PhantaBear: The most successful NFT bears in the Web 3.0 space

PhantaBear: The most successful NFT bears in the Web 3.0 space

Let’s start with some associations. One of the most successful NFT projects of 2022, which collaborates with Jay Chou, the popular Asian pop singer and actor who played the title role in The Green Hornet and Now You See Me 2. A project among whose creators you will find the very popular Asian clothing brand Phantaci. A project that intrigued the entire space and blew up the Asian market. Can you guess what we mean?

It’s Phanta Bear, an NFT collection that combines Chinese popular music and fun thanks to 10,000 funny bears that have unique accessories and clothing from leading brand Phantaci.

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What is PhantaBear?

PhantaBear is an NFT collection of 10,000 unique bears. It is located on the Ethereum network and has the ERC-721 token standard.

PhantaBear nft
Some of the most expensive tokens previously sold from the collection

The NFT collection features bears wearing goggles framed with a five-pointed star, dressed in clothing with different designs and colors. Also, the bears are holding some things like playing cards, a ball, a helmet or a tape recorder. The things, clothing, or background may have “Phantaci” written on them.

Owning the PhantaBear NFTs grants the following:

  • Access to the private channel on the collection’s official Discord server,
  • Airdrops and prizes from partners, primarily from Phantaci,
  • Providing resources and items in the Matrix World metaverse.

When launching the NFT project, the creators relied on marketing through famous persons and high-profile brands. For example, Jay Chou, who starred as the main character in The Green Hornet, was the advertising face of the project. It was his participation that stired the Asian market. The clothing for the bears was designed by the clothing brand Phantaci. The official website even has a comparison between the physical attributes from Phantaci and the virtual ones worn by PhantaBear.

PhantaBear nft Phantaci
PhantaBear vs Phantaci

PhantaBear in numbers

  • On January 1, 2022, the collection was distributed with a minting price of 0.26 ETH (about $1,000 at the time).
  • All 10,000 NFTs were sold out in less than 40 minutes.
  • At the minting stage, a profit of $10 million was made.
  • The project is ranked 53rd among the best collections in terms of sales of all time on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea.
  • The total volume of secondary sales exceeded 36k ETH (more than $59 million at the current exchange rate).
  • Floor price is 0.12 ETH (about $230).
  • Average sales range from 0.09 ETH to 0.4 ETH.
  • The most expensive #9999 was sold on January 11, 2022 for 148 ETH ($480k at the time of sale).
  • Total 4,967 unique holders (50%). This shows the low chances of whales interconnection within the NFT project. Thus, the risk of artificial project management from the inside is minimal.
  • Only about 1% of the collection (126 pieces out of 10,000) are for sale, among them the offers range from 0.12 ETH to 4 ETH. This shows that almost all holders see the project as a great investment prospect and are not in a hurry to part with their assets at a lower price.

Data (including exchange rates) are given at the time of publication of the article (July 3, 2023)

Who created PhantaBear?

Professionals and media personalities participated in the creation and launch of the NFT project as a PR campaign:

  • The entertainment blockchain platform Ezek. The team consists of Will L, Mark G, and Ed Ow. By the way, the first two people are listed as creators on the official website.
  • Matrix Labs which dealt with the technical aspects of the project. The company specializes in blockchain technology and is the creator of the Matrix World metaverse.
  • The accessories for PhantaBear were designed by the Asian popular clothing brand Phantaci. One of the founders of Phantaci, Jay Chou, participated in the advertising campaign of the collection, which was conducted on Twitter and Instagram.
  • Jay Chou is also a popular pop star in Asia. He is the actor who played the title role in The Green Hornet and in Now You See Me 2. His participation in the advertising campaign had a bombshell effect.
  • Lau Kang-Hong, a famous actor from Taiwan. He starred in more than 10 films produced by Chinese and Taiwanese studios. It can also be assumed that he may be the founder of Will L, as one of the English names of Lau Kang-Hong is Will Liu.
PhantaBear nft Jay Chou
Famous and popular Asian stars who participated in the launch of the project

Among the early owners of the NFT collection were crypto investors such as Everest Ventures Group, Highstreet Ventures, Bonfire Union, Y2Z Ventures, AVATAR (Avalanche Asia Star Fund), RCT AI, and Annunaki Labs Ltd.

Why is PhantaBear so popular?

Phanta Bear has gained popularity for several reasons, but mainly it is most famous in the Asian NFT market.

  • PhantaBear initially gained popularity through an advertising campaign on Twitter and Instagram. The famous Asian clothing brand Phantaci and its founder Jay Chou advertised the project on Instagram. This attracted many Asian market users and fans of the Phantaci brand.
  • Actor Lau Kang-Hong also participated in the advertising campaign of the collection. He is a sought-after actor in China and Taiwan.
  • Asian pop star Jay Chou is quite popular in Taiwan. Part of PhantaBear’s popularity is based primarily on this pop star. Jay Chou is also known as the actor who played the title role in The Green Hornet. Therefore, the project has gained popularity not only in the Asian region, but all over the world because of the popularity of the movie, which has garnered an impressive number of box-office receipts and MTV awards.
  • NFT holders get discounts on Phantaci clothing. Because it is a popular brand, there will always be a huge number of people who want to buy clothes at a discount.
  • Possession of the NFT tokens from the collection serves as a membership card to the Ezek Club, an entertainment platform that is established as a metaverse.

