NFT News Digest: Yuga Labs and PUMA launch the Grailed Slipstream Series NFT collection

NFT News Digest: Yuga Labs and PUMA launch the Grailed Slipstream Series NFT collection

In addition to the news that Yuga Labs and PUMA launch the Grailed Slipstream Series NFT collection, in today’s NFT news digest for the past week of April 22-28 you’ll find:

  • Snoop Dogg releases a collaborative project and single with VeeFriends and GaryVee,
  • Steve Aoki and 3LAU form “Punx” NFT duo and unveil their debut single,
  • Ledger and DeadFellaz collaborated and released Nano X.

Yuga Labs and PUMA Launch the Grailed Slipstream Series NFT collection

PUMA and the popular Web3 brand 10KTF (which was recently acquired by Yuga Labs) have jointly launched a limited-edition collection of NFT sneakers called the Grailed Slipstream Series. This collaboration marked interest of PUMA in the world of Web3 technology, the starting point of which was the release of the Super Puma NFT collection to celebrate the company’s 75th anniversary.

What is the Grailed Slipstream Series collection?

According to the official information, the Grailed Slipstream Series collection consists of 2,000 pairs of sneakers by PUMA and designed with the help of famous artist Alexander John. Each pair gets a unique colorway and an NFT style tongue. And the physical footwear based on the collection will have a chip associated with the NFT sneaker. This chip will be able to be scanned for verification.

Grailed Slipstream Series PUMA NFT
Each pair of sneakers features unmatched quality from PUMA and unique style from various top NFT collections

Beginning April 27, 2023, PUMA Nitro token holders and members of the 10KTF community can access the Grailed PUMA Slipstream NFT collection. Collectibles holders will be able to dictate the NFT version of their shoes through virtual avatars in the 10KTF world.

Additional airdrop for Grailed Slipstream Series holders

In addition, PUMA plans to provide 2,000 unreleased Super Puma tokens for those who redeem Grailed Slipstream Mint Passes. This will serve as an additional incentive for collectors and crypto enthusiasts to participate in the two brands’ unique partnership.

The collaboration between PUMA and 10KTF marks a new milestone in the NFT industry. It led to merging of physical and digital assets, resulting in a unique product that appeals to digital token collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

Snoop Dogg releases a collaborative project and single with VeeFriends and GaryVee

Snoop Dogg, the iconic rapper and hip-hopper, has announced a collaboration with the popular NFT project VeeFriends created by influencer GaryVee. The collaboration includes the release of a new single from Snoop Dogg and a multi-stage NFT experience on Burn Island.

Please Take a Step Back, a manifesto song by Snoop Dogg and GaryVee

A longtime supporter of NFT culture, Snoop Dogg has consistently promoted Web3 products. He recently decided to join forces with GaryVee, the founder of the VeeFriends collection.

The song born of the new partnership and performed with GaryVee is called “Please Take a Step Back”. It is Snoop Dogg and GaryVee’s ideological manifesto, expressing their shared predilection for positive thinking. The single release is set for April 28.

Stages of Snoop Dogg and VeeFriends collaboration

There are three phases planned in the development of the collaboration, which will be implemented over the next few months on Burn Island:

  1. Burn to Mint,
  2. Burn to Compete & Ape In,
  3. Burn to Attend.

Burn to Mint, Stage 1

Stage 1 will run for 10 days (April 28 – May 8) to celebrate the new single and commemorate the first VeeCon conference. Each attendee at this historic conference will be given the exclusive right to burn one VeeCon 2022 NFT ticket and receive one “Please Take a Step Back” NFT in return.

Burn to Compete & Ape, Stage 2

Stage 2 will coincide with the official release of the video for the song “Please Take a Step Back”. This stage includes two contests, in order to participate in which you need to burn the NFT “Please Take a Step Back”:

  1. The first contest gives you a chance to win the pearl of the GaryVee collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club #1452.
  2. Winners of the second contest will receive:

Burn to Attend, Stage 3

There will be 10 lucky winners chosen based on the results of the permanent “Please Take a Step Back” NFT burning. They will have the unique opportunity to attend a concert in Atlanta on August 9, 2023 as part of Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s joint High School Reunion tour. By the way, Gary Vee will also be there.

Each of Snoop Dogg and VeeFriends’ three collaborations will no doubt delight NFT collectors.

