Amar Chabra NFT and crypto-journalist by NFTmetria

Amar Chabra

NFT and crypto-journalist

Amar Chabra is a seasoned journalist specializing in classical art, with a particular focus on antiquity. He brings extensive expertise in classical art, having worked in the evaluation of rare art objects and actively participated in archaeological expeditions across India, Afghanistan, China, and various African countries, serving as an artifact expert. Inspired by the rich history and diverse cultures of Western Asia, Amar has a deep passion for collecting ancient artifacts. His collection boasts a remarkable assortment of ancient coins and edged weapons. Moreover, he shares his knowledge by organizing masterclasses for artists and art historians and lecturing on art at prestigious universities in India and other Asian countries. Amar Chabra has played a vital role in organizing exhibitions featuring ancient Babylonian artifacts. He possesses an artifact of significant cultural and historical value, capable of shedding light on important historical events. While the world might not be ready for its unveiling just yet, he anticipates presenting this invaluable artifact to the world in the near future.

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