Who is Cory Van Lew? NFT artist who created the collection with Mike Tyson

Who is Cory Van Lew? NFT artist who created the collection with Mike Tyson

We have already consecrated many digital artists who are rightfully included in the TOP of the best NFT artists in the industry. And among them, Cory Van Lew confidently took his place, a young, experienced, talented young man who managed to work on major projects with Disney. And what is his collaboration in the form of a collection with the outrageous and famous Mike Tyson worth? His cartoon style in pink and blue has become his signature style, which is already recognizable to many.


Who is Cory Van Lew?

Cory Van Lew is a renowned digital artist born in 1990. He was born in Orange County, California.

Cory Van Lew nft art
Cory Van Lew is a bright and outrageous personality

Cory Van Lew is a well-known personality far beyond the NFT world, and his bright and unusual style is recognizable by many. His track record includes works and projects with world-famous names and brands:

  • Cooperation with Disney;
  • His work was on the cover of Time magazine;
  • Cover for iHeart RADIO;
  • Worked on NFT with Jake Paul. The artist captured the moment when Jake knocked out Nate Robinson;
  • Sales at Sotheby’s and Christie’s auctions;
  • Joint NFT collection with Mike Tyson.


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The creative path of Cory Van Lew: from Photoshop to NFT

Cory Van Lew has always been interested in art. Even in high school (2005-2006), the young man realized what he wanted to do in the future. Therefore, all possible free time trying to get into the lessons of drawing and art. Cory Van Lew planned to become an architect after graduation, but it didn’t work out. Then he actively began to study graphic design through Photoshop, which helped him in the future. He never received a higher education, but continued to develop in the field of art.

Cory Van Lew sold his first paintings to his friends, family and acquaintances. He held his first exhibition in San Diego, where he managed to sell almost all of his work. And this was the impetus for moving to Austin (Texas). Since then, he has opened several galleries in the United States, including locations such as Milwaukee, New York, Los Angeles, and Miami.

The period of his creative activity falls on the period of protests in the United States and the birth of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement. And while black squares were being posted on social media, he is releasing his signature work in vibrant colors. Then a tweet with pictures of Cory Van Lew is gaining thousands of hits. And the artist himself creates a big name for himself and attracts the first major customers.

In 2020, he gets the opportunity to work with Disney. The artist was entrusted with work on the line of official merchandise based on the Soul cartoon. And this was the next wave of success for the artist.

After that, in 2020, Cory Van Lew enters the NFT world. He manages to combine the real and digital world in his work. A striking example of this is the sale of his painting “Patience” in London at auction for 188.907 US dollars.

Cory Van Lew nft Patience
Patience painting

In total, 11 paintings were sold at Sotheby’s between 2019 and 2023, including the above one.

In 2021, the very first real exhibition of the artist’s paintings took place in Miami. It was his performance, and the paintings became an addition to the Twins collection. It was then that the artist was so impressed that he would later paint his self-portrait. It was his first trip to Miami for this purpose.

In 2022, the auction house Christie’s held another exhibition-auction of works by famous artists called “The Miami Edit”, which included the work of Cory Van Lew.

During this performance, all three paintings were converted into NFT tokens and put up for sale on a new digital art platform. Yes, it was the opening of the new site that was the main purpose of the visit and the event. The platform is called LiveArtX.


Cory Van Lew in the NFT world

The artist’s acquaintance with the NFT world happened in 2020, when the market was just emerging. By that time, he already had a reputation and a name.

As Cory Van Lew said in one of his interviews, the famous NFT artist Fewocious introduced him to the world of digital art and NFT, and then a few more close friends actively reminded him of this. Thus, began Cory Van Lew’s immersion in the world of digital art.

  • In November 2020, he met the SuperRare site, where he minted several paintings.
  • Large-scale industry prominence came from the purchase of a series of three works by the artist Fewocious in March 2021.
NFTs purchased by Fewocious
NFTs purchased by Fewocious
  • In April 2021, the first high-profile collaboration between the artist and a famous person takes place. And it was the famous Youtube video blogger Jake Paul. Then they created the NFT, where the artist captured the famous moment from the boxing match where Jake Paul knocked out former NBA player Nate Robinson.
Cory Van Lew nft Jake Paul
A Big Problem NFT with Jake Paul
  • In August 2021, a unique Mike Tyson collection by Cory Van Lew saw the light of day, with secondary sales exceeding 5k ETH to date.
Cory Van Lew Mike Tyson
Cory Van Lew with Mike Tyson
  • In June 2022, the artist will present a new Phase Three collection on the Nifty Gateway marketplace
Cory Van Lew Phase Three nft
Phase Three NFT collection
  • In November 2022, the “WHAT I SEE MIAMI” collection was presented on SuperRare.
  • In February 2023, the joint collection Faces of Web was released, created by the artist for one of the largest projects in the NTF space RUG RADIO, created by the famous NTF influencer Farokh. The main goal is to present the faces of the WEB3 community in the style of Cory Van Lew.

