Proof Collective announce Grails Season IV

Proof Collective announce Grails Season IV

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Proof Collective, led by renowned NFT influencer Kevin Rose, has announced the release of Grails Season IV. This time the issue includes 1075 NFTs from 20 well-known artists, whose names will be revealed only on August 11 after the end of minting. It is on August 11 that a live presentation of all the authors will take place. So far, Proof Collective have posted only an intriguing teaser of the release:

Recall that only members of the Proof closed club have the right to mint, the entrance to which now costs 6.69 ETH (about $12,500). For such a price, in addition to various privileges, each member of the community is entitled to NFT minting from such famous artists as Claire Silver, Hackatao, Tyler Hobbs, Coldie, Kjetil Golid, Alpha Centauri Kid, Snowfro and others.
But Grails Season IV has new features:
• Unlike the standard weekly minting period, this period is now only 3 days from August 7 to August 10,
• For the first time, generative collections created on the basis of Art Blocks will be presented,
• The release is timed to coincide with the opening of the Foundry by PROOF solo exhibition in the arts district in downtown Los Angeles on August 4th.

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