What is HV-MTL Forge? NFT Mechs and Social Strategy Game by Yuga Labs

What is HV-MTL Forge? NFT Mechs and Social Strategy Game by Yuga Labs

HV-MTL Forge, Yuga Labs‘ latest brainchild, expertly weaves elements of Tamagotchi-style pet care, world-building, and strategic social gaming into an innovative experience. This article delves into the intricacies of this fascinating game, offering insights into its mechanics and the potential for players to earn rewards.

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The Genesis of HV-MTL Forge

The HV-MTL Forge saga commenced in March when Yuga Labs unveiled the HV-MTL NFT collection. HV-MTL, a contraction of “heavy metal,” was made accessible to holders of Yuga Labs’ Sewer Pass NFTs who, in a symbolic gesture, “burned” or removed their NFTs from the Ethereum blockchain. In return, they received HV-MTL, also known as Mech Evo 1.

A treasure trove of 30,000 distinct mech NFTs, each boasting unique features such as wings, weapons, and wheels, grants players full access to the freshly launched HV-MTL Forge game.

Understanding HV-MTL Forge

HV-MTL Forge, as per its official website, is a crafting game with a competitive edge, requiring an HV-MTL NFT for the complete gaming experience.

In stark contrast to Yuga’s previous creation, the endless runner game Dookey Dash, Forge transcends mere point accumulation and leaderboard climbing. Instead, it immerses players in a Tamagotchi-style adventure where nurturing their forge and ensuring their HV mech’s well-being are paramount.

The game’s website hints at a unique feature: players can vote for forges deserving of coveted “amps,” introducing an interactive community aspect.

Who Can Partake in HV-MTL Forge?

Presently, exclusive access to this browser-based game is reserved for HV-MTL NFT holders. However, owners can also “delegate” their NFTs to other Ethereum wallets, allowing friends to partake in the adventure. Each NFT can be delegated to multiple wallets, but only one wallet can engage with it at a time.

In-game “portals” bestow bonuses upon players owning multiple NFTs. Neglected NFTs, however, will remain dormant, unable to unlock their full potential.

Mastering HV-MTL Forge

Players must embark on the journey by designing unique forges, garnering votes from peers to secure amplifiers. Accumulating three or more amplifiers empowers players to usher their mech NFTs into their next evolutionary phase, with a maximum limit of six amplifiers.

The game initially resembles a pet simulator with world-building components. Spencer Tucker, Yuga Labs’ Director of Games, has revealed that ApeCoin ($APE) can be wielded to expedite forge construction and acquire in-game items. Twitter engagement plays a pivotal role, with users receiving bonus points for Twitter likes, enhancing their in-game shopping potential.

Blueprints fuel the creative process, facilitating the crafting of tiles and decorative items through the consumption of energy, the game’s primary resource. A hundred blueprints await players. Tiles can be rotated but not moved once placed, although they can be destroyed. Tiles boast “levels” that can be elevated through interaction.

Players can integrate portals into their forges, enabling interdimensional travel and summoning other HVs from their wallet, provided they own more than one.

Much like the care required by Tamagotchis or characters in The Sims, players must ensure the happiness and well-being of their HV mechs to prosper in Forge. Neglect won’t lead to their demise, but attentive actions such as petting, sleeping, portal management, and cleaning contribute to their overall happiness, augmenting their efficiency. Happy HVs enjoy a variety of benefits, including increased speed, portal event energy rewards, energy generation from cbar, and enhanced working speed.

Following six weeks of gameplay, Rifts are introduced‚ÄĒa form of dungeon experience unlocked by players who have garnered sufficient Amps.

Delving Into the HV-MTL Forge Rift

Starting August 31, nine weeks into the game, the Forge concept extends to Rift Challenges, introducing a new game mode reminiscent of “dungeon crawlers” for select mech NFT owners.

Rifts beckon players to craft equipment, explore uncharted territory, and unearth rewards as they navigate towards the game’s climax. The final stage confronts some players with “epic beasts” and pits them against one another in pursuit of enigmatic “treasures” as the game’s timer inexorably ticks down.

The Game’s Lifespan

HV-MTL Forge will persist for a total of 18 weeks. This adventure unfolds across six distinct seasons, each spanning three weeks. Upon the conclusion of the six-season cycle, the game is anticipated to conclude, mirroring the fate of Dookey Dash when its competition ended.

Opinion of NFTmetria

In summary, HV-MTL Forge amalgamates strategic video gaming with pet care for NFT mechs, epic Rift battles, and the creation of unique worlds through blueprints and energy. HV-MTL NFT owners are in for an exciting journey with opportunities aplenty to reap rewards while nurturing and evolving their mechs.

HV-MTL Forge is very much a separate ecosystem under the Yuga Labs umbrella. This game still remains untapped in terms of its full potential, future development and roadmap. However, if you look at all the creations of Yaga Labs, it becomes clear that this is another work of interactive gaming art. And a team of professionals will continue to intrigue the community and develop a large-scale new product. And we will actively observe and participate in this.

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