Otherside Metaverse: Global virtual world with CryptoPunks, BAYC, Meebits

Otherside Metaverse: Global virtual world with CryptoPunks, BAYC, Meebits

Linked to the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem, the Otherside Metaverse is a massive virtual world designed as an online multiplayer game. Let’s just say that the Otherside project has nothing to do with secondary collections on BAYC, such as Bored Ape Kennel Club.

Is this just another overhyped metaverse project? How will this serve the BAYC ecosystem in the long run? Let’s find the answers in the following discussion of the basics of the Otherside project from Yuga Labs.

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And for a more convenient study of the NFT metaverse, you can watch the video review:

Otherside Official Links

Otherside in numbers

  • Official land sales in the metaverse began on April 30, 2022.
  • Transaction fees in the first 24 hours of Otherdeeds metaverse land sales were over $160 million.
  • Yuga Labs has successfully raised approximately $300 million through initial sales of 55,000 lands.
  • The Metaverse is made up of 200,000 pieces of land, of which only 100,000 are in circulation and the remaining 100,000 are locked in to reward active voyagers.
  • In the metaverse, the main characters will be NFTs from the 9 most famous collections. And here are some of them: Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Meebits, World of Women.
  • Market cap reached 380.9K ETH (approximately $800m).
  • Sales exceeded 610K ETH (approximately $1 billion).

What is Otherside metaverse?

Otherside is one of the most anticipated metaverse projects from renowned Yuga Labs due to its gamification plan and association with Animoca Brands and Improbable. In the metaverse, you will see NFTs from such well-known collections as CryptoPunks, BAYC, MAYC, Meebits, World of Women, etc. Moreover, the developers intend to make their own MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) metaverse that will connect the wider NFT universe. Have you seen this anywhere else?

What is Otherside metaverse
This is what Otherside looks like from above

Otherside is a galactic archipelago made up of smaller islands, the Otherdeeds. It starts somewhere near the Biochemical Swamp, where Bored Apes live, and extends to the Infinite Expanse.

Sounds confusing? We will explain everything to you further. This is truly the project of the year based on community response, sales and expectations. In the near future, the platform will turn NFTs from the most famous collections into playable characters, and collectors will be able to own land in this open world game and interact with various ecosystems.

Next, we will tell you in more detail what everyone can find today inside this exciting metaverse.

Who created Otherside?

The Otherside is a Yuga Labs project, but it also sought to collaborate with a number of other parties. Improbable and Animoca Brands are partners in this project. These are both well-known names behind many successful blockchain gaming projects.

For example, Animoca Brands has invested in Axie Infinity. It also served as a vital force behind the popular metaverse platform The Sandbox.

And Improbable is a British technology company that helps partners create rich, powerful virtual worlds and is also the initiator of the M2 project. They also have over a decade of gaming experience, over 10,000 employees and over $500 million in fees.

It’s also worth mentioning that in 2016 Improbable partnered with Google and in 2017 they released SpatialOS for open beta. The first games built on this technology were Worlds Adrift and Fall Guys.

Fall Guys has sold over 7 million copies on Steam and is the most downloaded game on the Playstation.

History of Otherside metaverse

Yuga Labs is an epic center from which the collection is managed and new projects are developed. In addition to the BAYC project, they have been managing the intellectual property of Cryptopunks and Meebits since 2022. They purchased them from Larva Labs, the founders of these projects. We similarly wrote about this in the article “Larva Labs is the creator of the famous Cryptopunks and Meebits”.

So, let’s go back to 2021. Bored Ape Yacht Club already has several new NFT projects and products. In July 2021, for example, NFT dogs fell out of the Bored Yacht Club kennel. All bored monkeys could participate in the drop and only had to pay the cost of minting. At the end of the summer of 2021, Serum NFT fell. By giving your bored monkey this serum, you have a mutated NFT monkey. So, the so-called Mutant Ape Yacht Club was created.

It soon became clear: this world and this universe are too small for these monkeys. Yuga Labs also hinted several times that its own metaverse was only a matter of time. And that time seems to have come.

The next step in this was the launch of our own token. Apecoin (APE) was launched in March 2022. This coin has already made an impressive leap in a short time. It peaked at $26.70 on April 28 during the Otherdeeds sale. The total supply of tokens is 1 billion tokens. The native token will play an important role in the declared metaverse and will serve as the only currency for settlements. And in general, this NFT coin is in the top of the best NFT cryptocurrencies for investment.

