NFT News Digest: Yuga Labs releases the TwelveFold NFT collection on the Bitcoin blockchain

NFT News Digest: Yuga Labs releases the TwelveFold NFT collection on the Bitcoin blockchain

In addition to the news that Yuga Labs releases the TwelveFold NFT collection on the Bitcoin blockchain, in today’s NFT News Digest for the past week of February 25-March 03, you’ll find:

  • RTFKT and Ledger release joint NFT and educational program,
  • Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) launches the YSL Beauty Night Masters NFT collection.


Yuga Labs Releases TwelveFold NFT Collection on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Yuga Labs, whose infrastructure includes such top projects as Bored Ape Yacht Club, Mutant Ape Yacht Club, Meebits, CryptoPunks, Otherdeed, the Otherside metaverse, 10KTF, officially announced on its Twitter on February 28 that it is releasing a limited art collection TwelveFold under the Ordinals protocol (bitcoin blockchain).

What is a TwelveFold collection?

TwelveFold NFT is a limited-edition experimental collection of 300 generative artworks recorded in Satoshi on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is a completed art project and will not have any other utility, will not interact with, or be associated with any Yuga Labs Ethereum-based projects.

The collection includes well-rendered 3D elements as well as hand-drawn elements that serve as a tribute to the conventional lettering currently done by hand. The generative parts were created by the Yuga Labs art team using 3D modeling, algorithmic building, and high-end rendering tools.

When and how will the TwelveFold NFT collection be released?

According to the Yuga Labs team, the entire TwelveFold collection will be auctioned off later this week. All bets will be made in bitcoins. There will be a 24 hour notice with auction details and the exact time. So far there is no more detailed information.

The release of a generative art collection from Yuga Labs is an unexpected event. Previously, the studio specialized only in projects that contain signs of games, quests and other entertaining elements. The move from market leader Yuga Labs signals the adoption of the new Bitcoin blockchain technology, which now has the ability to create NFTs. Considering that the creator of BAYC never creates meaningless projects and is the undisputed leader of opinions, all market participants should take into account such a scaling of the Bitcoin network.


RTFKT and Ledger launch joint NFT and educational program

Digital art brand RTFKT (owned by Nike, released the top NFT collection CLONE X) and Ledger, a company that makes hardware wallets for storing and managing cryptocurrencies and tokens, have announced a partnership. As part of it, a joint educational program Ledger Quest and a capsule collection Ledger x RTFKT will be released, the NFT of which can be exchanged for real physical objects. The collaboration was announced at NFT Paris on February 24th.

What is the NFT Ledger x RTFKT Collection?

The NFT Ledger x RTFKT Collection is a release of three digital types of Ledger Nano that can be exchanged for physical items:

  • white Ledger Nano S Plus,
  • white Nano X,
  • A limited-edition Nano-case that comes with a very rare silver pendant with the RTFKT logo on the ends. It will be whitelisted for Clone X and Genesis Pass owners.

The sale will take place on the [L] Market, which will begin tentatively in March 2023. More exact dates, cost and other conditions will be published later through the social networks of partners.

We are very proud to continue our collaboration with Ledger and take it to the next level with these products, allowing everyone to securely and RTFKT style digital collectibles. Says Benoit Pagotto, founder of RTFKT

What is the educational program Ledger Quest?

Ledger and RTFKT will also launch the Ledger Quest educational program to educate the public on Web3 security and cryptocurrency self-service best practices. The program includes branded quests and NFT training with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency (learn and earn).


Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Launches YSL Beauty Night Masters NFT Collection

Earlier in January 2023, French luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) announced the NFT campaign Black Opium: The Night Is Ours. And then they successfully debuted. Now, the luxury brand is announcing the release of a new NFT collection YSL Beauty Night Masters created by three talented artists Dr. Ivona Tau, Laura Sills, and Natalie Amrossi.

What is the YSL Beauty Night Masters NFT collection?

The YSL Beauty Night Masters NFT Collection will feature three pieces of art featuring the signature style of three famous artists, with a total of 100 copies of each asset. Of the 300 tokens, 279 are available for sale in the YSL Beauty NFT store, while 21 are held in the YSL Beauty reserve.

The Mint will start on March 6th exclusively for YSL Beauty Blocks NFT holders as well as individual P00LS token holders. After the closed sale on March 8, a public sale will take place at 0.2 ETH per piece.

Each NFT in the collection skillfully reflects the main theme of the campaign, namely the YSL Beauty Night Masters. The campaign is based on the female creative spark, web3 technology and the iconic franchise of the Black Opium brand.

It also became known that the proceeds from the sale will be donated to partner non-governmental organizations of the Abuse Is Not Love initiative, which aims to raise awareness and combat intimate partner violence.

The funds were determined by the artists themselves:

  • Proceeds from the sale of NFT Dr. Ivona Tau will be donated to the Czech NGO ProFem.
  • Proceeds from the sale of the Natalie Amrossi NFT design will benefit ADAPT, South Africa.
  • Proceeds from the sale of the Laura Sills NFT design will be donated to It’s On Us, USA.
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