Who is Tyler Hobbs? Top NFT artist in the world of generative art

Who is Tyler Hobbs? Top NFT artist in the world of generative art

With the development of the digital art market, generative art is gaining more and more popularity, which is created not with a brush, but using code. And here the championship is occupied by Tyler Hobbs, who helped the development of generative art through the famous Fidenza collection. Thus, he entered the world of NFT thanks to his intelligence, knowledge of programming and love of creativity.


Who is Tyler Hobbs?

Tyler Hobbs is an NFT artist born in Little Rock, Arkansas but has spent most of his life in Austin. Basically, the artist works with algorithms, paints and plotters. He really melts into generative art, so his creations are based on computational aesthetics. Artist is developing and programming such algorithms that are used to create special visual images.

Tyler Hobbs NFT artist
Programmable Art Turned an Artist into a Crypto Millionaire

His paintings are a combination of the cold and cruel world of computers with the chaotic, organic chaos of the world around us.

Tyler Hobbs is a very creative person. In his free time, he devotes himself to drumming and skateboarding.


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The creative path of Tyler Hobbs: from inception to NFT

Tyler Hobbs has always enjoyed creating art. As a child, he drew his own comics. There was a period when he devoted himself to the study of traditional portraiture, landscapes and figure painting.

Usually Hobbs takes an algorithm and starts experimenting, i.e. finds a simple starting point and then goes through an iterative process. He never has the final result in his head, but only the initial idea.

As we can see, generative art is the perfect combination of the artist’s love for fine art and passion for computer technology.

Tyler Hobbs NFT art
Tyler Hobbs found the best combination of aesthetics, philosophy and programming in generative art

He seriously considered becoming an artist when he graduated from the University of Texas, where he studied computer science. After working as a programmer in Austin, he always found time for creativity. In the end, the artist decided to combine these two areas.

At first, there were several unsuccessful attempts to integrate mathematics into his own drawings and paintings, since at that time he still knew nothing about generative art. All the math drawings were done by hand, which artist says is a tedious process.

But can I write a program that will eliminate the intermediary? This is the question that Tyler Hobbs asked himself before the maximum immersion in generative art.

And he started to collect some Matplotlib works, hacking it a bit to create my first generative art. Then artist learned more about Processing, Casey Rias and started working more in this direction.


Tyler Hobbs in the NFT World

Tyler Hobbs is one of the top selling NFT artists and one of the top contributors on Art Blocks. This artistic platform was the launching point of his career. He became famous thanks to his Fidenza NFT collection, which was presented and posted on Artblocks.

Tyler Hobbs is considered a leading artist working in the field of blockchain generative art. People take note of his distinctive style, which features colorful blocks and an off-white background. To date, over 1,000 NFTs have already been sold. Tyler Hobbs’ NFT investment has become incredibly profitable and he has high hopes for the future.


Features of NFT works by Tyler Hobbs

The generative process is creative coding. The method involves writing programs that generate illustrations.

Tyler Hobbs NFT art works
All the artist’s works are different in shape, lines, colors, but pursue a single style

Hobbs begins his work with simple ideas, and anything can serve as their source, so the author does not always have the same starting point.

My works are created exclusively with the help of programming. I do not draw by hand and do not use any kind of Photoshop or post-editing on any of my work.

In one case, the artist draws, paints in a small sketchbook. And at some point, he understands that what he created by hand should be implemented using an algorithm. In another, he takes a program from scratch and starts experimenting with no clear direction.

It all starts with a simple program, Tyler runs it, sees what it looks like, makes changes, and re-runs it to see what his changes look like. An author can go through such an algorithm one or even two hundred times before the work is completed.

The process of creating programs is experimental and exploratory. Tyler Hobbs is constantly trying something new, even introducing bugs into his programs from time to time, which randomly improve the work.

The artist uses Clojure, a Lisp dialect that runs on the JVM. It is a very powerful programming language. JVM support indicates the ease of use of Processing for basic graphics. Writing programs in Lisp allows you to do a lot with little code. In addition, the author can also resort to Java if he needs to optimize something.


The most famous NFT works of Tyler Hobbs

Tyler Hobbs was able to create a whole cult of coded paintings, turning a niche segment into the most popular direction. He achieved this thanks to several projects that brought him fame, money and authority in society.

NFT Collection Fidenza

Fidenza is the collection that made Tyler Hobbs a big name in the NFT world. To devote himself to its creation, he quit his job in computer engineering. The work itself is named after a city located in northern Italy. The author gives the names of cities to his paintings, because he does not want people to look for some additional meaning in the name of the painting. After all, in order to understand it, you need to really delve into the world of abstraction and technology. He created his collection on the Art Blocks art platform, which makes NFTs using generative art.

Fidenza is my most versatile generative algorithm to date. While not overly complex, the underlying structures of the algorithm are very flexible, allowing for enough variety to consistently produce amazing results. This is how the artist himself speaks of his famous collection

A few figures about the project:

  • The collection contains 999 NFTs,
  • Fidenza #313 is the third most expensive among over 200K NFTs on Art Blocks,
  • From the beginning of the auction, all works were sold in just 25 minutes at a cost of 0.17 ETH (400 dollars at that time),
  • Total initial sales were about $400,000,
  • Secondary sales brought the project another $85 million (about 54K ETH), of which the artist received 5% of royalties, i.e. $4 million,
  • The minimum price is 99 ETH,
  • Average trades are in the range of 90-120 ETH.
Most Expensive NFT Fidenza Sales
Most Expensive Sales of NFT Fidenza

NFT Collection Incomplete Control

Incomplete Control is another famous NFT series released in December 2021. The work was created using the ArtBlocks platform, each painting was minted during a four-day live event at the Bright Moments Gallery in New York. Tyler tried to create imperfect paintings and he said it was quite difficult. After all, in programming everything is always perfect and it is very difficult to make something imperfect. An interesting fact is that this collection was sold out even before the presentation.

A few figures about the project:

  • The collection consists of 100 iterations,
  • The total volume of secondary sales amounted to more than 92 ETH,
  • Minimum price 95 ETH,
  • Average trades are in the range of 65-90 ETH.
Most Expensive Sales of NFT Incomplete Control
Most Expensive Sales of NFT Incomplete Control


Where can you buy NFT Tyler Hobbs?

The artist’s works can be purchased at such sites as:

  • Opensea,
  • Artblocks,
  • Arhipelago is a collaborative generative art experiment by Tyler Hobbs and Dandelion Wist.


Opinion of NFTMetria

Tyler Hobbs is the artist who created the new generative art movement. Having become acquainted with his works, everyone will find the one that will be truly close to him. Now generative art by this author is one of the best investment options in NFT due to its value, aesthetics and historical significance.

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