The Metaverse is considered the next evolution of the Internet. For many, this concept sounds too abstract. And here the point is that this industry of the NFT market is at the initial stage of formation. Just a couple of years ago, before the NFT boom, it all sounded too futuristic. But today we see a very promising market both from a technological, communication point of view, and from an investment point of view.

What is the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is a virtual world with many possibilities and perspectives. Already, some of them are global ecosystems, where they combine:
  • games, including P2E, where you can earn real money just by playing,
  • online communities ranging from your personal hobbies to business communities,
  • online shopping, including all global brands (from mass market to luxury),
  • digital galleries, museums and exhibitions where you can see firsthand digitized works of art from around the world,
  • traveling through a diverse world using virtual and augmented reality tools,
  • prestigious themed areas/streets/lands where you can purchase your property and become a neighbor of your real idol,
  • the best collaborations of celebrities, influencers and representatives of the NFT market,
  • an internal economy with its own cryptocurrency, which is traded on most major exchanges,
  • representations of state and specialized authorities, where you can be consulted and provided with services,
  • business meetings where people collaborate through their personal digital avatar of themselves,
  • billions of investments in development, development and marketing from global corporations, including Meta, Microsoft, Nike, Epic Games, Nvidia, Unity, Roblox,
  • Finally, NFTs, which, thanks to blockchain and smart contracts, are a digital sign of ownership and guarantees in the metaverse.

How are NFTs and the Metaverse related?

The connection between the NFT and the metaverses is the most direct. You can buy/sell/craft unique characters, attributes, artifacts, lands and more. And it will all be NFT, the nature of which will confirm the fact of your ownership. NFTs and blockchain are laying the groundwork for digital property. Ownership of one's identity in the real world will be transferred to the metaverse, and NFTs will be that vehicle. This is now the main opportunity for investing in the metaverse through the NFT.

What Metaverses exist today?

Today you can see many metaverses still in the making. But there are already metauniverses that are at the stage of formation and comprehension of all the tasks described above. To date, the NFTMetria team refers to such metauniverses:
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