Who is Gmoney? Influencer who conquered the market with his expertise

Who is Gmoney? Influencer who conquered the market with his expertise

For many years, one of the top collectors of digital tokens, Gmoney, has been a pillar of the NFT space. The person who prefers to hide under this pseudonym continues to popularize the NFT technology and help community members in financial matters. Gmoney has long been regarded as a Web3 guru, and his name appears on Prada’s Twitter and Instagram pages. According to Fortune magazine, Gmoney is one of the 50 most influential people in the NFT world. How did he achieve such fame and why is he so valuable to the crypto community? Let’s talk about it in today’s review.

Who is Gmoney?

Gmoney is one of the most high-profile influencers and the most prominent NFT collectors. He broke into the world of the digital industry when he purchased a token from the CryptoPunks collection for 140 ETH (a record amount at the time in dollars).

For some time, the influencer hid behind a veil of anonymity. But on November 29, 2022, Gmoney unexpectedly amazed the community members by posting his real photo:

However, he keeps his real name and details of his personal life a secret. As Gmoney admitted in an interview, this is due to the need to ensure the safety of himself and his loved ones.

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Path of Gmoney to the NFT world

Before joining the NFT industry and fintech, Gmoney learned the art of trading in New York for 15 years. The choice of this path is not accidental – the guy was fond of everything that was connected with the stock market, and sought to better understand this “kitchen”. According to the collector, he immediately saw the potential of NFT:

I found NFTs and they made sense pretty much right away. I was an equities trader for 15 years before getting into crypto full time. So, I was just keeping an eye out for this stuff

The future crypto whale and Web3 guru was also fond of the computer game Fortnite, which also influenced his choice in favor of NFT. His attention was especially drawn to the skins for the characters of the game, which did not provide any special utility, but were attractive from an aesthetic point of view. When GMoney started hanging out in Fortnite with his friend and 12-year-old nephew, he realized the promise of NFTs:

When I found NFTs I was like, ‘Wow, this is your [Fortnite] skin for Twitter, Discord and Telegram.’ To me it made total sense… So, when I realized that, I put two and two together, I thought, ‘This is a no brainer. I should start buying whatever NFTs that I think are high quality. Shared collector

Gmoney in the NFT world

On January 6, 2021, Gmoney bought the CryptoPunk, which later became a cult one, for a huge amount of 140 ETH (or $170,000 at the time). Then everyone was sure that the influencer had gone crazy, throwing money away and acquiring a token without any utility. But, according to the crypto investor, no one buys a Rolex because of a utility…

As the market grew and developed, Gmoney made adjustments to his investment strategy, but continued to devote much of his time to helping other enthusiasts with their NFT endeavors. At Metaverso, an NFT summit held in Puerto Rico, the influencer has set itself the goal of raising funds for local nonprofits dedicated to promoting entrepreneurship and providing technology education.

NFT projects of Gmoney

The creative genius of Gmoney is fully revealed in the creation of their own projects. Let’s take a look at the most iconic of them.

Admit One NFT

At Bitcoin Miami June 2021 as part of a 3-day event called POAP (Proof of Attendance Protocol) @poapfr Gmoney was giving away free POAP passes to everyone who “believed in him”. He then shared them with his podcast listeners and people he crossed paths with in real life. This was the beginning of the Admit One project, which the collector announced at the end of May:

The POAP passes had undeniable utility:

  1. Firstly, they guaranteed the possibility of obtaining tokens from the limited edition of the new Admit One project (1000 pieces),
  2. Secondly, they provided exclusive access to the “Adidas Into The Metaverse” NFT event.

The rest of the tokens was distributed among specially selected lucky ones, more than half of whom were women employed in the crypto and NFT industry.

What is Admit One @Admit0001? This is a pass to the Gmoney ecosystem.

Goal for Admit One is to be a community of like-minded people who understand how critical it is to disrupt traditional industries and increase adoption of cryptographic technologies. The founder speaks

Membership in this club is valid for 3 years after the first distribution of tokens. The secondary royalty from sales is at the level of 10%. The proceeds are used to grow the team and maintain lasting value for the Admit One community. All members of the Admit One NFT Club are by default at the center of all events and experiences related to the Gmoney brand. The total trading volume of the Admit One collection is more than 8.7k ETH, the floor price is at the level of 1.8 ETH.

