NFT Influencers

The NFT market has revolutionized the crypto market in 2021. Market participants have different attitudes towards NFTs:
  • someone thinks it's hype
  • someone considers a soap bubble,
  • someone says that this is the fun of the rich,
  • while someone actively covers events in the market, organizes huge communities, invests millions in the NFT and shows the rest how it works.
Who do you think these people are? That's right, NFT influencers. Perhaps, before our articles, you did not even imagine how many opinion leaders there are in this market. But it is worth noting that each influencer has his own audience, with which he actively works and interacts, responds to comments on social networks and expresses his personal opinion. What an influencer covers is less likely to be a scam or just a bad product. Do you know why? His reputation is at stake, and today it is very expensive. In this section, we provide detailed overviews of NFT influencers and highlight the most important aspects of their activities:
  • biography,
  • achievements,
  • NFT projects,
  • own collections,
  • income and investments in the NFT sphere,
  • the influencer's views and opinion on the future of the NFT.
We advise you to subscribe to NFT influencers on social networks (by the way, we also place links to them in articles), follow their actions in order to understand market trends and notice signals before others.
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