How to promote your NFT if you are not Elon Musk?

How to promote your NFT if you are not Elon Musk?

Most of the spikes in demand for NFTs come from well-known personalities. But what if you are not Elon Musk, but want to make money in the NFT field and promote your NFTs?

If you figured out what NFT is and how you can make money on NFT, then let’s move on to the next question. Many aspiring artists, designers and just enterprising people, having their own copies of NFT, ask themselves the question – how to promote your NFT? Often, tokens are already listed on various marketplaces, but there is no demand, but there is even some indifference on the part of potential buyers. Naturally, owners of non-fungible tokens have a lot of questions. Let’s try to figure them out.


Why do people buy NFTs?

To sell NFTs, you obviously need to understand your target audience. Everything is like in a normal business – the more accurately you know your buyer, the easier it will be for you to find him and sell non-fungible token to him. To do this, you need to understand the main motives for buying.

  1. Earnings

This means that you need to guess in which NFT the buyer will follow the actions of the crowd (and be the first) in order to earn on the hype. This happened with CryptoKitties and CryptoPunks, a little later with BAYC and many other projects. We put this motivation in the first place, and, probably, this is 95% of the cases. In other words, and in short – if you expect hype, then buy for resale. And if you create NFTs for sale, create hype!

  1. Artistic value

In order not to be confused with the first reason, here we will consider a project that the collector simply liked. There are a lot of them, if you look through the OpenSea marketplace, you will also like something. So why not buy? Especially if this is one copy, and it will be yours only. If you are creating non-fungible tokens , think about the artistic value of what you are doing.

  1. Technology

Here the answer is simple. For example, there is a project with 3D models of tigers that could be embedded in selfies, photos, etc. with augmented reality. There are many examples of the technological basis, we include all play2earn games (P2E) here. Thanks to in-game tokens, you can level up , upgrade your heroes, etc. What is not a benefit for the buyer?

  1. Fan theme

An easy example is NBA Top Shot for basketball fans and collectors. As above, this does not exclude other values: here you can earn money not by reselling and the technology is interesting. They sell Moments (video recording is short with a ball scored into the team’s ring). This also includes all non-fungible tokens from Marvel, for example, NFTs from Adidas, Pepsi, clothing brands, etc.

If you’re building an NFT, consider using a fan-made theme. For example, you can release NFTs in bowling (one of the most popular hobbies in the US), or on the topic of fishing. Why? The answer is simple – every fourth American is a fisherman!

  1. Offline bonuses

Getting something in real life from owning/purchasing NFTs. For example, when selling NFT paintings, some give their original to the owner of the non-fungible token. There is an NFT sale that entitles you to the best places in a football match of your team (the one whose NFT you bought). There is an NFT from the Casino, which guarantees the owner a seat at the table (poker or roulette). Or each buyer of non-fungible token 3D tigers, for example, was offered a gold ring as a gift. Other authors give NFT buyers a trading card. Note that this is catchy and very significant.

How to promote your NFT project?

Any promotion must meet marketing goals. Next, we will determine the necessary steps for the qualitative promotion of your NFT project:

  1. Objectively assess your resources and capabilities. You may need outside help. It is better to determine this at the very beginning than to realize it too late and waste time.
  2. A clear promotion plan, a kind of RoadMap of your project. So you can structurally understand what stages and steps you have.RoadMap of your NFT project
  3. Build an interested community. In the field of NFT promotion, this point is the key to success.
  4. Get the audience interested in your project. If you do not yet have a well-known name, you need publicity for the project itself and its legend.
  5. Run ads on social networks and instant messengers. We write in detail about promotion channels in this article .

Where to promote your NFT?