9dcc: NFT Luxury House

Another iconic project from Gmoney is the 9dcc virtual fashion house: NFT Luxury House @9dccxyz, a crypto-based luxury brand. It was created in collaboration with consumer technology company IYK @iyk_app. The first element of the virtual wardrobe in the 9dcc project was the ITERATION-01 T-shirt, which was intended exclusively for members of the Admit One community. A total of 1,111 tokens from the ITERATION-01 collection were issued.

The goal of this ambitious influencer project is to rethink fashion in a modern Web3 context and understand what branded items can look like in the era of a new generation of Internet and Web3 technologies. At the same time, non-fungible tokens should act not as an additional resource, but as a foundation.

Together with the 9dcc brand, Gmoney recently organized a treasure hunt tour, which was called the Treasure Hunt. The event was held as part of NFT NYC following the launch of the latest ITERATION-3 collection.

Participants traveled around New York, discovering its hidden gems and earning prizes along the way. Exclusive rewards from the Treasure Hunt event included:

  • Caps from the ITERATION-03 collection;
  • Collectible enamel pins, created by the talented artist Julius Margulies aka Snuffy (particularly lucky competitors could also count on a tattoo from this master);
  • Exclusive POAP passes;
  • The main prize is an unminted Chromie Squiggle from Snowfro, artist and founder of Art Blocks.

Collaborations of Gmoney

Gmoney’s first significant collaboration was with Adidas, when the world-famous sportswear brand announced the Into the Metaverse (ITM). In addition to the influencer, the company has also entered into partnerships with BAYC and PUNKS Comics. The trailer from Adidas showed the 3D characters that Gmoney was working on.

As part of the Art Week Miami event (November 29 – December 3, 2022), the collector, in close collaboration with generative art pioneer Snowfro, launched ITERATION-02, the result of a collaboration between 9dcc and Snowfro. ITERATION-02 were luxurious white premium T-shirts. Initially, they were sold at the Art Basel exhibition.

After the end of the event, items from the ITERATION-02 collection were made available to the Admit One community through a virtual minting process. It is worth saying that this method of delivery of goods, which the 9dcc brand has chosen – a combination of real-time minting and on-site production – has become an innovative solution in the world of NFT. Subsequently, the ITERATION-03 collection was also released.

Gmoney is also a general partner of the Delphi INFINFT fund, created in collaboration with crypto research and investment company Delphi Digital. The main objective of the Delphi INFINFT fund is to invest in NFT projects.

Opinion of Gmoney about the NFT market

According to Gmoney, the key to understanding the underlying technology of non-fungible tokens lies in a child’s fascination with collecting objects. Moreover, no one taught us in childhood how exactly to collect something – we just did it.

When you start having this [NFT] collection in the digital world, people inherently understand it without necessarily having to understand the underlying technology beneath it. He speaks

Gmoney also believes that tokens allow for strong business relationships:

Now that person owns the NFT and becomes part of your community, right? Now you have that client who owns a piece of your product, likes your design and what you’re making enough that they’re willing to spend their hard-earned dollars. NFT and crypto technology marks the beginning of that relationship; not necessarily the end of it. This is what changes the consumer journey and how they interact with the brand as well as other community members.

And in the manifesto of the Admit One project, the influencer asked to take part in the new community not for the sake of profit, but because he wanted to unite into one club people who believe in the great future of the project and are eager for new research in the digital space.

You don’t need to be a developer to build. Considers the NFT guru

Opinion of NFTmetria

Gmoney’s reputation is backed by an extensive track record of accomplishments and successes. He describes himself as a futurist and disrupter. Indeed, the influencer is moving forward on the road of Web3 development and destroying traditional ideas about business and business relationships. In this, he is supported by a loyal community, to which Gmoney, in turn, is trying to provide a premium digital experience.

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