NFT News Digest: Azuki launches its own Hilumia metaverse

NFT News Digest: Azuki launches its own Hilumia metaverse

In addition to the news that Azuki is launching the Hilumia Metaverse, in today’s NFT News Digest for the past week of January 07-13, you’ll find:

  • Yuga Labs announced the minting of Sewer Pass for the game Dookey Dash,
  • Rolling Stone collaborated with Pussy Riot to release the NFT collection Matriarchy Now.


Azuki launches own Hilumia metaverse

Azuki, the popular NFT collection from Chiru Labs, is kicking off 2023 brightly. On January 13, announced the release of its own Hilumia metaverse to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

What is the Azuki Hilumia Metaverse?

Azuki Hilumia is a metaverse city built by the community for the community. The origin of Hilumia is unknown, but the concept is “crossroads of the Garden”. And it will be a map where you can list the different brands (Garden) built in the past, present and future. This gives Azuki holders a tangible view of the project’s efforts and progress.

It is worth saying that the studio prepared thoroughly and immediately released a high-quality, detailed, well-developed project. It has several locations that we can already explore.

What is inside the Azuki Hilumia metaverse?

The world of the Azuki Hilumia metaverse currently consists of 10 locations, each of which has its own purpose, its own history and its own future development.

Azuki Hilumia
Hilumia Metaverse

Hill Hall location

Hill Holl is the epicenter of new experiments, inventions and ideas that will shape the future of the Azuki Garden. Perhaps this is the birthplace of Azuki’s upcoming projects.

Azuki Hilumia Hill Holl
Hill Holl location

Dojang location

DoJang refers to Azuki holders who have “Ninja Patch” on their collector profile.

Shrouded in shadows and mystery, the Dojang ninja train day and night as their clansmen roam the garden with unknown targets. This is how the creators of the metaverse comment on the DoJang location

Slowpokes location

Azuki Hilumia Slowpokes
Slowpokes location

Slowpokes is Azuki Hilumia’s favorite toy store. It started as a small stall selling red and blue plush bean toys (also known as Beanz, an Azuki project). It is likely that this will be the place for new airdrops or minting.

MODA location

MODA is an art hub for sharing new work from artists in the community. His art curation rule is: drug art only. This could be Azuki Hilumia’s new hub for community art sharing. The fashion further enhances Azuki’s way of supporting his people.

Ember Square location

Azuki Hilumia Ember Square
Ember Square location

Ember Square is a designer shop with the latest designs and styles from every nook and cranny (even the alleyways) of Hylumia, the place to learn about current and future trends. A combination of Azuki’s recent series of collaborations with fashion brands such as limited-edition releases with Japanese streetwear brand AMBUSH®, the launch of XNOR-Assassins virtual sneakers in collaboration with Meta Street Market, and the PBT standard released by Azuki that supports physical wrapping and other activities.

We can also safely assume that in the future Azuki metaverse, NFT virtual fashion will be an important part of Azuki’s development.

56 fitness location

56 Fitness is Hilumia’s main gym. The spirit of 56 Fitness is fueled by the idea that the strongest community is the one that grows together.

This location may be related to the owners whose Azuki include the “NGL” badge, which in the description reads “to stand up for the strongest community you’ve ever seen”.

9 Lives Arcade location

Azuki Hilumia 9 Lives Arcade
9 Lives Arcade location

9 Lives Arcade is the gaming hub of the metaverse. This is the place where you can connect fans of classic old games with fans of modern games. Players can play the game every day and there are regular tournaments or events. It is foreseen that Azuki will release a gaming platform and the whole appearance of the building and the logo will basically be cats.

64 Azuki location

64 Azuki is a “Single is Hell” love island where 64 Azuki live on a heart shaped love island and only two of them can eventually find their other half. Another mysterious experiment from the creators, which so far remains unsolved. Also, if you click on a house near the Love Island complex, you will get a “under construction” sign. Maybe points to the island of love 2.0?

Other locations of Azuki Hilumia

  • Garden Express, a place where you can leave a note if you have ideas.
  • Golden Skate Park, a place where you can ride golden skateboards. We are talking about the release of Golden Skateboard as a demonstration of PBT functionality. The creators are intriguing that there is a chance to just catch one of the nine golden skateboards.

Azuki community reaction to the release of the Hilumia metaverse

The Azuki community was thrilled with the announcement and covered NFT Twitter today. The announcement shocked everyone. Some were supportive, while others dived headlong into the topics, trying to figure out the implications for the world.

