FLUF World: the most global metaverse of charismatic rabbits

FLUF World: the most global metaverse of charismatic rabbits

Imagine cool upright charismatic bunnies who create their own world. And if you can’t, meet FLUF World, the world of virtual animated cool bunnies, who have won over the equally cool rapper Snoop Dogg, charismatic actor Keanu Reeves, EDM superstar Dillon Francis, Electronic music duo Disclosure and Grammy award-winning songwriter Gino with their charm. The bunnies made so much noise in the virtual world with their detailing and superbly rendered looks that they moved to Miami and Los Angeles venues, as well as  to the SXSW stage with Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda.

Among the project partners there are many companies in the field of blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT (Universe XYZ, ASM, Cennz Net, SIX, Sylo etc).

In addition, FLUF World is actively involved in charity. The main areas of charity are ecology, social aid to victims of disasters, as well as assistance to refugees from Ukraine.


FLUF World Official Links


What is FLUF World?

FLUF World is an NFT collection of 10,000 animated bunnies that reside on the Ethereum network and have the ERC-721 token standard. They were created in August 2021 programmatically from 327 attributes in 14 categories. The pets of one of the project leaders are taken as models.

The creators give full freedom to their community by granting a CC0 license. It allows the owners to use the copyrights for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

The collection is fundamental to the Fluf World metaverse which consists of 9 other collections, each of which also has a very impressive volume of trades. These projects add additional characters and music to the bunnies’ metaverse, as well as strange creatures in the form of furry spiders, dancing bears, metaverse searchers, etc.

More than that, the project literally brought the digital space into the real world. The creators organized events at SXSW and Art Basel in Miami and Los Angeles during the last Super Bowl. The metaverse came to life at these events. It was called FLUF Haus.


FLUF World in numbers

  • A collection of 10,000 tokens was released on August 7, 2021. Back then, the minting ended 40 minutes after the start.
  • The cost of minting was 0.09 ETH.
  • Within 5 weeks of release, secondary sales exceeded $42,000,000.
  • For every bunny sold, 10 percent of the profits go to donations and charities around the world.
  • The project is ranked 42nd among the best collections in terms of sales of all time on the largest NFT marketplace OpenSea.
  • The total volume of secondary sales exceeded 43k ETH (more than 73 million dollars at the current exchange rate).
  • The floor price is 2.61 ETH (about $4.5k), and that is quite impressive.
  • Average sales range from 2.6 ETH to 4 ETH.
  • The most expensive #9680 was sold on January 16, 2022 for 17 ETH ($57k at the time of sale).
  • A total of 3,459 unique holders (35%).
  • Only about 4% of the collection (384 pieces out of 10,000) are for sale, among them the offers range from 2.61 ETH to 10 ETH. This shows that almost all holders see the project as a great investment prospect and are not in a hurry to part with their assets at a lower price.

Data (including exchange rates) are given at the time of publication of the article (February 20, 2023)


FLUF World types and attributes

FLUF World offers NFTs which have 270 attributes divided into 14 categories:

  • Background (39 types),
  • Dance (8 types),
  • Ears (14 types),
  • Expression (15 types),
  • Eyes (35 types),
  • Eyewear (18 types),
  • Fur (46 types),
  • Head (31 types),
  • Mouth (15 types),
  • Music (51 types),
  • Neck (19 types),
  • Nose (13 types),
  • Sex (2 types),
  • Top (21 types).
FLUF World nft types
Thanks to the attributes, each rabbit has its own dance moves, background, and animated image.

But there are other key features of FLUF World bunnies:

  • Name and background. Each owner can rename the bunny and create a backstory that can be shared anywhere.
  • Song. The project team expands the authentic media library every day, with which the user can choose any song from the list for his/her bunny.


Who created FLUF World?

FLUF World was created by the New Zealand technology company Non-Fungible Lab which was founded in 2021 in Auckland. The company’s team consists of 9 people, as well as a staff of hired employees whose activities relate to art and 3D modeling.

