Javier Rodriguez is a sensation hunter, investigative detective at NFTmetria

Javier Rodriguez

Investigative detective

Everyone knows that Mexico is a country of cartels. The law enforcement system in Mexico is waging a fierce fight against crime. Criminals are constantly improving methods of evading responsibility for committed acts. Criminals disguise and hide their income using cryptocurrencies. The police have to track and analyze thousands of transactions that may be involved in illegal activities. In order to catch the criminal and provide the court with the necessary evidence base for issuing an indictment agreement. It was in one such unit that NAME worked. He helped uncover illegal financial transactions and, in the course of his activities, prevented large shipments of drugs and weapons. because of his activity, he was disliked by the corrupt authorities and he was forced to resign from the police. After his dismissal, he began a career as a private detective and got a job at a detective agency specializing in the search for stolen crypto assets. The company is in partnership with Crystal Blockchain and AMLsecurity corp. This work fascinated him. He even had to participate in the investigation of the FTH fraud. And even in search of bored monkeys kidnapped by the NFT. The client was a well-known person in the crypto industry and was afraid of reputational risks and he was required to find his NFT monkey at any cost. He believes that criminals using open blockchains due to the openness of transactions will be punished and will not escape responsibility, this is only a matter of time. evidence of involvement is already there and securely recorded. Law enforcers only need to collect this evidence and send it to the court. Finding, tracking, and finding missing NFTs is his thing. Experience in forensics allows you to quickly identify and identify criminals. Careful study of transaction chains and analysis of connections helps to get a complete picture of the criminal's activities. A well-established system of interaction with exchanges, AML services, banks and law enforcement agencies of different countries provides information to establish the exact identity of the attacker. Once established, the offender more often agrees to return the stolen property and compensate for the costs.

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