As soon as the news came out, the floor price of Beanz Official, a sister project of Azuki, rose 69% in 24 hours in response to take second place in the Opensea rankings. The Azuki collection itself has also shown momentum – over the past 24 hours, sales have grown by 109%, the number of sales has grown by 100%, and the floor price has increased by 4%.

The Hilumia Metaverse is a big step forward for the future development of the Azuki project. The release excited everyone right at the start due to the scale of locations, detailed design and interesting ideas. In the future, this center may also be presented as a center for collaborations with other brands.


Yuga Labs Announces Sewer Pass Minting for Dookey Dash

Yuga Labs, a well-known BAYC team, is expanding its NFT ecosystem and on January 12 announced the minting of Sewer Pass and Dookey Dash as part of an upcoming NFT game called “Dookey Dash”.

What is Yuga Labs’ Dookey Dash game?

Dookey Dash is a web game set in the sewers of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. For the completion of this important task, players will be awarded points, the number of which depends on the time spent on the passage of the mission. The more points players get before February 8, the higher their rating will be.

The mission of the players is to get into the sewers, dodge obstacles and overcome them by collecting items called fragments.

The three-week Dookey Dash experiment is the first part of a storytelling experience with “It’s Alive!” segments. and “Chapter 1”. According to the roadmap provided by Yuga Labs, the experience will continue on February 8 with Sewer Close.

What is Sewer Pass for Dookey Dash game?

The Sewer Pass is an entry ticket to Dookey Dash, a skill-based mint. Players will need to play the game and keep their pass until February 15, 2023. Then, if the player has played and scored more than 0 points, their Sewer Pass will be able to turn into something new. The number of Sewer Pass transformations will be determined by the number of Sewer Pass and Wallet combinations that can be transformed, up to a maximum of 30,000.

Who can play Dookey Dash?

Anyone with a Sewer Pass will be able to play Dookey Dash, including those bought on the secondary market. Owners can play the game an unlimited number of times with the goal of getting a score above 0 to validate their sewer passes and “turn them into a mysterious power source”.

How will Dookey Dash be minted?

  • On January 17, free applications for Sewer Pass tokens from NFT holders from the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club collections open. Sewer Pass will allow you to connect to the Dookey Dash game. You do not need to have the above NFTs to participate. Sewer Pass will be available on the secondary market.
  • From January 17 to February 8, all players participate in a new adventure and score points. As a result, players will be rewarded depending on their performance in the sewers.
  • On February 8, 2023, points will be frozen and skill-based minting will cease.
  • On February 15, the results will be summed up and the leaderboard will be posted. And then the mysterious adventures will continue.

Additional information on the project will appear on January 17, 2023.

The team also hinted that whatever is revealed will “evolve over the course of 2023” and be used in future “battles”. This new NFT mint is part of Yuga Labs’ larger plans to develop the interoperable Otherside metaverse.


Rolling Stone collaborates with Pussy Riot to release NFT collection Matriarchy Now

On January 11 at 15:00 on the CoinBase NFT marketplace, a high-profile collection “Matriarchy Now” was released, which was released jointly by Rolling Stone, Nadya Tolokonnikova from Pussy Riot and photographer Ellen von Unwerth. The project aims to raise awareness and protect the reproductive rights of women in the United States.

This is important to me and Ellen. For me, as a person from Russia, this is pure fucking madness, we have never been threatened with the loss of reproductive rights. With all the totalitarian government in Russia, this did not happen. It was never even the slightest possibility. So for me to see this happening in the United States just drives me crazy. Nadya Tolokonnikova said.

What is the Matriarchy Now NFT Collection?

The Matriarchy Now NFT Collection is a wonderful world where women, men and everyone else is equal. Thus, Rolling Stone, Nadya Tolokonnikova of Pussy Riot and Ellen von Unwerth reflect for the first time on art and sexuality.

Matriarchy Now nft
One of the pictures from the Matriarchy Now collection

There are 11 unique NFTs in the collection, including a 1/1 MATRIARCHY NOW NFT photo emblazoned with the Rolling Stone logo. Proceeds will be distributed to protect women’s reproductive rights through UnicornDAO.

How is the Matriarchy Now NFT collection sold out?

On January 11 at 15:00, an auction of 11 tokens from the Matriarchy Now collection was opened on the CoinBase NFT marketplace. At the moment, the auction is over, but not all photos are sold out. Total sales amounted to about 15 ETH.

The collaboration of such big names as Rolling Stone and Pussy Riot is a prime example when the NFT industry is not only pictures on the blockchain, as many people think. Such projects are aimed at social and civic activity. Agree, such a manifestation is already much more than just a sale of photographs.

Given that there are already millions of people in the industry, such projects really pay great attention to social problems in society and make the modern generation think about the present and future of society.


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