So, let’s take a closer look at the creators:

  1. Alex Smeele, Co-Founder, CEO. He has more than 15 years of experience in music, events, technology, entertainment and brand strategy.
  2. Jesse Metcalfe, lead artist. He uses 3D visualization and artificial intelligence for his work.
  3. Aaron McDonald, Co-Founder. He is a technology industry veteran. He created a venture capital called Centrality which uses blockchain technologies, including decentralized ones.
  4. Brooke Howard-Smith, Co-Founder. X-games winner and social entrepreneur.
  5. Andrew Beatson, Co-Founder. He has over 20 years of legal experience and represents some of New Zealand’s largest companies.
  6. Matt Hunter, Co-Founder. He has extensive experience in the field of online marketing. Hunter advised CoinBase in 2014.
  7. Joey Kheireddine, CTO. Technical developer. He holds key positions in several blockchain companies.
  8. Chas Gunaratne, CFO. He has 12 years of financial leadership experience in a wide range of industries.
  9. Marco Brondani, Chief Information Security Officer. He has over 20 years of experience in technology and information security.
FLUF World nft founders
The founders of the project are not anonymous and each of them has a rich track record

Besides, in addition to FLUF World, the company launched two more projects:

  1. Pixel of the apes. This is also an NFT project, but it features pixel apes. In total, there are 135 NFTs in the collection, but this has not hindered the popularity of the project. The trading volume on OpenSea is 200 ETH with a floor price of 2.9 ETH.
  2. Unstoppable art machine, which is a project that monetizes art to some extent. With it, any artist can popularize their work. The artist submits his/her work of art to the project which hosts the work on the platform.


FLUF World Idea

According to Alex Smeele, the goal of the project is to create a scalable universe with Play-to-Earn (P2E) mechanics. For this, partnerships were formed with several companies in the blockchain technology field. The collaboration with Sylo Network and Altered State Machine has borne fruit, for a FLUF World Lens was created on Snapchat. Thanks to this, users could enter a community where they could win an NFT Seeker from Sylo Network and FLUF.

In addition, over NZ$2 million has been raised through the community to help the homeless and refugees from Ukraine and support sustainability initiatives. And even without that, the project and the developers are actively involved in philanthropy through the community. This is part of the idea behind the project, as the project’s focus on philanthropy expands the community and attracts Hollywood celebrities, music performers and charity executives from around the world.

All these ideas and goals allow building an infrastructure that connects the virtual space with the physical one, and scales the metaverse with world-class security, interoperability and content.


Why is FLUF World popular?

FLUF World is an extremely popular project. Of course, there are reasons for this:

  • Virtual bunny NFTs are owned by rapper Snoop Dog, actor Keanu Charles Reeves, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and more. Thanks to the cooperation of world-famous stars, virtual bunnies have gained a part of their fans, and cooperation with top companies in the field of blockchain technology, decentralized finance and NFT has attracted a large number of people from the entire cryptocurrency community. This is confirmed by the trading volumes of the main collection and the floor price (almost 3 ETH).
  • Striking visual charisma of animated bunnies who are the center of a vast metaverse. Their appearance is qualitatively traced, making it appealing to any user. In addition, the bunny can dance to music written by famous authors and voiced by equally famous performers. There are also a huge number of additions for bunnies (dance background, other characters, robot searchers and much more).
  • A global metaverse with no analogues in space (in terms of quantity and quality of derivative projects). Accordingly, each owner gets into an exciting journey through the cartoon world.

All these components and factors popularized the project so much that it was transferred to the real world in the form of the FLUF Haus event at SXSW and Art Basel in Miami, LA during the last Super Bowl. These events have gained no less popularity than the virtual bunnies themselves.


FLUF World Roadmap

The roadmap of the project is quite extensive. Since the release of the collection, the developers have done a tremendous amount of work that has given an entire metaverse.

Implemented plans in 2021:

  • Distribution of NFT FLUF World
  • Live broadcast of the 11th Hour podcast featuring Dillon Francis, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Disclosure. They recorded a live track together.
  • The launch of The Underground is a kind of web 3.0 portal to the FLUF World metaverse.
  • Distribution of AR NFTs from the Jadu Jetpack collection to randomly selected owners of virtual bunnies. These are the first of their kind NFTs that are an addition to FLUF World, with which you can fly in the metaverse.
  • The release of the derivative Thingies collection, NFTs with arachnid creatures.
  • Implementation of artificial intelligence ASM into the metaverse.
  • Launch of the derivative collection FLUF World: scenes and sounds.
  • The appearance of the world’s first metastar AngelBaby.
  • Launch of a donation fund for the development of coastal areas.
  • The first FLUF Haus event took place in Miami.
  • Launch of a donation fund for the Auckland City Mission.
  • Launch of the derivative collection PartyBears.
  • Launch of the derivative collection Jadu Hoverboard, with NFTs given away to Jadu Jetpack owners.

