Charlie Thompson is a data analyst, researcher at NFTmetria

Charlie Thompson

Data Analyst, Researcher

Charlie Thompson is a data analyst and researcher at NFTmetria. He attained a master's degree in mathematical methods in economics from the University of Massachusen. Charlie relishes analysing financial companies and projects, and it has become his favorite hobby. He can spend hours looking at data from Glassnode & Bloomberg analytic services without pause. With regards to cryptocurrency trading, he's fond of taking moderate risk while strictly adhering to a strategy. Furthermore, Charlie has developed algorithms for use with trading robots, which are determined by his machine learning on historical data & high-frequency analysis of the price delta & volume of liquidity during particular periods. His verbalized & normalized patterns enable real-time high-frequency trading, helping him create sophisticated trading systems that can interpret quotes instantaneously, spot market trends and anticipate asset prices. The algorithm has been successful on Binance & CoinBase exchanges and he's not shy about showing off his Sharpe and Traynor ratio! As a result, he believes early liquidity inflows can be identified through analysis of NFT market data, specifically transactions in the main collections of NFTs. Due to the use of non-fungible tokens, the NFT market is more open and all manipulations can be detected by analytical systems.

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