How to Make Money with NFTs: A Comprehensive Guide to Earning in the Digital World

How to Make Money with NFTs: A Comprehensive Guide to Earning in the Digital World

In the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralized technologies, NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) have become a true phenomenon. They represent unique digital assets that can be bought, sold, and collected online. With each passing day, NFTs are becoming increasingly popular, capturing the attention of artists, musicians, game developers, and creative individuals from all around the world.

However, NFTs are not just a means of expressing creativity and talent; they are also a source of income. In this article, we will explore various methods that allow you to earn money with non-fungible tokens. Whether you are an artist, musician, gamer, or investor, the world of NFTs offers many exciting opportunities to generate income.

What are the ways to earn money with NFTs?

Let’s explore different ways you can use NFTs to increase your income and invest in the captivating world of digital assets.

NFT Trading

One of the ways to earn money with NFTs is through trading. You can purchase unique tokens on specialized platforms and sell them at a profit by monitoring their changing values. Skilled traders can generate significant profits by capitalizing on fluctuations in NFT prices. For example, take a look at the trading activities of NFT influencers such as DCinvestor, j1mmy.eth, and Vincent Van Dough. Blockchain technology allows you to observe and analyze all transactions, and this is exactly how NFTs operate.

Creating Your Own NFTs

Artists and media personalities have found a new way to monetize their talents through NFTs. Creating unique artworks or content and selling them as tokens can generate a stable income and popularity in the world of NFTs. Many artists have successfully monetized their creativity using this method, such as Cory Van Lew, Deekay, Reuben Wu, Sam Spratt, FVCKRENDER, FEWOCiOUS, and Trevor Jones. And these are just a few examples of artists who have successfully showcased their talents in this way. Explore the dedicated section to discover numerous renowned NFT artists and confirm that this opportunity is accessible to many.

Royalty Shares

In addition to directly selling their own works as tokens, there is another way for artists to earn from their personal art. NFT creators can incorporate royalty shares into their contracts. This means that every time their token is resold, they receive a percentage of the sale. This opportunity allows them to earn based on the popularity and respect for their work in the long run.

However, currently, the NFT market is at a turning point, where market giants are setting rules regarding creators’ royalties. For example, the largest NFT marketplace, OpenSea, recently canceled royalties, while Rarible strongly condemned this action and, on the contrary, supports creators. Now, major players in the market, such as Yuga Labs, Animoca Brands, and Magic Eden, have joined a working group called OMA3 to finally find a compromise and establish standards for the entire market. Where this will lead – we will be watching.


Many metaverses provide earning opportunities within virtual worlds. You can mine unique items that can then be sold to other players, lease virtual land, or participate in economic systems using NFTs as currency.

At the moment, it is believed that metaverses have not realized their full commercial potential yet. However, as demonstrated in cryptocurrency markets, those who saw the prospects early on are reaping huge rewards from their forecasts in the future. The brightest examples of this are The Sandbox and Decentraland.

NFT Auctions and Rare Tokens

On many platforms, such as Art Blocks, SuperRare, and Nifty Gateway, there are auctions where participants can acquire unique and rare NFTs. After acquiring these tokens, their value can significantly increase in the future, especially if they become rare.

Collaborative Projects and Partnerships

Participating in collaborative projects with other artists, musicians, or brands can be profitable. Creating unique collaborations and selling joint NFTs can attract enthusiasts and collectors.

Hosting Exclusive Events and Concerts

Renowned artists and musicians host exclusive concerts and events in metaverses. Tickets for these events can be sold as NFTs, providing access only to the owners of these tokens.

For example, in 2021, Ariana Grande held a concert in the game Fortnite. Although the performance lasted only 15 minutes, fans experienced emotions similar to a full-fledged concert.

Here’s how the concert of the immensely popular BTS group in MINECRAFT looked in 2021:

NFT Collecting

NFT collecting in itself can be a source of income. Some collectors purchase unique tokens, expecting their value to increase over time, after which they can resell them at a profit. The value of multimillion-dollar collections of influencers like Punk6529 or Snoop Dogg under the crypto pseudonym Cozomo de’ Medici is a testament to this trend.

Gaming Assets and Unique Items

Many online games feature unique NFT game items that can be mined or purchased. These items can be sold to other players, creating an additional source of income. There are already examples in the market of the best NFT games that have demonstrated economic viability and high audience interest.


In the context of NFTs, staking involves participating in long-term projects or collections where participants can lock their tokens for a specific period. During this time, they may receive additional tokens or rewards. This allows earning through holding and supporting specific NFT projects, potentially leading to the tokens’ future value increase. Participants staking their NFTs can receive either fixed income or a percentage from sales or auctions associated with that collection.

The Nesting feature in the NFT project Moonbirds indeed serves the function of staking in its original form.


Airdrops are a way to receive free tokens or NFTs from various projects or communities. Typically, this occurs as a reward for long-term participants or owners of specific tokens. Participants can receive NFTs for free or by completing specific tasks, such as participating in events, spreading information about the project on social networks, or engaging in specific games. NFTs obtained through airdrops can then be sold or held until their value increases. Airdrops offer a chance to earn in NFTs, even if you don’t have initial investments in projects.

Some prominent examples of successful airdrops that brought substantial profits to owners include the Bored Ape Yacht Club (Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Bored Ape Kennel Club, ApeCoin, Otherdeeds for Otherside airdrops) and Azuki (Beanz airdrop).

NFT Lending and Asset Management

Some platforms offer NFT lending services, allowing token owners to earn interest on their assets. This provides an opportunity to earn by storing NFTs while participating in other decentralized financial services.

NFT Hosting and Development

By developing technological platforms for creating and hosting NFTs, one can earn through transaction fees and development services for other artists and creators. However, this method of earning requires significant knowledge, understanding of architecture, and technical expertise. If you possess such qualifications, go for it!

Security and Recommendations

In addition to earning opportunities, discussing security in the world of NFTs is crucial. It’s recommended to choose reliable platforms for trading and investing, as well as to store your digital assets in secure wallets. The more saturated and investment-attractive the NFT market becomes, the more scams emerge in various interpretations and scales.


NFTs provide unique avenues for earning online, be it through trading, creativity, participation in projects, or gaming. This new form of digital assets promises exciting opportunities and will continue to transform the worlds of finance and art. Don’t miss your chance to dive into this exciting world and embark on your journey towards financial independence and investment through NFTs.

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