Melania Trump published NFT in violation of NASA policy

Melania Trump published NFT in violation of NASA policy

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On July 21, America’s former first lady Melania Trump unveiled her new NFT, featuring NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin in an iconic 1969 photo during the historic moon landing. Each NFT costs $75 and includes an audio file that becomes available after purchase.

It would seem that Melania Trump is promoting American cult cadres into society, but not everything is so simple. The fact is that this is a NASA image, and in accordance with their policy, the use of such frames in NFT projects is strictly prohibited. However, as practice shows, NASA does not reach lawsuits, since, on the other hand, the images are in the public domain. So far, the position of the federal agency in connection with this situation remains unclear.

Recall that this is not the first NFT collection from the presidential family. Previously, Donald Trump released the first Collect Trump NFT Cards in December 2022 and Digital Trading Trump Cards Series 2 in April 2023. Each of them was minted on the Polygon blockchain and was a huge success and multi-million-dollar sales.

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