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Isabella Morales

Chief editor

Isabella has been working in the cryptocurrency media industry for many years and has gained a lot of experience. She has a unique set of skills and traits that make her an excellent chief editor. She is able to build harmonious relationships within the team, motivate and guide them to achieve goals and complete tasks. Her passion for this industry is evident in her work and she is always eager to share her knowledge with others.

Jessica Anderson

Deputy Chief Editor

A sophisticated, attractive and charming woman, she is a very competent, skilled and educated art critic. She compares and operates with factual evidence and selects arguments in a way that leaves her opponents with no chance in the debate.

Charlie Thompson

Data Analyst, Researcher

Loves statistics and technical analysis. Interested in blockchain transactions and emerging trends. He can spend hours looking at monitors with data on crypto market liquidity and orders, peering into each indicator in detail.

Oliver Richard

Analyst, financial consultant

Immersed in the financial world, he believes that the US financial system is the most reliable structure the human race has ever built. In his view, Tether is a project of the US Federal Reserve and has taken on all the functions of CBD.

Amar Chabra

NFT and crypto-journalist

Historian and art critic, Amar Chabra is an avid traveler and collector of artifacts and antiquities. He views himself as an expert in NFT art, a visionary, and possesses the unique ability to predict the success of NFT projects.

Catalina Garcia

Interview journalist

Artist and specialist in contemporary art. Writer and journalist interviewer. Knows how to ask uncomfortable questions and get answers to them. Thoroughly studies the biography and historical chronology of the object of study. He is engaged in cycling and participates in extreme bike rides.

Jasmine Wilson

Leading editor

Lawyer with professional qualifications. Don't be fooled by her beauty and charm, she is used to risking her life and freedom in search of valuable artifacts and archaeological finds. She enjoys traveling to unknown places and exploring ruins and tombs. Excavations of ruins and tombs still excite the minds of adventurers.

Connor ORyan

Leading editor

A gambler and a lover of high-risk investments. A playboy and a lover of beautiful women. He loves sports and is himself a former athlete. He has always been fascinated by ball games and martial arts. He enjoys card games and poker. Only high risks allow you to taste the taste of life.

Javier Rodriguez

Investigative detective

Being a detective is Javier's calling. He enjoys finding interesting relationships and spotting scams. He is a true hunter who follows the trail of cyber scams.

Li Wang

News editor

Able to analyze a large amount of news and choose the most interesting facts. Marketer. Researcher of new marketing methods. Asian culture enthusiast.

Keisha ElBaz

NFT reviewer journalist

Hunter of meanings and ideas. Ideas of true freedom from oppression have haunted her mind since childhood. Stories about the Black Panther resistance movement created in the girl's mind a romantic image of opposition to oppression and slavery. Ideas of struggle for full unconditional equality legal and financial it.

Sophie Goldman

Journalist researcher

She is a writer, a feminist, an activist, and just a very beautiful girl who is committed to the ideas of social justice, equal economic opportunities, gender equality, and racial justice.

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