Who is Zeneca? NFT influencer, founder of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club

Who is Zeneca? NFT influencer, founder of ZenAcademy and The 333 Club

Roy Bhasin, known in the NFT space as Zeneca, has succeeded in many ways:

  • In less than a year, he collected 3,000 million of dollars’ worth of collectible tokens,
  • Created its own educational platform,
  • Acquired hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter.

But the fame and fortune heaped upon the NFT investor did not spoil him. When you meet him, you immediately understand: this is the friendliest guy in the world.

What is the secret of Zeneca’s charm? Why is his nickname consonant with the name of the ancient Greek Stoic philosopher Seneca? Why is the influencer quoting him on his Twitter account: “Wealth is the slave of a wise man. The master of a fool”? Why did you choose these words?

Let’s try to understand what this person is like, who joined the NFT movement at the beginning of 2021 and considers his participation in it one of the best decisions he has ever made.

Who is Zeneca?

Analyst, investor and NFT consultant, Zeneca became a legend in the crypto world, the gatekeeper of the industry, already in his early years. He financially supported such projects as Blur, Deca and Floor; founded ZenAcademy and The 333 Club.

His podcast appearances, Twitter posts, newsletter posts have helped many people find their place on Web3. His free educational content and insightful commentary has helped launch over a hundred collections.

“I am a lifelong learner,” Zeneca says of himself, realizing that in this fast-paced world, you need to be flexible and adaptive. He teaches the same to his students.

I’m not a developer, I’m not an artist, I’m not a game designer. I just like to think about non-fungible tokens a lot, and occasionally write and say what are hopefully smart things. Influencer speaks about his chosen career as an educator with captivating modesty

Zeneca Official Links

  • Twitter Zeneca @zeneca – over 375k followers;
  • Twitter ZenAcademy @ZenAcademy – over 39k followers;
  • Twitter The 333 Club @The333Club – over 10k followers.

Path of Zeneca to the NFT world

The future influencer grew up in Australia, studied commerce and law at the university. At the same time, he was fond of online poker, earning up to 4 thousand dollars a month on it. A 15-year career as a professional poker player taught Zeneca to look at money as a tool and was a great preparation for diving into the NFT space.

In 2016-2017, he became interested in cryptocurrency operations, but with the advent of the bearish trend in the market, he returned to poker.

I didn’t have the conviction then that I do now. Recognized by Roy Bhasin

Zeneca in the NFT world

In February 2021, Zeneca re-entered the crypto space and started exploring NFTs.

Crypto, and NFTs, very quickly became my full-time job. Investor remembers

Since that time, he has been constantly buying, selling and studying the mechanics of tokens, forming his own taste and acquiring skills, “without FOMO, but with patience, as required by the industry.” The idea of digital ownership is the main thing that captivated him in this digital world.

I’ve learned to take profits when prices go parabola, and not be so greedy. I learned not to buy solely on hype and FOMO and, if possible, conduct a more thorough study before getting involved in the project. Mastering this trading, he learned a lot of lessons for himself

The young investor wanted to share his discoveries with others. Thus, the decision was made to create educational content on Twitter, publish a newsletter and establish their own educational platform ZenAcademy. The ability to simply explain complex things allowed him to quickly gather a large number of followers around him.

I’m really focused now less on the day-to-day trading and buying and selling of tokens and more on creating and trying to find ways that I can give value back to the community via content or via consulting and advising on projects… Recognized Zeneca

NFT projects of Zeneca

All projects of Zeneca are aligned with the educational goals that he defined when he launched his first ZenAcademy project:

We believe that web3 should be a safe place for anyone, anywhere to find their voice and purpose. Whether that is being a creator, collector, or builder in this space. There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.


ZenAcademy is a platform for teaching the theory and practice of NFT and Web3. It was launched in November 2021 for everyone: artists, developers, investors.

As envisioned by the founder, ZenAcademy should become a safe and hospitable “home in the metaverse” for anyone who wants to gain knowledge of Web3 and NFT. Since learning in this area is not easy, ZenAcademy will help make it easier.

At the same time, the founder of the platform warned that he would instill in his students the skills of an ethical tokenonomy, debunking myths and preventing vain expectations, and teach them to create promising projects without aggressive marketing and shadow income.

We are not an alpha group, we are not here to help you get rich quick, we don’t deal in hype tactics or fanciful speculation. We are here to help educate and inform and spread information based on logic and facts. More than anything, we are here for you. Here’s what Zeneca says about it

The 333 Club

The 333 Club was established in December 2021 as a consulting services hub. It is hosted by Roy Bhasin himself. Every week, he sets aside a few hours in his schedule to meet with those who have a ZenAcademy 333 / The 333 Club token. Most of the members of this club are people who start their own projects and want to get expert advice.

