Who is XCOPY: the NFT artist who made $23 million in 10 minutes

Who is XCOPY: the NFT artist who made $23 million in 10 minutes

XCOPY is one of the richest and most mysterious NFT artists. We know nothing about him except for his works, which are sold for crazy money. His NFTs grow in value as the NFT market grows. At the same time, his works are usually bought by elite collectors and celebrities, such as Snoopdog. And after the purchase, they resell ten times more expensive on such well-known NFT marketplaces as OpenSea, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, KnowOrigin. So who is XCOPY?


Who is XCOPY?

XCOPY hails from London – this is the only information about the author that he told the public. The artist began to release his work in 2017. He has been a part of the crypto art community since its inception, having released over 100 NFTs on the platform since the launch of SuperRare. The continued success of XCOPY has led to him becoming a legendary figure in the space. He has undoubtedly been a pioneer in the field of crypto art and continues to innovate and push NFT forward constantly.

XCOPY sticks to its own unique style – these are animated pictures in the style of a punk atmosphere with sharp blinks. As a rule, these are dark works with bright elements.


Social activity

According to the official website, XCOPY does not have any other official social networks.


What is the success of XCOPY?

  1. The author began to create works in 2017. And it is he who is the creator of one of the first NFTs. Then everyone started to find out who is XCOPY. He exhibited his works at auctions, and they were successfully sold. That is, he constantly flashed before his eyes. Gradually, interest in the NFT and in him as the author of one of the first NFT authors grew.
  2. He chose the most anonymous style. And this only stirs up interest in him in a world where his page on social networks says a lot about everyone. That is, XCOPY intrigues people, makes people talk about him and be interested in his work.
  3. Growing interest in NFT since the beginning of 2021. That is, the situation here is the same as with the NFT artist Beeple. Both artists interested collectors of elite works when the whole world turned to the NFT.
  4. XCOPY ‘s style is rather ominous animation pictures with blinking pixels. In his works, he reflects the attitude of the world to cryptoculture and to social problems around this topic. At the same time, he is an open agitator in the world of the NFT, due to which he attracts even more supporters.
  5. A feature in the XCOPY style is that he puts up for sale, as a rule, identical works in large quantities. For example, the most famous work Max Pain, he sold more than 7,000 pieces.
  6. His works are not generative, he creates each NFT manually on his own. This fact also adds value to his work.
  7. The artist gives elitism to his works due to rare open sales to everyone. Basically, he exhibits his work at private auctions.


Famous XCOPY NFT works

Below we talk about the most famous works of the artist XCOPY.


Max Pain


In March 2022, XCOPY launched a drop on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway with new work Max Pain. As you can see in the image above, the artist also made a work in his signature style – a skull image with a flashing animation. The NFT was only available for sale for exactly 10 minutes and cost $3,180, which was roughly 1 Ethereum at that rate. He ended up selling 7,394 pieces, making him just under $23 million in 10 minutes! Now in the secondary market you can buy this work, starting from $ 1,000.


Right-Click and Save As Guy

Right-Click and Save As Guy NFT

This NFT is in the TOP 10 most expensive NFT in history. Right – Click and Save As Guy was sold on December 10, 2021 for a then-record $7.1 million for XCOPY. The buyer was Snoopdog, who works in the NFT world through his collectible account Cozomo de’ Medici. The work is a mockery of all those who do not believe in the crypto world and consider it useless. According to such people, you can save any NFT to your computer with the right mouse button.


All Time High in the City

All Time High in the City

In January 2022, XCOPY sold NFT to All Time high in the City on the SuperRare platform for 1630 ETH (approximately $6.2 million). The painting depicts a ferryman who transports a merchant to hell in his boat along the river. The work is done in the signature gloomy style of the artist.


A coin for the Ferryman

A Coin for the Ferryman NFT

NFT “Ferryman’s Coin” in 2018 from XCOPY was purchased by a buyer for $139. In 2021, he also sold it for $6 million on the SuperRare platform. Such resales are beneficial to the artist not only because they increase his popularity and value in the market, but also due to the royalties that are included in the parameters of the NFT itself. That is, XCOPY gets richer every time his painting is resold.


Some Asshole

Some Asshole NFT

Another major sale occurred in October 2021. NFT Some Asshole was acquired by rapper Snoopdog on the SuperRare platform for 1300 ETH (about $3.8 million at that rate). Snoopdog made a deal through a famous collectible NFT account Cozomo de ‘ Medici. Also he claims that this account belongs to him. And at the moment the state of the NFT-works of the collector is estimate at about $19 million.


Where can you buy NFT Artist XCOPY?

At the moment, you can track new drops on his official website, or buy on the secondary market on NFT marketplaces:

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