RUG RADIO is the “voice” of the WEB3 community and develops the culture of the community. And this line of NFT was intended to represent its participants, emphasizing their uniqueness and peculiarity. At the same time, despite the individuality of each of the members of the community, each of them will see that they are all a single community.

Cory Van Lew
Artist’s opinion on the future of the NFT market



NFT corporate identity by Cory Van Lew

Cory Van Lew has a unique and recognizable style. Whatever he depicts, it will immediately become clear who the author is. The artist masterfully owns color and feels how to use it correctly.

Blue people have become a hallmark of Cory Van Lew. Why the color blue? Cory Van Lew chose the color blue as a symbol of something divine that is inside every person. And that is exactly what he wants to emphasize. All his works are centered around emotions, sensations and impressions.

Cory Van Lew doesn’t just create or create paintings, no. The artist sees his mission as something more than just fame.

I’m creating generational wealth. I want Van Lew to be bigger than Rothschild. The artist thinks globally


The most famous NFTs by artist Cory Van Lew

Cory Van Lew’s art is unique in many respects, from style to execution. Despite the digitization and work with special effects, the artist’s paintings look like they were painted with acrylics on canvas and decorated with animations. In the pool of his works there are both individual paintings and entire collections.

The Mike Tyson NFT Collection

The collection was created in August 2021 specifically for the legendary Mike Tyson. It consists of 531 unique tokens with animations and visual effects, and the total token sales exceeded 5k ETH. The tokens depict legendary moments and photos of the boxer. There is also his trademark ear bite, knockouts, as well as a series of dove tokens, which the boxer loves so much.

Cory Van Lew The Mike Tyson nft
The Mike Tyson NFT Collection by Cory Van Lew

Cory Van Lew himself in his work shows a lot of life, life moments. And when working with Mike Tyson, he wanted to focus on victories, moments of triumph, which are very important for every person.

Why did Mike choose a young artist for the collaboration? The boxer himself said in an interview that at the time of choosing the artist, he and his team had about 20 more candidates, but it was Cory Van Lew who conquered him with colors and their use. Here’s what was the deciding factor.

Twin Shot NFT

There is no mystery in the subject of the artist’s paintings. Everyone who caught the Covid-19 pandemic immediately guessed the main message of the work. The artist himself depicted two rescue twins who are fighting an insidious virus and arrive to save people from it. Both brothers are armed with remote thermometers, but in the artist’s works, they are presented in the form of laser weapons.

Cory Van Lew Twin Shot nft
Twin Shot

Twin Shot was minted on SuperRare on April 7, 2021 and sold for 20 ETH (about $40k).


CAPTAIN KIKI is the artist’s self-portrait. Remarkably, the token is presented in a single copy and is sent to the buyer along with the original painting painted on canvas. The picture was painted under the impression of one of the dinners in Miami. It was sold for 36 ETH on June 31, 2021 at the SuperRare auction.

Cory Van Lew CAPTAIN KIKI nft


The collection is notable for its minimalism and simplicity. Consists of 10 tokens depicting Miami city locations. Importantly, this is the first collection to be featured on a mint on Cory Van Lew’s personal website. The collection, first of all, is important for the artist himself. He strives to show the beauty of the city, because he loves and appreciates it. It became his home and inspiration.

Cory Van Lew nft WHAT I SEE MIAMI


Where to buy NFTs by Cory Van Lew?

Now the NFTs by Cory Van Lew are available only on the secondary market, namely on such marketplaces as SuperRare, OpenSea, Nifty Gateway. In addition, you can follow the artist’s Twitter and Instagram for future updates.


Opinion of NFTMetria

Cory Van Lew is an amazing digital artist. He deserved what he achieved: respect, fame, popularity. His work is unique and inimitable, his work with color is amazing. Bright colors in art are difficult to combine, but Cory is a master of this business.

His work is a reflection of his life and reality. The way he sees and perceives the world around him, how he sees things and processes, social phenomena and cities.

Cory Van Lew and his work is a great investment in digital art. Cory Van Lew’s career is relatively new, but in such a short period of time he has worked with many brands and celebrities, from Mike Tyson to Rug Radio and Time. The artist does not intend to stop there, which means that his first collections and paintings will only rise in price in the future.


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