Blockchain-based gaming platforms are rapidly gaining popularity. In literal translation, GameFi consists of two words Game and Finance. The first games of this kind appeared in 2013. But the growth in popularity has come since 2021, at the same time the GameFi platforms experienced a real boom.

What is the secret of popularity?

The GameFi industry is gaining momentum due to the dynamic development of the decentralized platforms and gaming segment. You can play using any device. NFT is no less a driver of popularity. Investors now profit by selling unique characters, weapons, artifacts, and more. Moreover, in many GameFi projects, the cost of characters and, accordingly, internal tokens is growing dynamically.

Which game to choose?

When choosing a GameFi project, you should pay attention to the company's marketing strategy and technological component. If the game is actively promoted on the network, then the number of users will increase, and after that the cost of internal tokens. As for the technological part, you need to play the game, see if there are any serious glitches, if it freezes. Also pay attention to the base, that is, the blockchain. Depending on the underlying platform, the speed of the game, the cost of commissions when selling and buying, as well as the security of the game and your tokens will differ. The complexity of the game itself should also be taken into account. On some GameFi platforms, tokens can be taken as collateral or used, for example, to grow crops. In such games, the player requires more serious knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.

Where is the GameFi industry headed?

Advanced players have long been making money by selling characters, weapons, and artifacts in the form of NFTs. However, in the past, third-party platforms were used for this. Now you can do everything without leaving the game. For this, serious developers create in-game marketplaces. Already now, some citizens, to the question: “What kind of work do you do?” answer: "Gamer". The industrial age has sunk into oblivion. The digital age is coming, in which you can not only play, but also earn. The hit of 2022 are games based on the play-to-earn model (P2E). There are also move-to-earn games.

In this section:

  • We cover in detail the mechanics, tokenomics of game projects,
  • make in-depth reviews of them and open for you all the cards of the GameFi sphere.
  • Be at the center of the action, earn while playing and become a confident market participant based on our materials.
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