Who is Murat Pak: the most mysterious NFT artist

Who is Murat Pak: the most mysterious NFT artist

On September 29, 2014, artist Park tweeted: «Design is hack». Then no one knew that in 2020 he would successfully sell his first cryptographic picture, and a year later he would break the record for selling NFTs.

It would be wrong to start with someone else. So, who is Pak? Murat Pak is one of the most unusual NFT artists, yet he is an anonymous crypto -author who constantly challenges our conventional wisdom with the help of new technologies. The identity of this digital artist is shrouded in mystery – his story is unknown to us. This mystery makes it even more attractive. But what we know for sure is that he’s behind the Undream studio and AI -powered visual media curator Archillect. Pak has become one of the most interesting, mind-shifting authors to emerge from the space and make it big in the NFT space.


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Who is Pak and what makes him unique?

Pak has been involved in digital art for over 20 years. He has worked as a designer for various major brands and studios. The author combines monochrome, geometric shapes and minimalism in his works. He often creates series of works with the same theme.

Pak ‘s fame stems from the particular flavor of his art: both in all of his works and in the way they are promoted, there is an element of disrespect. One of the collections called «The Title» consists of nine identical objects, each of which contains only two distinguishing features: the title and the price. Yes, the same product is sold at different prices.

This gives you an idea of how Pak plays with the idea of value and indicates that art is more than just art. This is the personification of innovation, progress, culture, community, which can promote itself if done right. And Pak has repeatedly successfully delivered his point of view, using unusual ways of interaction and various mechanics. A very interesting way to show how people succumb to the hype around art – and the author – and explain what art is and how a collection can go beyond it.


NFT Works Pak

In the first seven months of working with NFT technology, Park earned more than $350,000 in ETH from crypto art. And in early December 2021, he sold 250,000 NFTs for $91.8 million on the NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway. It became the largest sale of art from a living artist on the platform . The result of the sale of tokens from the project «The Merge», held on the same platform for 48 hours from December 2 to 4, became a record for a living artist. The artist sold the work «Alpha» in July 2021 to the Museum of Crypto Art for $15,370.

In two years, Park managed to sell his works on the platforms Sotheby’s, SuperRare, Nifty Gateway, MakersPlace and Async Art.


The Fungible

Pak NFT The Fungible

The most famous collection «The Fungible» Pak was published in April in collaboration with Sotheby’s. It all started when Pak approached the auction houses via Twitter with a gift offer.

It sounded mysterious, but Sotheby’s decided to step into the unknown and accept the artist’s offer. As a result, they organized an auction of the collection «The Fungible», which lasted three days. Pak made $17 million these days! After that, everyone in the community knew who is Pak.


The Title

Pak NFT The Title

The artist published a series of works «The Title» January 5, 2021. She is consisting from six works: The Flipper, Paste, Copy, The Gift, The Blind, The Lucky. Pak was selling the same image but at different prices. The only difference is the title of each work. By doing so, the artist wanted to prove that NFT is not art itself, but rather the ownership of the file. One of the works was called «Unsold» and cost $1 million. Park teased the community on Twitter, making everyone believe that Elon Musk was going to buy this work. In the end, it did go unsold, which was most likely Pak’s intention from the start. «Headline» can be considered one of the first cases when a performance was turned into a token.


The Pixel

Pak NFT The Pixel

Park sold his work «The Pixel» as an NFT for $1.36 million. Trades were held on the platform Nifty Gateway from 12 to 14 April 2021. The work looks like a regular gray 1×1 pixel. It became part of the joint collection of the artist and the Sotheby’s auction house founded in 1744.

Collection tokens were sold for about $16.6 million. The collection includes NFTs in the form of digital «cubes» of eight types: A Cube, Five Cubes, Ten Cubes, Twenty Cubes and others.


The Moment

Pak Trevor Jones NFT The Moment

Pak experimented with various forms of creativity. On the basis of this, he teamed up with a Scottish NFT artist Trevor Jones. Both artists have greatly advanced NFT technology in art, so many collectors have been waiting for the result of their joint work.

Trevor Jones’ collaborative work, the Moment series, premiered on December 17, 2020. It consists of 18 works: The Dilemma of the Artist, Marturos, Open Your Eyes and others.


The Merge

Pak NFT The Merge

Project «The Merge» a product that is constantly changing in value. Within two days at the site Nifty Gateway sold so-called «mass» units, with a minimum price per unit of $299 at the opening of trading, and then every six hours it rose by $25. In 48 hours, crypto investors could buy an infinite number of units of «mass».

During the sale, the platform constantly maintained the leaderboard. It shows the volumes of the acquired “mass”. At the same time, the best received special high-class marks. There were also bonuses. Whoever bought ten units got another one. Those who immediately took 1000 mass units were added another 300. This went on for two days, after which the sale was abruptly stopped, and the number of mass units became limited. In total, about 28,000 crypto investors took part in the auction.

Then began what the author Park himself called «the game of extinction». The purchased units of «mass» in the wallet of each of the buyers turned into one token. Each customer has a different size. The owner of the largest token became the owner of Alpha Massa. But the game didn’t end there.

If these tokens are resold, then the investor who buys them literally merges them with those already in his wallet, that is, he increases the «mass» of his token. And this means that in theory the title of the owner of «Alpha Massa» can pass to another person. And in the end, all units of the «mass» of the Merge project can be combined into one single token and become one work of art. It doesn’t sound very clear, but it was precisely such schemes that helped Pak become a millionaire, and to be more precise, this job is now the most expensive NFT in history. Park sold it for $91.8 million, just think about that number!


Where to buy NFT-Works Pak?

At the time of this writing, his works are posted on NFT marketplaces Superrare, Nifty GatewayKnownOrigin.





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