Sophie Goldman is a multimedia journalist covering stories at the intersection of culture, international relations, and technology at NFTmetria

Sophie Goldman

Journalist researcher

Writer, feminist, activist and just a very beautiful girl. She is committed to the ideas of social justice, equal economic opportunities in education and life, gender and racial equality. Not tolerant of the hypocrisy and lies of the government and their position in hushing up important issues. She believes that her struggle is the search for personal identity in the destructive environment of modern society, which imposes male stereotypes about the irregular structure of the state and society. No woman in the world has yet unleashed a war, despite the fact that many wars have happened because of women. Society needs to deeply integrate the ideology of equality and empower women. It is necessary to destroy the traditional barriers that transmit the prejudices of behavior to the individual and limit and separate the individual from full-fledged freedom. Constant compromises between work and motherhood are the main problems of modern women. In view of this, the employer most often prefers to underpay women for their work, even despite the same positions, duties and competencies. Although for society, a working woman mother brings great benefits to simultaneously work and educate children as a decent citizen and form their harmonious personalities. Mutual self-organization of women and awareness is the key to solving these problems. Loves digital art and admires artists such as: These women were able to develop real strong personalities and are a great example. He believes that the transmission of female beauty in art helps to fight against violence and denigration of women in families. And the popularization of the NFT art, where the work is based on the image of a strong woman, will help the feminist movement find more supporters and like-minded people.