How is Otherside different from other metaverses?

Although there are still few details, this project will already clearly stand out from other metaverses according to the following criteria:

  1. Different categories of land

Otherdeeds fall into five broad areas:

  • Biogenic swamp – 10000 pieces,
  • Chemical goo – 20000 pieces,
  • Rainbow atmos – 22000 pieces,
  • Cosmic dream – 23000 pieces,
  • Infinite expansion – 25,000 pieces.
Sediment NFT Otherdeed for Otherside
The type of sediment plays a big role – this is the location of the earth in the entire metaverse, as well as the reproduction of resources in the future

Each parcel of land offers its own resources, and may also contain unique “artifacts” that cannot be created normally. For example, volcanic or sulfuric land is very rare, and some of them may even be guarded by the celestial being “Koda”.

  1. The main characters are the most famous NFTs on the market

Yuga Labs followed the proven path and created a successful project from the most successful projects already existing on the market. Each of the NFT collections, which is integrated into the metaverse, has a huge community. To name at least a few of them: Bored Ape Yacht Club, CryptoPunks, Cool Cats. But we will discuss their role in Otherside further.

And of course, all followers of the collections automatically began to follow the project. Even before the launch, such a recipe showed its success.

  1. Intriguing storylines

One of the most interesting parts of the Otherside storyline is the story of the Code. The Yuga Lab team claims that they deliberately made them vague. All we know so far is that they are responsible for bringing us to the Metaverse, and that we must “carefully” avoid them if we encounter them while exploring.

  1. Open Data Kits (ODK)

The platform also offers users the opportunity to design and develop their own lands and NFTs. Users can obtain an open data kit (ODK) that they can use to further create games in the Otherside metaverse. The metaverse also emphasizes user-generated content (UGC) and allows users to shape their own experiences, giving them the ability to customize their own avatars, environments, games, and more.

It is important to remember that as the world is currently under development, the production process may be subject to further changes from time to time.

  1. Partnership with Improbable and technical capabilities thanks to a partner

Through their strategic partnership with Improbable, the Otherside metaverse will be developed on the M2 (Morpheus Otherside Metaverse) network, allowing users to create their own avatars and shape their own experiences. This network will allow the platform to support thousands of players playing at the same time in one place.

Most modern Metaverse systems limit the number of users in order to lower system requirements. But with Morpheus Otherside technology, the Metaverse will be able to support more than 30 frames per second at high resolution. This incredible software will allow over a thousand users to share information similar to battle royale games like Fortnite.

Imagine thousands of avatars displayed simultaneously in various forms of animation. These capabilities will also be transferred to creators through tools and the SDK. Each user will be able to create their own game and environment that can be supported by thousands of users.

  1. Brand awareness

Bored Ape Yacht Club members range from athletes like Serena Williams and Neymar to entertainers like Justin Bieber and Kevin Hart. Being such a global brand, Yuga Labs can position Otherside as the largest and most used metaverse. But since there will be 200,000 Otherdeeds, the game must be popular enough that there is demand to maintain the price of each piece of land.

Functions and features of Otherside metaverse

The Yuga Labs team pointed to the possibilities of the following features in the Otherside metaverse.

  • Addictive gameplay, enhanced by artificial intelligence and physics.
  • Features for natural voice chat.
  • Multiplayer features based on M2 Improbable technology.
  • Power to manage over half a billion transactions per second.
  • Reduced throughput and rendering issues thanks to machine learning.

As vague as it may seem, the technical details of the project are still under wraps. The team has not revealed any specific information about the infrastructure or technology behind the Otherside metaverse.

In addition, the project will be directly connected to the ApeCoin ecosystem. The only way to participate in the Otherside drop is to purchase NFTs using $APE tokens.