I hoped that by creating a small community of passionate and dedicated builders in the space, there would be a network effect whereby community members could learn from one another. Indeed, this is the type of community that we now have. Zeneca has high hopes for The 333 Club

Zeneca NFT project

The Zeneca project (developed by the ZenAcademy team) is built on the Ethereum blockchain (Memberships category) and has two levels:

  1. The first level “Genesis” (release date – November 9, 2021):
  • ZenAcademy is 4553 tokens (current value – 0.17 ETH), the possession of each of which provides a lifetime membership in ZenAcademy.
  • ZenAcademy 333 is 333 tokens (current value – 2.5 ETH), the possession of each of which provides a lifetime membership in The 333 Club.
  1. Second level (release date – November 2022):
  • ZenChests is 4,038 tokens (current value – 0.15 ETH) providing membership in the ZenAcademy community and its future PFP The owner of ZenChest is entitled to all the privileges provided by the ZenAcademy Genesis tokens (to exclusive Discord channels, giveaways from the community and the future PFP project).
  • The 333 Club is 333 tokens (current value – 2.1 ETH) providing closer access to Zeneca itself and other advanced ZenAcademy specialists. The owner of The 333 Club can claim all the benefits provided by ZenAcademy 333 Genesis NFT (exclusive 333 Discord channels, communication with ZenAcademy experts and the opportunity to apply for ZenChest). The owner of 1 NFT The 333 Club is eligible to receive 3 ZenChests NFTs.

Zenmate (12 Days of Zenmas)

The Zenmate (12 Days of Zenmas) project was launched in December 2021 during the Christmas holidays. During the 12 days of Christmas, the ZenAcademy team led by Zeneca commissions digital art from 12 talented artists and sends their work to all ZenAcademy and 333 club owners.

The goal of the project is to support promising artists, promote their work, help them earn money and find fans in the NFT space.


ZenDaily is a daily newsletter with short news (no more than 5 minutes of reading) to keep you up to date with the current NFT agenda. Particular attention is paid to significant market movements, trends, trading volumes of leading projects, and the emergence of new collections. The first issue of the newsletter was released on October 25, 2022.

I present complex topics in simple and understandable language. From artificial intelligence to cryptocurrencies and philosophy, my goal is to help you live a better life and prepare for the future. Zeneca formulated the purpose of ZenDaily in this way

30 Days of NFTs by ZenAcademy

30 Days of NFTs is a free 30-day beginner course delivered via email. The project was launched by the ZenAcademy team in November 2022. Its goal is to help everyone go from zero to a decent understanding of the space.

The course is designed for beginners, many of whom may not be in the Discord, Twitter, LinkedIn communities and do not watch YouTube videos. Brief (up to 3 minutes of reading) educational materials (about cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens, blockchain, electronic wallets, etc.) are sent to each student within 30 days by e-mail. Students also receive a glossary of terms and links for self-education.

Collaborations of Zeneca

In May 2023, Zeneca teamed up with leading educational Web3 platform Curious Addys to release the revolutionary project HeyMint. This is an inexpensive tool available to all NFT enthusiasts that makes it easy for them to mint their first collection.

There are four blockchains to choose from to create NFTs (HeyMint currently supports Ethereum and its compatible Polygon, Optimism, and Arbitrum).

After a mint of digital assets, the author of the project can draw up a pre-sale list and determine royalties. At the same time, he is exempt from fees for hosting his collection, and collectors are charged $1 per token.

The biggest problem we saw is that creating smart contracts is really difficult and even token standards like ERC-721 or 1155 are really standardized,” said Akiyoshi. “We have a lot of experience in educating people in our community and we want to be able to bring in more people who are not familiar with non-fungible tokens. Mai Akiyoshi, CEO of Curious Addys, commented on the idea of launching HeyMint

According to Coindesk, Curious Addys and Zeneca have already raised $5 million from their own collections and gained experience with iconic brands such as World of Women and Universal Music Group.

Opinion of Zeneca about the NFT market

Zeneca sees NFTs as a source of financial independence. But enrichment should not be an end in itself in this area. Here is what he writes about this on his educational platform:

NFTs aren’t just about making money, they’re about finding art you love or connect with, finding like-minded individuals to spend time with, and fostering a community that adds value to your life.

The influencer believes that tokens should have value beyond showcasing art and participating in the community. That is why he believes that PFPs will eventually give way to gaming collectible tokens.

The investor also believes that the threat of a bear market increases with an increase in the number of monotonous projects. At the same time, he believes that the industry has not yet experienced a real bull trend, which requires a greater degree of integration of NFT with DeFi.

The opinion leader sees the future in generative art, which combines human creativity and the power of artificial intelligence:

And I think that as time goes on more and more people are gonna see that more and more people are gonna want to collect generative art. to me, it is the pinnacle of NFT collecting.

Opinion of NFTmetria

Zeneca is a recognized guru in informing, educating, and supporting those who wish to navigate the rapidly changing NFT world. He teaches do’s and don’ts in this world, promotes digital art and helps new artists overcome difficulties.

As a leader in NFT mass education, he led the movement for a fairer future in the Web3 space by creating the affordable ZenAcademy educational platform:

We believe that web3 should be a safe place for anyone, anywhere to find their voice and purpose. Whether that is being a creator, collector, or builder in this space. There is something for everyone and everyone is welcome.

And it should be noted that grateful members of the community can no longer imagine a future without Zeneca. We can understand this from the poems dedicated to Zeneca by one of his followers @littlegirlkavya:

Imagine this universe

It’s here in the metaverse

Where Zeneca leads his vision

Si vis amari, ama

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