Oliver Richard is a financial consultant, analyst at NFTmetria

Oliver Richard

Analyst, financial consultant

Oliver Richard is a financial consultant and analyst at NFTmetria, with solid experience in the banking system. At the start of his career, he was a consultant for Morgen Stanley Bank. He later moved on to a company engaged in financial auditing of organizations as a financial analyst. Oliver has liberal beliefs and is discontent with the way cryptocurrency is overregulated with the arrival of CBDs, KYC and AMLs. He thinks that it should be less regulated and people doing business with cryptocurrency should not have to go through full identification procedures or deanonymization. To the full extent, freedom is needed for the cryptocurrency market to develop and reach its maximum potential in terms of capitalization, leading to its mass incorporation into everyday life. NFTs are especially desirable due to their anticipated growth as a means of value transfer through digital works of art - this market may eventually rival traditional art markets in size, and will be even larger due to its accelerated speed of exchange between buyers and sellers. The awareness and appreciation building up around digital artwork is currently underway. Both institutional investors and conventional organizations such as auction houses are engaged in the process, introducing different methods of interacting with NFTs, which will be reflected in various financial instruments (including decentralized ones). For instance, within DEX platforms, NFTs can provide liquidity for a range of other assets on stock exchanges or even proxy funds. Moreover, technological communications between NFTs and DeFi-sector will reach unprecedented heights. These can also be used as collateral for loans - signifying owner’s social status - providing an adequate confirmation.

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