NFT Collections

The NFT market was born only in 2017, which for the whole industry can be regarded as:
  • formation of the sphere as an independent niche of blockchain assets,
  • development of internal and external regulatory mechanisms,
  • growth and fall factors that all market participants should take into account,
  • and, most importantly, adaptation and global acceptance by society.
In doing so, the focus is on the NFT collections, which are the subject of discussion, analysis, art and investment.

What is NFT collection?

An NFT collection is a collection of unique, non-fungible tokens. In the digital asset market, a collection should be seen as a holistic project with its founders, ideas, plans, utility, community and social activity. The main essence of the collection is the generality of individual tokens in style and theme within the collection. But, at the same time, each NFT has unique attributes, the combination and rarity of which gives a certain asset value rating.

What are the types of NFT collections?

If you are planning to start investing in NFTs, you should decide on the profile of your future assets. NFT collections are of several types:
  • Digital art,
  • Music collections,
  • Collecting sports moments,
  • Game tokens, which are unique assets in a particular game,
  • Membership in a closed specialized community, which provides special opportunities and benefits for the owner of the token,
  • Assets in the metaverse, including lands, characters, attributes, and more.

What are blue-chip NFT collections?

To date, there are more than 10,000 collections on the market, and only dozens of them have received public attention, recognition and popularity. These top NFT collections are referred to as blue-chips. The term "Blue-Chips" comes from the world of investment, where the stocks of the largest companies known for their quality, reliability and financial stability are called so. In the NFT world, these are the collections that are the least subject to volatility due to the successful execution of the strategy, a strong community, high sales, utility, and the participation of famous personalities. This list includes such NFT collections as:
  • CryptoPunks,
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club,
  • Azuki,
  • Moonbirds,
  • Doodles,
  • Meebits,
  • CLONE X,
  • Art Blocks,
  • and others.
Given the novelty of the industry itself, we can safely say that these collections have entered the history of the NFT market. But even due to this, they are unattainable for many due to the high price entry.

What to look for when choosing an NFT collection for investment?

If you are a potential NFT investor, then you should know what to look for when evaluating the investment attractiveness of an NFT collection. And this applies even to blue-chips. We prioritize the following factors:
  1. The presence of an official site filled with contact information, a roadmap, a description of the idea, usefulness and principles of the community,
  2. The author or project team at the helm. Often this is the determining factor. If the team has an already well-known name and a confident portfolio, then the success of future projects is practically guaranteed.
  3. Social activity, involvement and community size. The world of Web3 is a community, belief in a common idea and innovation. The network effect is a key factor in the success of an NFT project.
  4. Marketing, which is the engine of any sales and popularity growth. In the NFT world, there are many ways to promote a project. Not everyone is efficient and effective. Therefore, this factor also needs to be able to correctly assess.
  5. Visual appeal. First of all, we see the image, and after that we immerse ourselves in the essence behind it.
  6. Rarity, usefulness, liquidity, sales volume. These are the basic factors that determine the investment attractiveness of the project according to statistical data.

What is the NFT Collections section about?

In this section, the NFTMetria team highlights the best NFT collections, taking into account all the above factors. Each review is a deep dive into the essence of the project with an expert assessment of the prospects and investment attractiveness.
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