Keisha ElBaz is a NFT reviewer journalist at NFTmetria

Keisha ElBaz

NFT reviewer journalist

Keisha ElBaz is a NFT reviewer journalist at NFTmetria. She loves graffiti and is fond of street art. He thinks that street art is a great way to create problems with the law and a great reputation for the author. The main thing in street art is the idea that is embedded in the work, as well as its execution. and if these ideas help the world to progress, then the presence of such a work of art on the wall of the facade does not spoil the facade of the building, but only improves the social and urban indicators of the living space. Especially if this work of art has a high technical performance. And it can cause visual ecstasy and a complete understanding of what the author wanted to convey without further explanation. The idea should be concentrated in the work is clear and understandable. He loves computer games and admires the idea of using P2E mechanics in projects with an already formed community. P2E mechanics as a branch of GAMEfi will allow players to not only enjoy the game but also have significant financial incentives. Doing what they love, they will receive gaming rewards, isn't this a utopia? He believes that the technologies of the metaverses and AI are two technologies that will provide a significant breakthrough in the development of humanity. The vast worlds of the metaverses will form new communities and new opportunities.

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