Implemented plans in 2022:

  • Launch of the derivative collection FLUF World: Burrows.
  • Opening of the Auckland City Mission charity auction.
  • The second FLUF Haus event took place in Los Angeles.
  • Launch of the Charitable Mint of Ukraine, limited edition of the “Fuck the war” scene which raised over $400,000.
  • With Carbon Click, a donation of NZ$2,34711 was made to offset 200 percent of the emissions that were generated during the lifecycle of FLUF World.
  • The third FLUF Haus event took place at SXSW, a technology festival.
  • The Seekers derivative collection was launched.
  • April airdrop to NFT holders of the FLUF World ecosystem.
  • Airdrop to the first FLUF World holders of The First FLUFflepuff gem from the Yat Gems collection.
  • Distribution of tokens from Fluf World Eggs collection to holders of NFT FLUF World.
  • Launch of the Dr. Grordborts: Rayguns under partnership with Wētā Workshop.
  • Updating of FLUF World Underground to 2.0 version.
  • Distribution of the Gold, Silver, 1/1 and Lambo scenes from the ATEM automobile club to the owners of virtual bunnies.
  • Launch of the derivative collection FLUF World: Buzzies for owners of PartyBears NFTs.
  • Starting a collaboration with the Futureverse Foundation founded under partnership of Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves.
  • Starting a collaboration with Gods & Goblins, a game that is still in alpha and beta testing.
  • Providing all owners of virtual bunnies with 3D model files for implementation in other products independent of FLUF World.
  • Launch of the first stage of the Thingies Utility in Underground. Thingies were given the ability to create artwork using AI.
  • The Next Legends Pro Pack Mint, the first release of the AI metaverse in collaboration with Greatest Gym in the Muhammad Ali and Altered State Machine & ABG.
  • First issue of Probably Nothing.
  • Launch of the first stage of the root network, the underlying blockchain infrastructure for the Futureverse.
  • Thingies AI has created artwork for Halloween.
  • Updating of PartyBears 3D models.
  • Partners from Altered State Machine launched FIFA: AI League.
  • Updating of Thingies. You can now apply filters to AI work.
  • Launch of the derivative collection FLUF World: Buzzies.

Stages in 2023:

  • The addition of Fluflets, a collection of fun and trendy Gen2 FLUF games that opens up a world of gamification, personalization, and exciting utility.
  • Launch of ROOT token, a native token that is designed to support the FLUF World ecosystem.
  • The Futuverse metaverse is being created in collaboration with such companies as CentraPass, Sylo, CentraPay, Immersve, Shadows, Atem Car Club, Altered State Machine, Altered Phoenix, and Drug Receipts. The official trailer for the metaverse has already been unveiled.


Ecosystem of FLUF World

FLUF World has an impressive ecosystem which includes both official collections and collections from partners. The ecosystem also has its own web3.0 portal called The Underground.

FLUF World nft ecosystem
FLUF World ecosystem

The project’s own derivative collections:

  • FLUF World: Things,
  • FLUF World: Art by Thingies,
  • FLUF World: Buzzies,
  • FLUF World: EGGs,
  • The Seekers,
  • FLUF World: Burrows,
  • PartyBears,
  • Fluf Haus,
  • FLUF World: Scenes & Sounds.

Collections from partners:

  • Jadu Jetpack,
  • Jadu Hoverboard,
  • Yat Gems, Dr. Grordborts: Rayguns

FLUF World: Thingies

FLUF World: Thingies is a collection of fluffy animated spiders that can draw. By the way, they got the ability to draw thanks to integration with artificial intelligence. Spiders have already released their Art by Thingies collection depicting their interesting vision of the world. The volume of secondary sales exceeded 6,000 ETH, and the floor price is 0.3 ETH. The total number of animated spiders is 9,575.

FLUF World Thingies nft
FLUF World: Thingies

FLUF World: Art by Thingies

FLUF World: Art by Thingies is a Thingies AI collection which is created in the virtual space of the metaverse. This is how the AI sees the world associated with the spiders in the FLUF World: Thingies collection. The collection’s trading volume is over 66 ETH, and the floor price is 0.005 ETH.

