Legends of the Mara by Yuga Labs enters Open Beta and collaborates with Faraway for Expansion

Legends of the Mara by Yuga Labs enters Open Beta and collaborates with Faraway for Expansion

Yuga Labs, the renowned NFT titan behind the Otherside Metaverse, has announced the launch of the early version of ‘Legends of the Mara’ (LoTM) for open beta testing, slated for September. This move is designed to engage players in experiencing the game while actively seeking their valuable feedback to fuel ongoing development.

In a significant development, Yuga Labs has also revealed a strategic collaboration with video gaming publisher Faraway Games @farawaygg. This partnership aims to construct a Unity-based expansion for the Open Beta, with a primary goal of not just enhancing the game but also involving the community in shaping its evolution.

Details about Otherside Metaverse

Yuga Labs introduced Otherside Metaverse last year, describing it as a “gamified, interoperable metaverse.” This innovative platform seamlessly combines elements of MMORPG gaming, reminiscent of ‘World of Warcraft,’ with the decentralized attributes of blockchain-based virtual worlds like The Sandbox‘ and ‘Decentraland.’ Notably, players in this metaverse can own virtual land through special NFTs known as Otherdeeds.

For those new to the concept, the open beta of ‘Legends of the Mara’ seeks to acquaint players with features like “Otherdeed powers.” Within this metaverse, players can explore and collect rewards that will gain increased relevance as the game expands.

‘Legends of the Mara’ is a 2D strategy game with a captivating collection aspect. Players have the opportunity to acquire a Vessel, unlock its unique capabilities, and embark on a personalized journey in the near future. In this metaverse, Kodas play a crucial role as the primary guardians of Otherside.

The focal point of this expansion revolves around Maras, collectible creatures categorized into three types: Hunters, Farmers, and Enchanters. Each type boasts distinct abilities and can be assigned to players’ Otherdeed land plots. These Maras serve as valuable assets, generating resources and providing defense against various threats.

It’s important to note that while the game is free to play, ownership of an Otherdeed NFT is a prerequisite for participation.

This recent development from NFT powerhouse Yuga Labs signifies a significant step in the evolution of Otherside Metaverse. ‘Legends of the Mara’ promises to provide players with a captivating gaming experience while integrating NFT assets and rewards. As the full release approaches, more features and complexities are expected to be unveiled, ensuring an engaging and dynamic gameplay environment.

Game features of ‘Legends of the Mara’

One standout feature is the transformation of Mara NFTs into powerful Kodamara allies within the Metaverse. These Kodamara allies empower players to combat evil entities and defend the Otherside realm effectively.

Furthermore, each holder of an Otherdeed NFT Land can acquire a Vessel, irrespective of whether they already possess a Koda on their land. Vessels can transform into Kodamara depending on player performance, enhancing the gameplay experience. While both Mara and Kodamara characters play vital roles in protecting the Otherside, Kodas are the stalwart defenders.

Players can also engage in resource harvesting, collecting various tiers of ‘Sediment’ (‘Biogenic Swamp,’ ‘Chemical Goo,’ ‘Cosmic Dream,’ and ‘Infinite Expanse’). These tiers determine the number of workers (Farmer Mara, Kodamara, Koda, and Hunter Mara) that can be allocated within the Metaverse. Increased participation translates to higher chances of success for Hunters and Farmers.

With the collaboration of Faraway Games, the social blockchain game builder known for ‘Mini Royale: Nations,’ the Otherside Metaverse is poised for success. The full-scale launch of the ‘Legends of the Mara’ open beta is on the horizon, promising a thrilling experience for Otherside Land owners and gamers alike. Stay tuned for more updates as Yuga Labs continues to redefine the possibilities of the NFT space.

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