NFT Marketplaces

What is NFT Marketplaces?

Marketplace- is NFT trading platform. Marketplace is an online e-commerce platform that provides access to its services that allow you to create, buy, sell, transfer digital art objects (NFT tokens) to artists, creators, sellers, buyers, investors and speculators. The NFT marketplace provides insights related to their activities such as sales volume, number of transactions, number of offers and bids placed on digital art. Many NFT marketplaces have an API to make it easier for supporters to interact with projects, allowing for the flexibility to expand the community.

How to get started with Digital Art Marketplaces?

In order to get started, you need to select a marketplace where you will trade with digital art objects. To make your choice easier, we have compiled reviews of all the most popular trading platforms. Check out the reviews and choose the idea and functionality of which marketplace suits you best. In this section, we tried to answer the most popular questions: How to choose a marketplace for NFT trading? Which marketplace should a beginner or experienced digital artist choose? how to register and use marketplaces? Where to sell NFT? Where to buy NFT?

What are the types Marketplaces for buy/sell NFT

There are 5 main marketplace types:
  • Project Marketplace
  • Play to Earn
  • Metaverse
  • Marketplaces positioning themselves as high-quality digital art
  • Sports marketplaces

The main idea of ​​the NFT trading platform

Each NFT project has a general idea. It needs to be understood and shared, then it will be easier and more comfortable for you to make money on your creativity or investments. But always be aware of the risks! High investment income is always associated with high risks.

We review all the most important NFT trade and sell platforms such as:

  • OpenSea
  • Binance NFT
  • Rarible,
  • Nifty Gateway,
  • Foundation
  • Axie Marketplace
  • NBA Top Shot,
  • SuperRare
  • LooksRare
  • X2Y2,
  • Magic Eden
  • PancakeSwap
  • Decentraland
  • The Sandbox Marketplace
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