Game mechanics in Otherside metaverse

To date, several game components have been developed within this exciting metaverse, which form a full-fledged ecosystem and infrastructure for further development:

  • Announced in March 2023, Legends of the Mara (LoTM) is the first game being developed in the Otherside metaverse. It’s a 2D strategy game created with collectors in mind. The narrative of the entire metaverse will be intertwined in this game with the native Otherside inhabitants Kodas, their Vessels, the Otherdeeds, and the players. Yuga Labs shared that the open beta for LoTM is set for September 2023. Once the game reaches its open beta playtest, Otherdeed holders will be granted a new NFT. Mara and Kodamaras are other character NFTs introduced to the Otherside with the new game.
  • Otherdeeds is the name given to land plot NFTs in The Otherside metaverse. They are dynamic NFTs built as a collection of game elements. Each Otherdeed comes with a set of resources. Further adding to the complexity of Otherside, within the Otherdeeds ecosystems live Kodas.
  • Kodas: the native inhabitants of the Otherside. Within the ecosystems made up of the Otherdeeds live Kodas. They are beings that Yuga Labs says “have ushered us into the Otherside.” While around 10% of Otherdeeds come with Kodas, they are a collection of assets of their own and can evolve even more when playing Legends of the Mara.

Considering Yuga Lab’s extreme levels of success, possibly the most interesting aspect of the Otherside project will be what is to come. As Yuga and its partners have continued to be intentionally cryptic when it comes to all things Otherdeeds and Kodas, the possibilities of what Animoca and Improbable can bring to the table seem unlimited — especially when coupled with the money of Andreessen Horowitz and major brand partnerships.

Map of Otherside metaverse

The placement of Otherdeeds correlates with their rarity in the sediment. In the center of the map is the rarest sediment, the Biogenic swamp, and as the land moves away it becomes less rare.

  • And it was in the very center, on the Biogenic swamp, that the owners of the BAYC received land as a result of the airdrop.
  • Chemical Goo hosts the owners of MAYC.
  • And then the lands were given to the development team and other participants, and also sold on April 30th.
Otherside metaverse map
Otherside metaverse map

Launch of the Otherside Metaverse

In March, Yuga Labs also released a trailer showing a brief opening storyline featuring CryptoPunks, Nouns, Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cool Cats and more.

Yuga Lab’s belief in the strength of its community is clearly expressed in the various development options it offers to its users. By empowering users, the Otherside Metaverse seeks to harness their creativity to create meaningful experiences in the virtual world. Owners of Otherdeed are allowed to participate in “playtests” to determine the reliability of the latest developments and get constructive feedback from their users.

Start of sales

Initial NFT sales didn’t go entirely smoothly. On April 30, 2022, 55,000 parcels were released for sale, totaling over $300 million. This was significantly more than the launch cost of two of the other most famous platforms in the metaverse: Decentraland and The Sandbox.

Yuga Labs has announced that it will not rely on the Dutch auction to release the Otherdeeds NFT collection. The Dutch Auction is a specific way of issuing NFTs, designed to avoid huge fees caused by high network traffic on its own blockchain. In the past, such high traffic has resulted in network congestion, leading to a “gas war” where fees are driven to astronomical levels and lead to other problems. However, Dutch auctions have been criticized by the NFT community for being ineffective methods of preventing network congestion.

This criticism caused Yuga Labs to change course and release their NFTs in limited waves. So they hoped to reduce the load on the Ethereum network. Unfortunately, the plan failed as thousands of people stormed the platform to get their hands on this collection. However, the network was overloaded, leading to incredibly high transaction costs. These prices caused several transactions to fail because certain consumers could not afford to pay the fees.

These people have lost thousands of dollars, leaving only NFT investors with large amounts of capital to participate. As the dust settled, Yuga Labs apologized for the incident.

We apologize for taking Ethereum offline for a while. It seems quite clear that ApeCoin will need to migrate to its own network in order to scale properly. We would like to encourage the DAO to start thinking along these lines. The team tweeted

Load Testing Otherside

Load testing is a simpler form of performance testing that is essential in game development. They help designers identify any areas that need improvement. Testing is critical to ensure that a large project runs smoothly. Of course, only Otherdeed NFT owners can participate in Otherside testing on desktop and handheld devices.

So, on July 6th and 9th, over 4,500 Otherdeed NFT landowners broke through to the other side for the first time.

Holders were assigned a random 3D avatar for the stress test. Users could interact with each other, send chat messages and use emotes. They also performed simple tasks such as running, jumping, and communicating with each other using their voices. Yuga Labs and Improbable have gathered valuable insights by running these load tests. To create the best possible experience for the tech demo that took place on July 16th.

First Trip is the first event of the Otherside metaverse

First Trip on Otherside mataverse
Real shot from First Trip on Otherside

Accompanied by Curtis, the tour’s official guide, who looked like a huge Bored Ape, and “Blue”, a large Koda, the travelers saw the key sights of the new metaverse. Starting with The Swamp, the group traveled to The Sphere, an open auditorium, and finally to an island of jagged geometric shapes known as the Obelisk. There, the First Journey culminated in a boss fight in which the entire group faced off against the evil Koda. The Koda Creature teased everyone during the original land sale and was the centerpiece of The First Ride.