However, the NFT project has gained fame not only in the Asian market, but also outside of it as a short-range investment.

PhantaBear Idea

In the eyes of the founders, the collection is an artistic vision in the new era of blockchain. It is also a kind of popularization of Chinese culture, and namely mandopop, the Chinese folk music. On the official website, you can turn on the playback of the Chinese folk music.

Ezek’s mission is also to create valuable avant-garde art, which will be realized through special smart contracts that provide premium privileges.

Also, Jay Chou believes that PhantaBear will help implement his plans to sell virtual clothing primarily to bears and metaverses with the opportunity for NFT holders to get physical clothing.

PhantaBear Roadmap

According to a representative of Phantaci, the NFT project is aimed primarily at metaverse cooperation. However, the official website already shows a roadmap of 4 segments.

The project roadmap is divided into 4 segments:

  1. Building a community
  • Privileges for NFT holders,
  • Unlocking great benefits for NFT holders.
  1. Branded merch
  • Sale of T-shirts on order,
  • Sale of custom figurines,
  • Sale of individual accessories.
  1. Privileges
  • The PhantaBear online store with bonuses and exclusive offers,
  • Airdrops from Phantaci collaborations,
  • Access to partners’ virtual lands in their metaverse.
  1. Events
  • Opportunity to communicate with celebrities,
  • Both online and offline parties and exclusive events.

PhantaBear Ecosystem

The NFT project does not have an ecosystem. The PhantaBear collection is released without any add-ons or services.

How much is PhantaBear worth?

On January 1, 2022, the distribution of the collection took place with a minting price of 0.26 ETH (about $1,000 at that time). All 10,000 tokens were sold out in less than 40 minutes. And how are things now?

To visualize the price dynamics, we made a slice of the average price for 1 NFT:

  • In February 2022: 1.1 ETH,
  • In April 2022: 0.8 ETH,
  • In June 2022: 0.6 ETH,
  • In September 2022: 0.4 ETH,
  • In December 2022: 0.2 ETH,
  • In May 2023: 0.2 ETH.

Now (July 3, 2023) the minimum price is 0.12 ETH. On average, the latest sales range from 0.09 to 0.4 ETH. And the total volume of secondary sales amounted to more than 36k ETH (about $59 million).

The most expensive sales of PhantaBear

The most expensive sales are led by the following NFTs from the PhantaBear collection:

  1. #9999 was sold on January 11, 2022 for 148 ETH ($480k at the time of sale),
  2. #9792 was sold on January 12, 2022 for 111 ETH ($374k at the time of sale),
  3. #2938 was sold on January 10, 2022 for 38 ETH ($117k at the time of sale),
  4. #554 was sold on January 9, 2022 for 35 ETH ($110k at the time of sale).
Most Expensive Sales NFT Phanta Bear
The Most Expensive Sales of PhantaBear NFTs

Where to buy PhantaBear?

Phanta Bear is currently only available on the secondary market, on marketplaces such as:

How to buy PhantaBear?

  1. Remember that initially you need to connect your crypto wallet with self-storage to the marketplace of your choice.
  2. Next, find the official collection using the search bar on the marketplace.
  3. Analyze and choose the NFT you want to buy; click on it and then on the “Buy” button.
  4. Or you can bet on the token you like. Make sure you leave enough ETH for gas or transaction fees. If the seller approves your bid, the deal goes through.

Should you invest in PhantaBear?

There are several criteria by which the collection can be treated positively. But before investing, you should analyze the project yourself and study the announcements of events and project changes on its official Discord or Twitter server:

  • A year has passed since the minting; the floor price of the collection is higher than the minting price;
  • The collection has a large trading volume; more than 15 transactions are made daily;
  • Opportunity to receive an airdrop from Matrix Labs and Phantaci partners;
  • Opportunity to communicate with celebrities;
  • Opportunity to purchase T-shirts and other branded clothing;
  • Each NFT serves as an Ezek Club membership card.

In any case, do your own in-depth analysis and research when investing in NFTs, and then make your own decision.

Opinion of NFTMetria

PhantaBear is considered one of the most successful collections of 2022. Bright bears with cool framed goggles attract users from all over the world, and famous actor and pop star Jay Chou contributed to the project’s popularity not only in the Asian region, but all over the world. The NFT project raised huge profits at the moment of launch and has a large amount of fans, which makes PhantaBear one of the most promising projects.

With such a great start, the project team must work hard to implement all the plans it has outlined in the roadmap. Only in this way will the project be able to create a brand that will be associated not only with the Asian star, but also with a full-fledged and reliable Web 3.0 project.

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