Amar Chabra NFT and crypto-journalist by NFTmetria

Amar Chabra

NFT and crypto-journalist

Amar Chabra is a NFT and crypto-journalist focused at NFTmetria. Classical art expert. He worked in the field of evaluation of objects of rare art. Participated in archaeological expeditions in India, Afghanistan, China and many African countries as an artifact expert. Inspired by the history and culture of Western Asia. He is fond of collecting ancient things. It has a solid collection of ancient coins and edged weapons. Organized master classes for artists and art historians. Reads a course of lectures on art at leading universities in India and other Asian countries. Participated in organizing exhibitions of ancient Babylonian artifacts. According to him, he owns an artifact that is of significant cultural and historical value and can shed light on some historical events. However, the world is not yet ready for this, but perhaps soon he will present this artifact to the world. He loves digital art and believes that the NFT is a natural stage in the development of art. NFT technology is devoid of the shortcomings of classical art and solves some of the problems facing humanity. One of the most significant NFT problems to be solved is the possibility of creating a legitimate digital twin of a real item. It is necessary to legislate the procedure by which these twins will be created and legalized. This will get rid of many problems associated with storage and the physical impossibility of saving some originals. It will allow to get rid of the final loss of cultural values. digital art allows instant transfer of property rights to an unlimited circle of persons. Lots of great people, from artists to artefact hunters, will be able to access funding from various private collectors and institutional investors.