  1. First of all, it is recommended to install Twitter and Discord . These are the two most popular social networks among NFT fans, where the largest number of communities have gathered, actively participating in the topic of promotion, advertising, buying and selling, and development of non-fungible tokens.
  • By registering there, you can start creating around yourself and your NFT collection a community of fans who will be close to the topic of your project.
  • The more justified its concept, the more likely it is to attract your audience.
  • Actively participate in various discussions, and this way you will organically fit into the community.
  • In the future, using the word of mouth method, they themselves will advertise your product without noticing it.
  • In parallel, your expertise in the non-fungible token market will grow, which will allow you to avoid many mistakes on the way to your goals and finally find the answer to the question – how to promote your NFT?
  1. To increase the degree of interest, it’s also a good idea to download the Tik-Tok platform. Despite the many negative reviews about this service, it is free and from scratch allows you to achieve the largest audience coverage. Remember, the more often you appear on various NFT channels, the faster you will find the target audience of interested buyers.
  2. Don’t Forget About Influencers - users and famous people who have their own permanent audience. If you manage to attract their attention, you will automatically become popular and easily find a buyer.


Where to advertise your NFT?

There are many options for advertising your project. Below are some of the ways:

  1. Social networks
  • Measures for implementation: registration and competent storytelling with the audience is required
  • Intended effect: Involving a large number of people in your community
  1. Email newsletters
  • Measures for implementation: you need a database with contacts, you need to have your own website or cases for the sale of tokens
  • Anticipated effect: Expanding the number of subscribers and their interest in the project
  1. Conducting AMA sessions and video tutorials
  • Measures for implementation: Creation of channels on YouTube and social networks
  • Intended effect: Emphasis on the importance of the chosen brand and favorable feedback from potential buyers
  1. Through marketplaces
  • Measures for implementation: Creation of accounts on various trading platforms (OpenSea, Rarible, Foundation, etc.)
  • Estimated effect: Knowledge of the specifics of working with marketplaces and the possibility of good earnings in case of a successful combination of circumstances
  1. PR boost
  • Measures for implementation: Creation of press releases and their distribution to well-known media, Internet resources
  • Intended effect: Increased marketing conversion and audience reach
  1. Own website
  • Measures for implementation: Creation of the site, its competent content and SEO-optimization
  • Anticipated effect: Attracting buyers, generating interest in your NFT project from the target audience

Where to advertise NFT

By generating relevant and high-quality content that will resonate with the interests of your target audience, you will ensure that your goals become the goals of the buyer. Don’t stop at just one option, use multiple formats such as:

  • analytical articles with reference to trusted sources;
  • educational blogs and posts;
  • exchange of relevant news in the field of non-fungible tokens;
  • life hacks in marketing;
  • creative infographic.


How to quickly promote your NFT collection?

  • For faster distribution of your NFT project, you need to actively use crowd marketing.
  • We also recommend sticking to targeted advertising, which can lead the interested audience directly to your content along the path of least resistance.
  • If you use a friendly communication style, useful, understandable and unique content in your own way, you will get the maximum effect from lead generation faster.
  • On top of that, lead generation will steadily increase, which will eventually lead to high sales of your non-fungible tokens.


In the presented review, there is really a lot of marketing component in the foreground. This should not be embarrassing, since our goals are transparent:

  • How to promote your non-fungible tokens?
  • How can I quickly and profitably sell my non-fungible tokens?

But in order not to be disappointed in the results of the work and not to regret the lost time, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

  1. Do not forget to sum up the intermediate results of the conversion, analyze errors and omissions;
  2. If necessary, adjust the marketing strategy and make it flexible and adaptive;
  3. Follow the cryptocurrency market and news related to it;
  4. Increase confidence in yourself and your brand through the publication of customer and expert reviews;
  5. Be sure to use social networks (Twitter, Discord, Facebook, Reddit, YouTube). You can read more about promotion through social networks here.
  6. Perhaps the option of viral promotion of your NFT project is suitable for you. We talk about this method in detail in this article .
  7. Choose to place large NFT-marketplaces that have already proven themselves. For example, OpenSea, Rarible. We did a comparative review of the largest sites in this article.

Under these conditions, even an inexperienced beginner can not only earn big money, but also become, in a certain sense, a famous person on a global scale. There are examples of this.