Jasmine Wilson is a leading editor at NFTmetria.

Jasmine Wilson

Leading editor

Many countries create significant legal barriers. These barriers prevent truly valuable artifacts from getting into museums and belonging to organizations that can shed light on the history of mankind and the culture of ancient civilizations. The created barriers help various swindlers and swindlers to buy antiquities for next to nothing from amateur archaeologists and form private collections. Many truly rare, unique pieces of art and history, falling into the hands of such collectors, become actually lost to humanity, so it is very important to create legal mechanisms that regulate the legal status of artifacts and antiquities and would not allow items of cultural value to be forever hidden in private collections. Most countries have a poorly regulated archaeological excavation industry and one must have knowledge of the specifics of regional law in order to obtain permits for archaeological excavations and the export of cultural property from those countries. Many legal procedures are not fully described and not transparent, this imposes certain problems associated with the evaluation and further transportation of ancient cultural property, this leads to the fact that some manipulations in countries with poor legislation can be semi-legal or even considered smuggling and punished by local legislation. Therefore, specialists who know how to properly legalize excavations, found artifacts and their transportation are always in demand. What documents to provide so that there are no problems with local law enforcement agencies and customs. And even though now the hunt for the treasures of ancient civilizations is still basically a legal struggle with the imperfect laws of underdeveloped countries and their officials, even if in our time there are not so many ancient ruins hidden from human eyes thanks to satellite intelligence. There are really fewer treasures not found, but they still attract. Yes, in reality, the tomb and the ruins are not filled with traps and secret passages, and from many ruins, little has survived to this day. But Life and health have to be risked even in our time, not all territories are controlled by the local police and military, bandits, marauders and other armed formations have not gone anywhere and are always not averse to getting their own valuables. But the more dangerous and difficult the artifact is to obtain, the less treasure remains unfound, the more valuable these finds are for humanity, which means this game is worth the candle. He is fond of the art of NFT and the legal regulation of the industry, supports the ideas of digitalization of real objects and artifacts, believes that this will help more people understand their cultural involvement in these finds and receive more information about ancient civilizations.

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