Developed by Improbable, the impressive ability to accommodate thousands of players simultaneously in a single space is made possible by the unique Morpheus (M2) technology. The testimonies of the participants widely attest that the experience was smooth and without delay. The success of First Trip created a lot of anticipation for the full release of Otherside.

More importantly, after completing this first trip, Yuga Labs released a small 11-part Voyager Journey document explaining the place of the first trip in the larger narrative of the Other Side. It also reveals that the first ride marks the beginning of an 11-part storyline.

Who is Voyager?

“First Journey” is only for Voyagers – owners of OtherDeed.

So, you can build Otherside yourself and think about the future of this metaverse. You can then test new games and discover the world of Otherside while it’s still in the demo.

With Otherdeed, you can participate in the prototyping, demos, and tests that shape the final game design and experience.Said on the official website

As a reminder, 100,000 Otherdeeds are blocked to date. And the Voyagers will receive them on the basis of their contribution at the game testing stage.

Project Roadmap: The Voyagers Journey

That’s right, Voyager’s Journey, the team called a kind of roadmap for the project. It does not contain specific dates. It is also full of mysteries.

The Voyager Journey describes the steps in which users will be able to interact with the Otherside metaverse and the Otherdeeds NFT.

Otherside The Voyager’s Journey
The Voyager’s Journey in Otherside

Only 11 steps in the journey:

  1. First Trip

It is the first step in Voyager’s journey, a tech demo exclusively for Voyagers or NFT Otherdeeds owners. We just talked about it above.

  1. The Codex

This is a living document co-authored by Voyagers. It will detail important aspects of Otherside’s knowledge and provide training for new users. For example, the Codex says that users learn to “bind their lands and more”.

  1. Origin of Koda

At this point in the journey, a cosmic earthquake destroys the Otherside’s metaverse and brings Kodas a vision of their past, as well as the separation of the component parts from the NFT Otherdeeds. This is perhaps the most important event in the recently shown Voyager Voyage. It confirms that codes, artifacts and resources will become their own NFTs, which can be freely traded without land.

  1. The Growth

In Growth, NFTs will come to life and start generating resources for their respective holders. However, this section also notes that other species will appear – perhaps Kodas or something completely new.

  1. The Agora

The Agora section seems to confirm a possible marketplace, or at least a NFT split.

Travelers, come together to buy, sell, barter, and trade for what you need. Or create new items from raw materials. Let’s build, create and innovate with each other.This is what the section on the official website says.

  1. The Dream

It says here that the “impossible” arcade machine spawns in the Biogenic Swamp. The description suggests that users will be provided with a journey that should be “used wisely”. In this case, you can expect a reward. Maybe it’s a new airdrop?

  1. The Choice

The Choice hints at something outside of the Otherside metaverse. There’s mention of new creatures calling the Other Side home, and allusions to friends and foes, which might seem like a nod to a battle-style game or event. It is said that at this stage, new lands are activated and become available to Travelers.

  1. The Settlement

At this stage, it seems that users are free to play, collect and create resources, explore the metaverse, and populate their lands.

  1. The Toolkit

The toolbox indicates the inclusion of the ODK, a toolkit for software developers that allows others to create and extend the metaverse. Many hoped that Yuga Labs and partners would create an open or decentralized environment for others to create and join, and this seems to confirm this.

  1. The Aeronauts

The Aeronauts confirm suspicions that much of the metaverse is “shrouded in mystery”. One big thing stands out in this section – the name “Aeronauts”. Remember all those trailers and videos of the cool cat being piloted by the helicopter? Maybe the aeronauts are telling us that others can interact on the Other Side, but users have to find a way?

  1. The Rift

Travelers, it’s time for a full exploration. Choose your starting stats and skills. Your work on the Obelisk is complete, but there is still much to be done. it says on the website.

This is another section without much detail, with only a few cryptic hints to draw from. Could the choice of stats and skills refer to the NFT Otherdeeds themselves, or perhaps the new creatures mentioned earlier? This section completes the Obelisk or major parts of the Other Side metaverse, but much more is expected to follow.

What is the role of ApeCoin DAO?