FLUF World Art by Thingies nft
FLUF World: Art by Thingies

FLUF World: Buzzies

FLUF World: Buzzies is a collection of virtual bees that are companions to virtual bunnies and also collect honey in the metaverse. The trading volume on OpenSea is over 930 ETH and the floor price is 0.86 ETH. There are 12,700 animated bees in total.

FLUF World Buzzies nft
FLUF World: Buzzies

FLUF World: EGGs

FLUF World: EGGs is an extraordinary collection. Electromycelial Genome Generator (EGG) or just an egg. The point is simple: you buy an egg, and a humanoid from the future Fluflets collection hatches from it. That humanoid will walk around Manhattan with you, or maybe eat you. But… Oh, it’s a joke. This metaverse being just replicates the genomic DNA of the parent to produce future Fluflets.

FLUF World EGGs nft
FLUF World: EGGs

The Seekers

The Seekers is a collection of animated robots for trade and communication in the metaverse. Perhaps they can perform the function of a robot cleaner better than yours; for example, throw out a cat that poops. Letting it outdoors is not recommended.

The trading volume on OpenSea is over 4,000 ETH and the floor price is 0.075 ETH. There are 47,900 such robots in total.

FLUF World The Seekers nft
The Seekers

FLUF World: Burrows

FLUF World: Burrows is an NFT virtual metaspace specifically for animated bunnies to enjoy the social life. You could say it’s a bunny’s hole in the metaverse. That feeling when even rabbits hang out and you don’t. The collection has a total of 10,500 NFTs, floor price is 0.25 ETH and trading volume is over 8,400 ETH.

FLUF World Burrows nft
FLUF World: Burrows


PartyBears is a collection of 9,669 cool, funny and sometimes serious bears. By the way, they also dance like bunnies, and they  also keep up in fashion. The trading volume of those bears is over 8,700 ETH and the floor price is 0.488 ETH.

FLUF World PartyBears nft

FLUF World: Scenes & Sounds

FLUF World: Scenes & Sounds is a collection for customizing music and scenes. There are a total of 95 scenes with musical accompaniment. A total of 55,000 FLUF World: Scenes & Sounds NFTs have been released. The trading volume on OpenSea is over 1,690 ETH, and the floor price is 0.02 ETH.

FLUF World Scenes & Sounds nft
FLUF World: Scenes & Sounds


FLUF Haus is a collection of NFT posters dedicated to the FLUF Haus event. There are 5 posters, and their total number is 1,500. The trading volume on OpenSea is over 183 ETH, and the floor price is 0.0575 ETH.

FLUF Haus nft

The Underground

The bunny metaverse also has The Underground, a web3.0 portal, where you can do the following:

  • look at your NFTs,
  • choose a music scene for them,
  • edit the works drawn by the artificial intelligence of the spiders,
  • view the collections that are part of the metaverse.
  • see which hole is best for your bunny and which weapon is suitable for your robots.
  • see the latest news about the project, as well as its activities in real space.

In May 2022, the portal was updated to 2.0 version.

Collections from official partners

Jadu Jetpack

Jadu Jetpack is a collection of flight devices in the AR combat metaverse. The NFT collection was given away by airdrop to the first owners of the virtual bunnies. Jadu Jetpack NFT is only indirectly related to FLUF World. The creator of the collection is one of the first partners of the virtual bunnies world. Trading volume on OpenSea is over 4,165 ETH with a floor price of 0.96 ETH. In total, there are 1,111 jetpacks in the collection.

Jadu Hoverboard

Jadu Hoverboard is a collection of 6,666 items that were given to the owners of the Jadu Jetpack collection through an airdrop. The collections’ NFTs are designed to cruise in the AR combat game. As you can see, it’s not hard to guess from the name that this is the second airdrop from the virtual bunnies partner. On OpenSea, Hoverboards are trading at a floor price of 0.0815 ETH. Total trading volume is more than 5,477 ETH.

Yat Gems

Yat Gems is a collection whose tokens were distributed as airdrop to the first owners of virtual bunnies. The airdrop was carried out in honor of the beginning of the cooperation between Yat and FLUF World. The trading volume of the Yat Gems collection is over 172 ETH, and floor price is 0.013 ETH. There are 15 unique items in the collection, with a total number of 2,756.

