NFT News Digest: Ledger Announces Hardware Crypto Wallet for NFTs

NFT News Digest: Ledger Announces Hardware Crypto Wallet for NFTs

In addition to the news that Ledger has announced the release of the Ledger Stax hardware crypto wallet for the NFT, in today’s NFT news digest for the past week from December 03 to 09, you will find:

  • The price of Apecoin is rising due to the launch of staking,
  • Starbucks launches NFT based loyalty program.


Ledger Announces Ledger Stax NFT Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

The leader in the field of crypto security, namely hardware wallets, Ledger, is an active participant in the NFT market, developing and scaling it in terms of crypto security. A few days ago, Ledger announced the release of Ledger Stax, a brand-new cold hardware crypto wallet that supports NFT.

In addition to the advanced technical stuffing, the device has a concise design that can be personalized with your NFTs. Designed specifically by iPod designer Tony Fadell.

What is NFT Crypto Wallet Ledger Stax?

Ledger Stax is a new generation hardware crypto wallet built on the secure Ledger architecture and interactivity with the world of cryptocurrencies and NFTs. The device features a curved E Ink display that displays user-selected images even when the device is turned off.

The wallet uses a USB-C connection to connect to laptops and Bluetooth to connect to the Ledger Live Mobile app on smartphones. Ledger Connect, the company’s upcoming crypto wallet extension, will also enable connection to Web3 applications.

On every Ledger device, cryptography technology is directly embedded in the certified CCEAL5+ Secure Element chip. All secrets are stored in this chip, and it works with a “trusted display” screen. This screen provides readability of all actions performed by the Secure Element chip. The user can manage the transaction by literally seeing what he is signing.

What are the features of the Ledger Stax NFT Crypto Wallet?

  • Device the size of a credit card. It is convenient and practical. Cryptocurrency and NFTs are a new form of digital assets, and just like stacks of cash or a credit card, you should be able to manage them on the go.
  • The interface of the new wallet is much more ergonomic than previous versions of the Ledger wallet, allowing users to manage their NFT collection and more than 500 coins through a 3.7-inch touch screen.
  • The company finally allows all users to personalize their wallet by giving it a name and an avatar on the touch screen.
  • The manufacturer also solved one of the early problems – now the wallet is magnetized to each other. After all, it’s no secret to anyone that with active participation in the crypto market, many have more than two hardware wallets that are easy to confuse

  • Every Ledger Stax comes with an Infinity Pass that provides users with a free NFT that comes with future utility. In addition, the Ledger Stax NFT is mintable on the Ledger Market to unlock access to exclusive NFT art from the company’s network of hand-picked artists.

When will NFT Crypto Wallet Ledger Stax be released?

Ledger Stax will start shipping at the end of March 2023. You can pre-order today on the Ledger website via the Ledger Stax pre-order link. Over time, it will also be available at select retailers such as Best Buy in the US. You can also pre-order Ledger Stax on the [Ledger] Market and receive special NFTs in return.

Why is the NFT Crypto Wallet Ledger Stax release important?

With the growth of the NFT industry, the world of digital assets, the number of scams and thefts is proportionally growing. In 2021 alone, according to rough estimates, more than $700 million in the form of NFT was stolen from crypto wallets. And these are just the cases that have been publicly reported. In reality, this figure is much higher. Often, criminals use various social engineering schemes, but there are also enough cases of technical failures in crypto wallets and trading platforms. Therefore, the leader of the crypto security market, the Ledger company, is trying to be one step ahead and is developing this area as actively as possible.


Apecoin price rises due to staking launch

The Ape Foundation is launching a full-fledged staking of the Apecoin (APE) currency. This is the official currency of the Yuga Labs ecosystem, which includes all the top NFT collections (BAYC, MAYC, Otherdeed for Otherside). The large-scale launch of this feature provides an opportunity for passive income from owning a currency, which many users make money on. The launch of staking for its users was announced on December 5th, and the staking rewards will begin on December 12th. The technical side of the issue was taken over by Horizen Labs:

What does the launch of Apecoin staking look like?

To date, the formal staking contract has already accepted nearly $112 million worth of APEs. Amid the hype, the market price of the APE currency jumped 64% from $2.66 (11/14/2022) to $4.14 (12/07/2022).

Why is the launch of Apecoin staking important for the NFT market?

The token, which is the native currency of the Yuga Labs ecosystem, was distributed free of charge to the owners of the main NFT collections of the Web3 collective, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club, back in March 2022. Thus, this feature and privilege becomes another utility for the owners of these top NFT.

For a market that is in limbo amid the collapse of the FTX exchange, such positive actions from the largest players in the market are a stimulating factor.


Starbucks launches NFT-based loyalty program

Starbucks entered the NFT world by launching a beta version of its web3-enabled loyalty program extension. The coffee giant announced on Thursday that it rolled out the Starbucks Odyssey loyalty program to a “small group” of members in a beta testing format.

What is Starbucks Odyssey?

The Starbucks Odyssey project is the first coffee shop chain to create a virtual community using web3 technology. The new format combines the classic Starbucks Rewards loyalty program with an NFT platform where guests can earn digital assets that can then be used to pay for exclusive services. For active participation in various interactive activities, participants will receive the right to “digital stamps”. Technically, these are NFTs issued on the Polygon blockchain. Depending on the rarity of these NFTs, customers will be able to unlock free bonuses and perks.

What to do with NFT from Starbucks next?

Customers will receive collectible journey stamps (as Starbucks called NFTs for this) after completing videos and quizzes about coffee and the history of the company. Travel also includes other activities such as solving puzzles and tasting new drinks that the company wants to promote.

Customers earn their first NFTs, called stamps, after earning 500 points. Stamps NFTs can be used to unlock accessibility features that range from simple online perks such as access to a virtual espresso class to access to celebrity-suggested merchandise.

Where to sell or buy NFT from Starbucks?

In 2023, Starbucks Odyssey will launch its NFT marketplace powered by Nifty Gateway, with which the coffee giant has a partnership. The move will allow users to buy and sell their own Journey Stamps, as well as purchase limited-edition NFTs created in collaboration with the company’s partners.


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