ApeCoin DAO aims to manage DAO offerings and serve the vision of the wider ApeCoin community. The ApeCoin DAO is primarily responsible for administering the DAO offerings, as well as ensuring that operations are aligned with the vision of the broader ApeCoin community.

And this DAO is made up of several dignitaries, including:

  • Alexis Ohanian (co-founder of Reddit),
  • Amy Wu (Head of Venture & Gaming at FTX),
  • Maaria Bajwa (Director of Sound Ventures),
  • Yat Siu (co-founder, founder and executive chairman of Animoca Brands),
  • Dean Steinbeck (President and General Counsel of Horizen Labs).

Which NFT collections will be compatible with The Otherside?

The collections listed below have 3D models ready to be used as playable characters at launch:

Other collections such as:

can be transformed using the ODK provided by third parties.

NFT Otherdeed for Otherside BAYC, MAYC, Cryptopunks
Metaverse-integrated NFTs from renowned collections

There was also a successful NFT conversion test by Yuga Labs, in which thousands of users worked in 3D without any complaints from users. The process of converting NFTs into playable characters takes up to 25 minutes and requires Otherdeed land verification with a signature.

What will people do in The Otherside metaverse?

Probably the biggest unanswered question because no one really knows what people will be doing at Otherside. Of course, the team will map out the challenges, gameplay, and storytelling to guide the experience. However, the land and NFT owners will determine the future of the Metaverse.

In this regard, NFT collectors can own land in this open world game, collect resources, and explore artifacts and rare characters.

We know that The Otherside Metaverse’s gameplay follows a storyline where a cosmic quake shakes the universe, bringing a vision into Coda’s past and things get interesting.

Improbable will develop Otherside on the M² network, creating an open metaverse where the community can create and own unique characters and events. The Otherside Metaverse project team also claims that over 10,000 people will be able to play together and interact via voice chat at the same time.

How to join The Otherside metaverse?

In order to participate in the Otherside metaverse, you must first purchase the Otherdeeds NFT lands. The first wave of minting occurred on April 30, 2022, when 100,000 of the 200,000 Otherdeed NFT lands were auctioned off. The remaining 100,000 Otherdeed will be distributed to Otherdeed holders based on contributions during the game testing phase.

You can purchase Otherdeeds from secondary markets like:

If you see NFTs of individual Kodas, resources, or artifacts for sale on OpenSea or elsewhere, it’s a scam. You cannot purchase Kodas, resources, artifacts, or other Otherdeeds game items individually. Warning

How to make money in Otherside metaverse?

So far, there is no definitive answer to this question. How, for example, the treasures of your country will acquire value remains to be seen. At this point, you can make money from your Otherdeed by trading it.

Your Otherdeed may also be of value in other ways. The obelisk is part of the Otherside, in which the plans for this metaverse are finalized. As an Otherdeed holder, you can use the Voyager mode.

The future of Otherside metaverse

Otherside will eventually evolve into an MMORPG: Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game. Here you can play your character with and against others in different online games.

Otherside with Otherdeeds is slowly unlocking. No one knows exactly how this metaverse will develop, not even the Yuga labs team. Because Otherside’s goal is to keep growing through community and collaboration. For example, work is underway on the SDK, a software development kit. This allows projects, brands, and you as a player to add new elements to Otherdeeds. It can be, for example, games or new characters.

So, it remains to be seen what games you’ll be able to play in Otherside as it’s still in development.

And speaking more globally, Yuga Labs seeks to build a single metaverse that will rule over all. And has already begun to shape Web3 through its shrewd acquisitions and market movements. From buying the intellectual property rights to CryptoPunks and Meebits to creating ApeCoin.

Now Yuga Labs wants to fit it all into Otherside, offering users an interoperable experience that will allow them to move between the metaverses.

Opinion of NFTmetria

This exciting Otherside project still has a long way to go before completion. Due to issues such as bottlenecks in the Ethereum network, the Metaverse can be extremely difficult to scale.

However, ongoing performance tests and teasers have proven that the project is very promising. And Improbable, leading the development behind the scenes, is doing everything that the plans came true earlier than expected.

Already now we see that this is not just a place with a lot of paid land, which is difficult to apply. This is a full-fledged virtual world with its own characters, plots, games and life. And the main screenwriters – Yuga Labs will make this discovery exciting and interesting for everyone. Therefore, like the entire community, we are waiting for a full-scale launch and development of stories within the metaverse.

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