Dr. Grordborts: Rayguns

Rayguns are robot weapons that supposedly serve to communicate. Now they can kill you… Haha… No, they are designed for the bunnies’ metaverse, and serve as another robot inventory. The collection was created through an exclusive partnership between Wētā Workshop and FLUF World. The collection has a total of 2,748 NFTs, a trading volume of over 405 ETH, and a floor price of 0.1584 ETH.


How much does FLUF World cost?

At the time of launch in August 2021, minting was carried out at a price of 0.09 ETH. Back then, it ended 40 minutes after the start.

Market hype was seen at once, and secondary sales immediately went up.

And how are things now? To visualize the price dynamics, we made a slice of the average price for 1 NFT:

  • in October 2021 – 1.5 ETH,
  • in January 2022 – 6.2 ETH,
  • in May 2022 – 3.1 ETH,
  • in September 2022 – 2.6 ETH,
  • in December 2022 – 3.3 ETH.

Now (February 20, 2023) the minimum price is 2.61 ETH, and it’s impressive. On average, the latest sales range from 2.6 to 4 ETH. And the total volume of secondary sales amounted to more than 43k ETH (about $73 million).


Most Expensive Sales of FLUF World

The most expensive sales are led by the following NFTs from the FLUF World collection:

  1. #9680 was sold on January 16, 2022 for 17 ETH ($57k at the time of sale),
  2. #5626 was sold on January 11, 2022 for 11.11 ETH ($34k at the time of sale),
  3. #7896 was sold on August 9, 2021 for 11.11 ETH ($33k at the time of sale),
  4. #4273 was sold on January 23, 2022 for 11 ETH ($28k at the time of sale).
Most Expensive Sales NFT FLUF World
Most expensive sales of FLUF World NFTs


Where to buy FLUF World?

Currently, FLUF World can only be purchased on the secondary market on such marketplaces as OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2.


How to buy FLUF World?

  1. Remember that initially you need to connect your crypto wallet with self-storage to the marketplace of your choice.
  2. Next, find the official collection using the search bar on the marketplace.
  3. Analyze and choose the NFT you want to buy; click on it and then on the “Buy” button.
  4. Or you can bet on the token you like. Make sure you leave enough ETH for gas or transaction fees. If the seller approves your bid, the deal goes through.


Should you invest in FLUF World?

Who wouldn’t invest where there’s Dillon Francis, Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park and Disclosure, Keanu Reeves, Snoop Dogg and other stars? Only someone who doesn’t have the money for it and isn’t interested in the world that FLUF World offers. But besides the star factor, there are also reasons to treat the project positively:

  • Future launch of ROOT token, the primary token that will support the ecosystem of virtual bunnies.
  • Airdrops. Yes, users have not been warned about them, and they will not be, otherwise it might create a speculative influx before the event.
  • A whole ecosystem that has almost everything: music, dance floor, spider-like creatures and even a jetpack for flying in the virtual world.
  • Fluf Haus events that take place in the most famous places of the world.
  • Have you seen the floor price? It’s almost 3 ETH. After 2 years from the date of minting virtual bunnies are still in demand.
  • CC0 license. Thanks to it, owners can use copyrights for any purpose, including commercial one.
  • Collection of Fluflets, which is also in the plans of the developers. And it might also be airdropped to owners of bunnies, who knows?
  • Visuals, animation, audio. All this creates a unique charm and charisma of bunnies who can also dance to the music of the best performers in the world.
  • Partnerships with industry leaders.

Of course, investing is first and foremost about liking something. Perhaps someone doesn’t like bunnies? Not a problem! The ecosystem has collections with virtual bears, spiders, robots, etc.

But always remember: you should invest in NFTs only after your own analysis of the project!


Opinion of NFTMetria

FLUF World is a major creation with an entire metaverse behind it, where there is virtually everything. A metaverse where the community moves from the virtual world into the physical space of Fluf Haus with the opportunity to see its idols, such as Snoop Dogg or one of the Linkin Park performers. Huge community involvement in charity with leading foundations, large-scale airdrops, major partnerships, a huge ecosystem and an exclusive CC0 license – all this makes the project unique, promising and ambitious.

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