Steve Aoki and 3LAU form Punx NFT duo and unveil their debut single

NFT duo Punx Steve Aoki 3LAU
“Punx”, a new supergroup formed by Steve Aoki and 3LAU

Steve Aoki and Justin “3LAU” Blau, iconic electronic musicians and longtime CryptoPunks fans, have teamed up as “Punx” duo. The release of their debut song “Concentrate” is set for Friday, April 28.

“Punx”’s first single is inspired by CryptoPunks, which 3LAU defines as “underground, kind of the first of their kind, and more particularly techie, tech-driven, [and] futuristic.” The song is 3 minutes long, performed at a fast tempo typical of industrial electronic music.

Single by duo Punx for NFT collectors

“Concentrate” wasn’t just created to entertain nightclub guests. The duo intends to distribute ownership of it and give 50% of all profits to 99 NFT collectors. These lucky collectors will be chosen from the ranks of CryptoPunks NFT, Blau’s NFT and Aoki’s A0k1verse Passport NFT owners.

These tokens will be sold on the Royal investment platform, the co-founder and CEO of which is 3LAU. The platform provides music lovers with the opportunity to support their favorite artists by giving them a portion of the royalties per song.

In this way, Royal breaks the rules of the existing music industry and allows artists to retain ownership of their content. The platform has already helped more than 11,000 creators generate more than $2 million in revenue.

Steve Aoki and 3LAU are committed to Web3

3LAU is not only known as a legendary musician, producer and favorite of many festivals such as EDC Vegas/Korea/Orlando, Electric Zoo, Ultra, Life Is Beautiful, Lollapalooza. He is also an early adopter of cryptocurrencies and a powerful advocate of Web3.

Collaborating with Steve Aoki is, according to 3LAU, “an important moment” for both of them.

By launching the PUNX project on Royal, we’re not only pushing creative boundaries, we’re also empowering our community to be a part of our journey and share in our success from day one. It’s a new era for music, and I’m proud to be at the forefront of this exciting movement. This is how 3LAU commented on “Concentrate” co-release.

Steve Aoki, renowned DJ, producer, two-time Grammy nominee, was also one of the pioneers of Web3. He has invested heavily in various NFT projects. His own project, Dream Catcher, brought him more than $4 million.

An NFT community called AoK1VERSE recently founded by Steve Aoki allows the legendary DJ to share his virtual and real life experiences with fans.

It’s incredible to be at the center of this evolution, not only building community, but giving back to it directly. We’re able to feed the ecosystem and merge the fans with the artists in a way that was thought impossible until recently. Steve Aoki fully shares 3LAU’s excitement about the joint project

This kind of collaboration between some of the most influential musicians in the NFT market gives a big boost to the Music NFT segment.

Ledger and DeadFellaz collaborated and released Nano X

It became known recently that the collaboration between the famous NFT brand DeadFellaz and Ledger has reached a higher quality level. The result of this successful partnership is the joint product Nano X with an original design.

What is Nano X and to whom is it available?

When developing the Nano X cryptocurrency wallet, which is the brainchild of the two brands, the iconography typical of the DeadFellaz NFT collection was used. The device itself is made in a pleasant green design.

Crypto enthusiasts who possess a token from the [Ledger] Market collection – Nano X can participate in the drop. Starting April 24, 2023, lucky owners of these NFTs have a unique chance to exchange them for Nano X hardware devices.

A total of 2,000 people participated in the [Ledger] Market – Deadfellaz Nano X token minting.

At first the minting was only available to [L] Market Pass, Deadfellaz and Deadfrenz owners. However, now anyone can buy tokens on the secondary market. At the time of writing, the floor price of [Ledger] Market – Deadfellaz Nano X is 0.075 ETH, and the trading volume has reached 160 ETH.

Further plans for the DeadFellaz x Ledger collaboration

The partnership between the two brands does not end with the release of Nano X. In the near future, representatives of both projects plan to launch the Ledger x DeadFellaz quest.

During the quest, participants will be able to earn PoK NFT, know more about Web3 technology, and obtain an item from the Deadfellaz Metaverse. The event will be available to Deadfellaz, Deadfrenz, Redemption and Proof of Purchase token holders. More information about the quest is expected to be made available within the next week.

Background of Ledger in the NFT market

This isn’t Ledger’s first successful partnership with other prominent brands in the NFT market:

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