Weekly NFT News Digest: July 22-28, 2023

Weekly NFT News Digest: July 22-28, 2023

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We present the NFT news digest for the past week from 22 to 28 July.

And here are the main market news for this week:

  1. America’s former first lady Melania Trump unveiled her new NFT, featuring NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin in an iconic 1969 photo during the historic moon landing. Each NFT costs $75 and includes an audio file that becomes available after purchase.
  2. Mastercard Music Accelerator Web3 releases a series of NFT tracks created by musicians from different parts of the world using artificial intelligence.
  3. Moonbirds Mythics NFT collection from Proof Collective begins minting. At the same time, this collection was announced a year ago; all this time it was created and worked out the details.
  4. CoinGecko added NFT Tracker to its website and app. It is based on the existing floor price tracking feature. But now new indicators have been added market capitalization, number of owners, 24-hour trading volume.
  5. On July 27, a global drop of Genkai NFTs from CyberKongz will be launched, some of which will be minted on Ronin (an Ethereum sidechain created by Sky Mavis originally for the world-famous game Axie Infinity). It is worth saying that Genkai is the first time that any NFT project has been integrated into the existing Ronin chain.
  6. Characters from the popular NTF collection Cool Cats have become the heroes of the next Reddit Gen 4 Avatars. Titled Retro reimagined, this release also features artwork by renowned NFT artist Micah Johnson.
  7. Owners of BAYC and MAYC can now officially register their goods, services or company under the NFT brand by Yuga Labs based on a unique online license. This format is implemented by Yuga Labs on a specially launched “Made by Apes” platform, created in partnership with the SaaSyLabs blockchain protocol.
  8. Yuga Labs has suspended ticket sales for ApeFest just a few hours after the start. Tentatively, ticket sales will continue next week. The entire community is shocked and concerned about the disruption from the main player in the NFT market.
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