NFT News Digest: Spotify launches NFT playlists

NFT News Digest: Spotify launches NFT playlists

In addition to the news that Spotify launches NFT playlists, in today’s NFT News Digest for the past week of Feb. 18-24, you’ll find:

  • Blur NFT marketplace will airdrop an additional 300 million $BLUR tokens,
  • The first star speakers at Veecon 2023 have been announced.


Spotify launches NFT playlists

Global streaming music giant Spotify, which has 489 million users, is testing a new playlist service called “token-enabled playlists.” This feature allows NFT owners to connect their wallets and listen to music created especially for them. During the three-month testing period of Spotify, playlists created by the community will be updated. Spotify also stated that this service is only available to Spotify Premium users.

The pilot version is currently only available on Android in the US, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Which NFT projects participate in token-enabled playlists?

The participants of the pilot project are the following NFT projects:

Initially, this was announced on February 23 by the introduction of the Creepz by Overlord project:

And representatives of the Kingship project, intrigued that the debut playlist included tracks  on Spotify from world performers and their favorites from Queen, Missy Eliott, Snoop Dogg and Led Zeppelin.

According to Kingship, this move allows pushing the boundaries of music and blockchain, as well as ensuring that NFT holders are at the center of this integration.

What can the integration of the music industry and the NFT lead to?

The big news about the integration of Spotify with leading NFT projects appeared some time after another sensational event. Thus, the world pop star Rihanna, on the eve of her triumphant performance at the Super Bowl, tokenized her song “Better have my money” and released 300 NFTs on the AnotherBlock NFT platform. The NFTs sold out in minutes at $210 each. But it’s not even that that’s remarkable, it’s their application: NFTs allow collectors to earn royalties when a song is played on digital streaming platforms like Spotify. And, collectors are already receiving their first royalties.

This event demonstrates the wide potential application of NFT technology in the music industry, where token holders are not only collectors, but also full owners of interest-based streaming rights from digital service providers (DSPs) such as Spotify. This allows owners to end up with ongoing royalties if they make the right forward-looking investments. And the musicians themselves are thus less dependent on music labels and become more independent, having their own promotional budget from the sale of the NFT.


Blur NFT marketplace will airdrop an additional 300 million $BLUR tokens

The Blur NFT marketplace announced the start of the second season of token distribution for the project community. In total, more than 300 million $BLUR will be distributed, and user loyalty will be the main criterion for distribution and calculation of remuneration. This was announced by representatives of the platform on Twitter on February 22.

Recall that in mid-February, the Blur NFT marketplace released a native $BLUR token and arranged a large-scale airdrop. Thanks to this, he significantly increased the activity on the site and the volume of trading, and subsequently was able to overtake the market leader in the OpenSea marketplace in this indicator.

What is known about the airdrop of 300 million $BLUR tokens?

In the first season, any trader who switched to the platform from competitors, listed NFT or traded on Blur could receive a token from Blur.

In the second season, the requirements became tougher. “Help Packages” were divided into “Mythical” and “Uncommon”. The first ones, which are much more valuable, will be received only by “100% loyal” users.

What is the secret to maximizing rewards? Loyalty. Users with 100% loyalty have the highest chance of receiving Mythical Care Packages, which cost 100 times the Uncommon Care Package.” Organizers say in their announcement

Blur users have three official ways to maximize their loyalty score:

  • Add new NFTs to the platform. In doing so, the listing rewards will be as large as the rewards for bidding. Max Listing Points = Listings x Loyalty.
  • Exclusively use the Blur marketplace without hosting NFTs on other platforms. To simplify this procedure, the developers even created a bright “Max your royalty” button on the site to remove their third-party lists and bring your account to 100% in one transaction.
  • Place as many ads on the marketplace as possible.

However, the representatives of the site themselves suggest another way to increase loyalty:

What other nuances about the airdrop of 300 million $BLUR tokens are known?

Carrying out such a large-scale campaign and having the experience of the first season, the organizers also warn about the following nuances regarding the deception and speculation of the system:

  • Re-listing, selling NFTs at unrealistic prices, listing dead collections will not count.
  • For a correct assessment, it is better to place and bet from the same wallet.
  • Listings of tokens that Blur does not yet support (eg ERC-1155) will not count towards the loyalty percentage.


The first star speakers at Veecon 2023 have been announced

On February 23, the organizers of the large-scale Veecon 2023 conference announced the first round of speakers. The status of one of the most global Web 3.0 events was supported by the organizers with a stellar cast, which is really impressive. And we will tell you more about it now.

What is Vecon?

Veecon is the second annual global conference for Web 3.0 and the entire NFT industry. Access to the event is provided only by NFT tickets for the VeeFriends community, which was created by the famous influencer and bright voice of the NFT community Gary Vee (full name Gary Vaynerchuk). The event invites the brightest and most famous speakers, and the topics of the conference itself include business, marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, ideas, creativity and competition.

Tickets will be issued in March 2023 for VeeFriends Series 1 token holders. Others who wish to enter can purchase a tokenized ticket in the secondary markets.

VeeCon is a place where the biggest and brightest minds in technology, business and pop culture come together to share their experiences, innovations, ideas and experiences. This multi-day extravaganza is filled with discussions, performances and endless opportunities to network with up-and-coming and innovative people. This is how the organizers describe the upcoming event

Where and when will Veecon 2023 be held?

The three-day Veecon 2023 conference will be held May 18-20, 2023 at the TCU Amphitheater in White River State Park and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Rap icon Busta Rhymes will also be headlining the May 18 VeeCon opening party.

Which speakers are invited to Veecon 2023?

So, who is invited and already announced in the first wave of speakers and speakers at the largest Veecon 2023 conference?

In total, more than 55 people were announced as part of the star cast, among which you can see:

  • Tom Bilyeu, CEO of Impact Theory,
  • Adam Brotman, CEO & Co-Founder of Forum3,
  • Deepak Chopra, Founder of Chopra Foundation and Chopra Global,
  • Betty, CEO and Co-Founder of Deadfellaz,
  • DeeZe, Director of Vibes at Tessera,
  • Andy8052, Founder of Tessera,
  • Gfunk, CEO and Founder of Pixel Vault,
  • !llmind, Music Producer of Squad Of Knights,
  • Snowfro, Founder of Art Blocks, Creator of Chromie Squiggle,
  • John Henry, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of LOOP,
  • Chris Lyons, President of Web3 Media at a16z crypto,
  • Jasmine Maietta, Founder and CEO of round21,
  • Jen Stark, Artist and Creator of The Vortex Collection, Cosmos and more,
  • Sian Morson, Founder of The BlkChain,
  • Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia Inc.,
  • Ian Rogers, Chief Experience Officer of LEDGER,
  • Gary Vaynerchuk, Founder of VeeFriends.
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