Moonbird Completes On-Chain Migration: Introducing Chromie Squiggle

Moonbird Completes On-Chain Migration: Introducing Chromie Squiggle

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The Moonbird NFT collection has just made history by completing its on-chain migration, marking a significant milestone in the world of NFTs. To celebrate this achievement, Moonbird collectors can now unlock a vibrant new background – Chromie Squiggle!

So, what’s the big deal about going on-chain? Most NFTs typically point to an off-chain image hosted on a database due to the complexity and time involved in deploying NFTs on-chain.

Moonbirds took a unique approach by initially launching off-chain with a special contract feature that allowed for a future on-chain upgrade. Starting in November 2022, this upgrade was initiated, one bird at a time. Collectors who made the switch were rewarded with a coveted “Perpetual Pioneer” stamp and brand-new backgrounds.

Today, Moonbird has completed the on-chain migration, ensuring the entire collection is forever preserved on the blockchain. Each Moonbird NFT is now composed of on-chain image layers, a groundbreaking achievement.

To make this possible, a processing engine was developed, capable of storing all layers in the collection for just 0.37 ETH, demonstrating remarkable efficiency.

Additionally, the project switched to using bitmaps instead of SVGs, further reducing external dependencies. As a result, each Moonbird can now proudly display its on-chain history, whether it’s a “Day One Nester,” a PROOF Collective member, a Grails Full Set collector, “Max Pain“, “Proceed with Caution,” or a Chromie Squiggle holder.

Moonbird extends its gratitude to the on-chain PFP community and other projects, including Avastars, Anonymice, CyberBrokers, OnChainMonkey, Nouns, Two Bit Bears, 1337, and OnChainBirds for their contributions to advancing the on-chain NFT space.

For those interested in delving deeper into Moonbird’s on-chain process, the open-source Solidify, created by PROOF Blockchain Engineer @cxkoda, can be explored at:

Following the partnership, the trading sales volume of Moonbirds NFTs surged by 290%, attaining a remarkable 30 ETH within just a single day. This influx of interest reflects the value addition that such collaborations can bring to an NFT project. The Moonbird journey continues, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the NFT world.

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