Isabella Morales is a Chief Editor at NFTmetria

Isabella Morales

Chief editor

Isabella Morales is a Chief Editor at NFTmetria. From the very beginning of the NFT industry to the present day with developed marketplaces, many NFT artists, studios and NFT collections and GameFi/P2E projects, she has been involved in copper promotion of NFT projects. She is a qualified manager and has an MBA degree. Isabella Morales has always been interested in media promotion of modern technologies and art. Participated in the organization of exhibitions of contemporary art in New York, London, Lisbon and Paris. Closely follows all the trends of digital art. She has his own futurological and visionary ideas about the NFT industry and is happy to share her opinions, conjectures and assumptions about the development of the industry. Predicts emerging trends and sees investment opportunities. She believes that the oil and gas market is at the earliest stage of its development. Also, Isabella Morales believes that the NFT industry will take one of the most significant places in the life of every person. The status of a person in society will depend on the ownership of those or NFTs. NFTs will become indicators of wealth and position in society. She especially appreciates personal works of art in which the artist shows talent and individual personality traits, which reflect the artist's individual perception of the surrounding reality and the social environment. Knows how to get information and exclusive material from a major NFT marketplace or a well-known artist.

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