NFT Artists

Let's answer the question - who forms proposals on the market? Of course, NFT artists. They are the ones who set the trends. It is they who form the community, which then ensures good sales. It is they who earn huge money on seemingly ordinary pictures. Want to immerse yourself in the world of NFT artists and understand how the most in-demand artists in the world have achieved success? What is the most expensive NFT sold in the world? How much do they earn? Who are these people in real life and what do they look like? Or maybe they are all incognito? We will help you answer these questions. We consider all popular and influential NFT artists:
  • Beeple;
  • Trevor Jones;
  • Murat Pak;
  • XCOPY;
  • Banksy;
  • 3LAU;
  • Tyler Hobbs;
  • Jose Delbo;
  • All Seeing Seneca;
  • Mad Dog Jones;
  • Matt DesLauriers and others.
Each of these artists has made a name for themselves in the NFT industry through their unique style of work, continuous hard work and ability to work with the public. Each of them intrigues the audience, creates demand even before its new NFT comes out. And people are ready to buy their works for any money, because they understand that over time, such well-known NFTs will only become more expensive. If you're an aspiring NFT artist, try following their examples.
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