Who is Punk6529? NFT influencer who created his own Museum of Art

Who is Punk6529? NFT influencer who created his own Museum of Art

Perhaps few people know so much about the inner workings of NFT and have such colossal ambitions as an influencer and collector of 6529 (also known as Punk6529). Until now, his name is shrouded in a veil of secrecy, as he prefers to hide his identity behind a four-digit nickname. However, everyone can get acquainted with his track record. He is the author of many innovative NFT projects and plans to develop a mega-community that will include several million users. So, today we will talk about the phenomenon of the famous figure Punk6529 and his path to the digital world.

Who is Punk6529 influencer?

Punk6529 is a well-known figure in the NFT world, one of the undisputed authorities in this industry. In his social networks, he shares NFT-related news and innovative projects with subscribers, gives practical and useful advice.

Punk6529 is known for his philosophical streak, as well as his extremely objective view of the state of affairs in the NFT world, which may even make some of his statements seem too harsh. Currently, Punk6529’s Twitter account has nearly half a million followers, making it one of the best NFT accounts in the space. As of 2023, his net worth is estimated to be around $20 million.

Punk6529 is an ardent supporter of the development of an Open Metaverse. It is he who is credited with creating the OM project, which stands for Open Metaverse. The foundation of OM had in perspective “bridging virtual and physical spaces that people use in their day-to-day lives.” The influencer also owns several NFT collections, which make up a rather impressive portfolio.

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Path of Punk6529 to the NFT world

It is known that the influencer strictly observes confidentiality and does not reveal anything about his life anywhere. However, according to some available information that we managed to collect, we know that he is a Harvard graduate and is originally from the United States. From an interview with Raoul Pal that Punk6529 gave in April 2022, it is also known that he got into cryptocurrencies in 2011, but did not attach much importance to this topic then. And in 2013, he bought his first Bitcoin for $20 and transferred it to his friend from Europe.

Next, the influencer began to work on his digital identity and used CryptoPunk for this. No one has ever seen his face, but fans know that he uses one of the images from this illustrious collection as his avatar.

Punk6529 in the NFT world

In 2017, Punk6529 started buying non-fungible tokens, and the peak of its acquisition activity came in 2020. Around the same time, the intuition told the collector that he should learn more about the NFT world, despite the skepticism of some representatives of the digital technology world about this area. So, he discovered many insights that will be useful to him in the future. At the same time, the influencer explored OpenSea and bought cheap tokens from there in the hope of future high profits.

NFTs opened up boundless scope for experimentation. Punk6529 also encouraged his friends to own and transfer tokens. Thus, began the path that would later lead the rookie crypto enthusiast to the pedestal of a well-known influencer.

NFT projects of Punk6529

The influencer has created a big name for himself not only thanks to expert opinion in the industry, but also due to strong, vibrant projects.

Open Metaverse

The most significant brainchild of the influencer was the launch of Open Metaverse – OM, which runs on the OnCyber Web3 engine. The idea of the project is to create an open meta-space that everyone can get into. The transition of the initiative to the alpha phase occurred when Punk6529 founded the Museum District.

Users can not only visit the Open Metaverse, but also contribute to its construction. No organization, not even the creators of OM, has full control over the Open Metaverse, which in the future could become a giant virtual city with a population of many millions. Therefore, the alpha and beta phases of the project were given tremendous importance: they were to make it clear exactly how the organizers would be able to achieve their ambitious goals and maintain the virtual space for many years. In the future, OM plans to fully realize the ideals of Web3.

Museum of Art

Created by an influencer, the Museum of Art has one of the largest and most valuable NFT collections in the world.

Museum of Art NFT Punk6529
Digital gallery

Here you can see tokens from a wide variety of categories, as well as an impressive range of generative art, including:

The Museum of Art also houses iconic works related to various themes.

Punk6529 NFT Museum of Art
Museum of Art by Punk6529

6529 Capital

6529 Capital is an organization created to help crypto enthusiasts to invest in NFTs. The organization has made major equity investments in many now famous companies, including:

  • Arbitrum,
  • Blur,
  • Doppel,
  • OnCyber,
  • Quantum Art,
  • Transient Labs,
  • UNXD.

The first-class administrative team of this sub-project deals with financial, operational, investment, legal and regulatory issues.

The Memes

The Memes is an extensive yet unfinished collection under the Open Metaverse project. It includes two seasons, and each season has eight meme themes (with titles such as Seize the Memes of Production, Don’t Let the Institutions Steal Your JPEGs, and Use a Hardware Wallet). Each theme includes NFT cards.

Well-known figures of contemporary art took part in the creation of The Memes collection. Some tokens are designed by the influencer himself, others by artist 6529er. Also, the project managed to attract prominent figures in the NFT sphere – XCOPY and Grant Riven Yun.

The purpose of The Memes, as you might guess from the name, is to popularize memes and meme culture in general as the embodiment of freedom in the digital environment. Representatives of the project have nothing against the use of their images to create side collections (for example, ReMemes), and even encourage it, and all works of art by The Memes are licensed CC0.

The Meme Lab

Meme Lab is an experimental project for digital artists who have already minted Meme Card tokens. Crypto enthusiasts can use Meme Lab to mint the tokens they like in any way they like. In total, the collection includes 19K tokens. The total sales amounted to 270 ETH, and the floor price is at the level of 0.004 ETH.

Punk6529 NFT The Meme Lab
The Meme Lab collection

Collaborations of Punk6529

So far, one Punk6529 collaboration is known. His collaboration with multidisciplinary designer 6529er (who, by the way, created the logo for the 6529 project) led to the creation of the One Pepe Bill Foundation collection. The famous meme frog Pepe, which is depicted in the center of the dollar bill, was taken as the basis. In total, the set includes 114,139 tokens. The total sales of the collection amounted to almost 53 ETH, and the floor price now reaches 0.03 ETH.

Punk6529 NFT One Pepe Bill Foundation
One Pepe Bill Foundation

NFT Collection by Punk6529

Punk6529’s portfolio includes several interesting collections. Let’s see what one of the most respected influencers in the NFT world owns.

Gradient Collection

The influencer’s Gradient Collection features different interpretations of the 6529 symbol in its original black and white design, as well as 98 gray gradient variations. Each of the 100 items in the collection is available as an SVG file with a secondary IPFS link. And Gradient #50 has a superpower – it moves. The total trading volume was 1030 ETH, floor price reaches 24.5 ETH.

6529 RAW

6529 RAW is the influencer’s personal photography collection of landscapes. After the sale, each collection token is transferred to a Creative Commons 0 license. At the moment, the collection consists of 3 NFTs.

6529 Intern JPGs

A collection of 20 tokens by Punk6529 and a reference to another NFT project, Chromie Squiggle. The total sales of the collection are 4 ETH.

Opinion of Punk6529 about the NFT market

Punk6529 is of the opinion that NFT is a true consumer use of cryptoassets. However, the influencer considers the acquisition of tokens for investment purposes not the right way. He argues that NFTs are primarily cultural objects and should not be spent on them all of your income.

The volatility of NFTs is breathtaking. You should buy them for the same reasons you buy almost any other consumer product in your life. Influencer’s opinion on this matter

Opinion of NFTmetria

The man hiding under the nickname 6529 has a huge influence in the modern NFT world. By his example, he showed that enterprise, intuition, passion for experimentation and luck can bring good profit and fame in the long run. And the influencer is not going to stop there. He is committed to the development of the Open Metaverse, which follows the principles of complete decentralization and promises many interesting adventures for the community.

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