NFT News Digest: New ERC-4337 token standard deployed on Ethereum network

NFT News Digest: New ERC-4337 token standard deployed on Ethereum network

In addition to the news that New ERC-4337 token standard deployed on Ethereum network, in today’s NFT News Digest for the past week of March 11-17, you’ll find:

  • The second wave of famous speakers and artists at VeeCon 2023 has been announced,
  • Nouns DAO plans to release a full-length cartoon.


New ERC-4337 token standard deployed on Ethereum network

In March, at the ETHDenver festival, representatives of the Ethereum blockchain announced the latest update to the NFT token standard – ERC-4337.

The ERC-4337 is new standard is intended to improve the interoperability and usability of NFT on the Ethereum network, making it more accessible to non-crypto users.

What is ERC-4337?

The ERC-4337 standard will allow Ethereum developers to implement account abstraction technology. This means that users no longer have to remember or write down a complex recovery phrase. Instead, unique cryptographic keys can be fixed in standard smartphone security modules. Thus, the abstraction will turn phones into easy-to-use hardware wallets, which can greatly facilitate the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies.

This technology ERC-4337 also has a number of other important advantages:

  • Two-factor authentication,
  • Setting limits,
  • Signing transactions using biometrics,
  • The use of keys for blockchain games without the need for constant confirmation of transactions,
  • Temporary blocking of the wallet when the device is lost,
  • Restoring access to the wallet using third-party services.

According to the developers of Ethereum, the account abstraction has “the same functions as a bank, without the need to trust the bank.” Experts believe that in 2023 smart accounts will receive a powerful impetus for development.

The innovation ERC-4337 has already been audited by Open Zeppelin. The ERC-4337 standard will be available on all Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) compatible networks, including BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Optimism, and Gnosis Chain.

With the ability to provide a new and simpler level of usability for digital collectibles, ERC-4337 should become the new standard for high-value NFTs on the Ethereum network. As the NFT market continues to grow and evolve, it is clear that standards such as ERC-4337 will play an increasingly important role in integrating the mass adoption of this exciting new market.


The second wave of famous speakers and artists at VeeCon 2023 has been announced

We previously covered the topic of speakers at the upcoming three-day global event VeeCon 2023, which will be held from May 18-20, 2023 at the TCU Amphitheater in White River State Park, as well as Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. This conference is not only the central event of the entire VeeFriends ecosystem from Gary Vee, but also a large-scale event for the entire NFT market.

In February, the first list of speakers and guest artists appeared who will speak at the conference. And then everyone was already shocked by the number of famous names and faces. There were more than 55 of them, and among them were such familiar names for the whole space as:

Who is invited in the second wave to VeeCon 2023?

So, let’s see who the conference participants can see, listen to and chat with.

The list now includes individuals of 3 categories:

  1. Founders and Executives:
  • Amy Campbell, Chief Marketing Officer of Paramount Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios
  • Arianna Huffington, Founder and CEO of Thrive Global
  • Avery Akkineni, President of Vayner3
  • AJ Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of VaynerSports Pass
  • Bobbi Brown, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Jones Road Beauty
  • Cody Plofker, Chief Marketing Officer of Jones Road Beauty
  • David Blitzer, Team Owner at Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment (HBSE)
  • David Grutman, Hospitality Innovator, Entrepreneur and Founder of Groot Hospitality
  • David McKillips, CEO and President of CEC Entertainment – Chuck E. Cheese
  • David Rodolitz, Founder and CEO of Flyfish Club
  • Drew Austin, Founding Manager of Red Beard Ventures and Co-Founder of Knights of Degen
  • Eric Wattenberg, CEO of VaynerWATT
  • Everette Taylor, CEO of Kickstarter
  • Guy Raz, Founder of Built-It Productions and Creator of How I Built This
  • Jacqueline Parkes, Former CMO of Major League Baseball and MTV Entertainment Group
  • Jill Cress, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer of H&R Block
  • Jon Taffer, Hospitality Expert, Host and Executive Producer of Bar Rescue
  • Josh Luber, Co-Founder of Fanatics Collectibles and StockX
  • Kat Cole, President and COO of Athletic Greens
  • Keith A. Grossman, President of Enterprise for MoonPay
  • Lauren Fritts, Chief Corporate Affairs and Marketing Officer of WeWork
  • Maha Abouelenein, CEO and Founder of Digital and Savvy
  • Matt Higgins, Co-Founder and CEO of RSE Ventures
  • Maureen Kelly, Founder and CEO of tarte cosmetics
  • Mike Lazerow, Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Pam Kaufman, President and CEO of International Markets, Global Consumer Products and Experiences at Paramount
  • Ryan Harwood, CEO of Gallery Media Group
  • Scott Dorsey, Managing Partner of High Alpha
  • Scott Harrison, Founder/CEO of charity: water
  • Scott Sartiano, Founder and Owner of Bond Hospitality
  • Shannon Snow, COO of World of Women
  • Shira Lazar, Entrepreneur and Content Creator
  • Tricia Melton, Marketing Executive at Main Character Marketing
  • Vivian Odior, Global Head of Brand for WhatsApp
  1. Artists and Creatives:
  • Bobby Hundreds, Founder, Designer, Writer, and Photographer of The Hundreds
  • Charlie Rocket, CEO of Dream Machine Foundation
  • Cory Van Lew, Artist
  • Farokh, Founder of Rug Radio
  • Harry Hudson, Artist, Philanthropist, and founder of Hey, I’m Here For You
  • LATASHÁ, Artist and Founder of Zoratopia
  • Luca Netz, CEO of Pudgy Penguins
  • Manny Galán, Chief Creative Officer of VeeFriends
  • Michelle Waterson Gomez, Professional UFC Fighter
  • Natealex, Artist and Founder of ChainFaces and SquigglyWTF
  • Neil Patrick Harris, Actor, Producer, and Raconteur
  • Timbaland, Entrepreneur, Artist, Producer, Author and Co-Founder of Beatclub and Verzuz
  • Trevor Jones, Artist and Creator of TREVORJONESART LTD
  • Vinnie Hager, Artist and Creator of Vinnie Hager Art
  • Yung Gravy, Artist
  1. Performers:
  • Comedian Andrew Schulz
  • Music Artist Richie Evans
  • Music Artist TiaCorine


Nouns DAO plans to release a feature-length cartoon

Nouns DAO, the legendary and popular NFT project, continues to successfully expand beyond the NFT market. For example, DAO plans to:

  • Performances at social events such as New York Fashion Week. By the way, recently the project presented a fashion collection of clothes created using a 3D printer on NFT Paris;

  • Financing the release of branded Noggles glasses;
  • Donations to Web3 educational projects;
  • Creation of Nouns mobile application;
  • Six issues of the cartoon “Nouns: Nountown”, one of which has already been released:

  • Participation in feature films and advertising with global brands.

And it is worth noting that this is not so much the merit of the team of creators as the members of Nouns DAO. It is they who propose ideas for the development of the project, vote, promote, manage the budget and implement ideas. In the entire NFT market, this is one of the rare projects that can boast such a close-knit and active community. And this is despite the fact that today there are only 647 tokens, which means the maximum number of voting participants.

What is Nouns DAO’s full-length cartoon?

Nouns DAO has now voted to approve an initiative to create a full-length cartoon, in which high-profile animation professionals will take part in the creation. In the future, the feature film will be produced by Atrium, a network of independent artists and Web3 creators.

This is a first for the NFT space; we have yet to see any other truly decentralized organization show this level of commitment to quality feature film production. The studio’s official release says

NounsDAO has set a budget for the first installment of $125,000 and the pilot project is expected in 90 days.

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