influencer is known to view NFTs not only as pieces of art, but also as a significant value proposition for Ethereum and other decentralized network systems. He also admires contemporary generative art for its aesthetic value and supports the idea of licensing CC0.

And here is his opinion on the convenience of interacting with DeFi technologies and NFT projects:

Opinion of NFTmetria

Aftab Hossain, better known as DCinvestor, is one of the earliest and visionary NFT investors and influencers. For a long time, he carefully collected his collection of tokens, which included many well-known projects today. DCinvestor is optimistic about the future of NFTs and generative art. And while he insists that his posts are not in the nature of specific financial advice, they are a powerful source of inspiration for many crypto fans.

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