Connor O'Ryan is a leading editor at NFTmetria

Connor ORyan

Leading editor

Connor O'Ryan is a leading editor at NFTmetria. No, this handsome man is not from the porn industry, although he would fit well into the cast of Blacked. His passion is beautiful girls and gambling. Since childhood, he has been addicted to gambling. He especially likes team sports and card games. Poker tournaments and sports betting, online casinos and las vegas. He is passionate about risk and fortune often rewards him for this. Fascinated by speculation, classical commodity markets and stock markets are not interesting to him for him because promise too little profit and too many regulatory barriers. High-risk investments with proper calculation bring more tangible pleasure from receiving income. is a passionate specialist in sports betting and has several author's strategies in reserve, which he does not even share with his colleagues and relatives. He says the main thing in sports betting is statistics and mathematics and a big portion of luck. He is excellent at baseball and basketball. And is a longtime collector of old league player cards. This collection was given to him by his father and he also continues to expand it. He believes that the branch of the NFT will bring a lot of opportunities for sports clubs to earn extra money. And the sale of player cards is the perfect business model that a sports club can launch. A lot of collectible items have been lost or have become unusable and cannot be restored, which is not subject to NFTs, unless, of course, you lose access to the crypto wallet. He is a collector of the NFT collection of NBA Top Shots, and is constantly buying up the best moments. NAME is a real gambler, such that he can be no loss did not calm his spirit and he constantly continues to win and recoup.

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