NFT News Digest: Doodles NFT launches Doodles 2 on the Flow blockchain

NFT News Digest: Doodles NFT launches Doodles 2 on the Flow blockchain

In addition to the news that Doodles NFT is finally launching Doodles 2 on the Flow blockchain, in today’s NFT News Digest for the past week of January 21-27, you’ll find:

  • Kevin Rose was hacked and top NFTs worth more than $1 million were stolen;
  • Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) launches YSL Beauty Night Blocks NFT campaign.


Doodles NFT finally launches Doodles 2 on the Flow blockchain

Doodles, one of the most famous Ethereum NFT projects with a trading volume of over $250 million, finally announced the long-awaited release of Doodles 2, which the entire community has been waiting for since the summer, on January 25th. But the team surprised not only with this news – the second part of a large-scale project is being launched on the Flow blockchain, best known for sports NFT projects such as NBA Top Shot and NFL All Day. The message to the community was prepared detailed and voluminous:

What is Doodles 2?

Doodles 2 is a continuation of the top project of the same name. The Core Collection was released in October 2021 and is one of the best selling NFT collections of all time. The second part was first announced in June last year at the NFT NYC event. At the same time, the official trailer was released, which only intrigued fans.

The Doodles team has previously stated that the new project will allow anyone to create a “basic level” doodle and “select common traits such as skin tone and hair color”. Doodles 2 can also be customized with wearable devices with “various levels of rarity”. NFTs will be “dynamic” and images will be available as “whole body or PFP”.

We have fulfilled the desire of the community to customize their doodles to exactly match their IRL style. Technology aside, Doodles 2 is a passport that is used across all of our products – experiences, games, apps, music, animation releases – to provide further personalization, customization, and rewards for our fans. Doodles co-founder Jordan Castro @poopie

Then in May, the team also released the cryptic Dooplicator NFTs associated with Doodles 2. The devices could be minted for free for each holder of the main token. Finally, on Tuesday, the company released a short video showing different Doodles characters with customizable clothing, music, and accessories.

The wearable collections will be released in IRL limited editions tied to specific events and brand collaborations with high-profile partners and public figures. The wearables can then be sold on the Flow marketplace. Wrote the Doodles team in a press release

How and when will Doodles 2 launch?

The first minting phase of Doodles 2 will be open to existing owners on January 31st. More information will follow soon after. In about a month, when the Genesis Box opens for holders to mint second edition wearables, the next phase for Doodles will begin. Additionally, any wearable unlocked during this launch time will come with a Doodles 2 beta pass.

After the launch of collectibles, Doodle NFT owners will be able to buy, sell and trade their wearables on Gaia, Flow’s marketplace. This allows them to create their own unique collections that reflect their individuality.

Why is Doodles 2 being released on the Flow blockchain?

According to Doodles CEO Julian Holguin, Doodles should exist everywhere, and so the partnership with Flow, backed by Dapper Labs, made sense. Blockchain boasts powerful composability that fits well with Doodles vision for digital identities. It was also an important factor that it will promote “seamless connectivity and world-class security and recovery.”

This is also a big event for the blockchain – Doodles will be the first high-profile NFT project to launch on Ethereum and switch to Flow.

According to the CEO of the project, while Doodles 2 will be hosted on Flow, the team will continue to invest in the Doodles ecosystem on Ethereum. And there is an explanation here – they see the future of the project as multi-chain.

We are not married to Flow for future products. We’re going to select and use a chain that’s appropriate for the problem we’re trying to solve. We believe that the idea of creating multiple networks is essential to advance our roadmap. Commented by the founder of the project Jordan Castro @poopie


Kevin Rose Hacked, Top NFTs Worth Over $1M Stolen

Kevin Rose, CEO and co-founder of the Proof Collective behind the top NFT project Moonbirds, was the victim of a phishing scam on January 26th. As a result, he lost over $1.1 million worth of personal NFT collection. He announced this on Twitter and warned all of his 1.6 million followers not to buy stolen NFTs.

What NFTs were stolen from Kevin Rose?

In total, more than 40 top and expensive NFTs were stolen, including one Autoglyph; 25 Chromie Squiggles; one QQL Mint Pass; one Admit One pass from Gmoney; one Cool Cat NFT; one The Currency NFT by Damian Hirst; one Quantum Key; and several OnChainMonkeys. According to a rough estimate based on the flop price of these tokens, we are talking about a loss of at least $1.1 million.

Now the stolen assets are flagged by OpenSea. This means that they cannot currently be sold in that particular market. However, this does not limit the ability to transfer NFTs or attempt to sell them through another platform.

How did Kevin Rose’s NFT crypto wallet get hacked?

On the same day, PROOF vice president of engineering Arran Schlosberg explained that Rose “was tricked into signing a malicious signature that allowed the hacker to transfer a large amount of valuable tokens.” It was a classic example of social engineering that tricked KRO into a false sense of security.

He further explained that when they realized what had happened, they tried to use the Revoke Cash theft prevention tool even though the scammer had already transferred the tokens from Rose’s wallet.

After the incident, the community began to worry about the assets of the Proof Collective, but Arran Schlosberg calmed down in his message.

Assets (NFT, ETH, etc.) owned by [Proof Collective] are not affected or at risk. The vast majority of our assets require multiple permissions to access. Commented PROOF vice president of engineering

The company’s team is currently working closely with OpenSea’s anti-fraud department and Ledger’s wallet specialist to investigate the attack.


Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) Launches YSL Beauty Night Blocks NFT Campaign

French luxury fashion house Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) unveiled a two-part NFT campaign called “Black Opium: The Night Is Ours” on January 22.

To launch the new NFT collection, Yves Saint Laurent has partnered with POOLs, a metaverse public platform and marketplace for creator tokens. YSL NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain.

All the funds raised in the second Yves Saint Laurent NFT drop “YSL Beauty Night Masters” will go to the “Abuse Is Not Love” charity program.

What is the Black Opium: The Night Is Ours NFT Collection?

According to the announcement, the new Yves Saint Laurent NFT collection is a two-part NFT campaign called “Black Opium: The Night Is Ours” celebrating the legacy of the best-selling Black Opium fragrance line. The company that will launch the NFT “YSL Beauty Night Blocks” in parts one and two is called “The Night Masters”.

This latest release from the YSL Beauty Blocks collection allows us to reach a new audience on web3, in line with our promise to make this new use more accessible and test the potential of NFTs when integrated into the online shopping experience. Diane Hecquet, Director of Digital and Marketing at Yves Saint Laurent Beauty, says

The new collection will be released in a limited edition of 2014 to celebrate the year the cosmetics firm created Black Opium fragrances. The drop will include 2,000 original NFTs and 14 ultra-rare NFTs.

How to purchase NFT Black Opium: The Night Is Ours?

The new NFT collection will be available from January 30 for fans in the US, Australia, UK and France who purchase the Black Opium fragrance from the official online store. Customers need to install the YSL Beauty wallet app in order to receive a token.

What is the utility of NFT Black Opium: The Night Is Ours?

NFT YSL Beauty Night Blocks will allow wearers to access exclusive content including gift vouchers and 90ml perfumes. It will also give community members early access to the second chapter of the Black Opium: The Night Is Ours NFT, which will be released as a private sale on March 1st, with a public sale day on March 3rd. On June 30, 2023, or when all 2014 NFTs are announced, the campaign will end.


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