Drop The 10k collection Pass: Become a member of the promising NFA.Space project

Drop The 10k collection Pass: Become a member of the promising NFA.Space project

Do you want to have in your investment portfolio not just a PFP NFT, but a promising membership NFT that provides you with many utilities, private access to the world of fine art and a community of respected collectors?

If you say yes, then we are glad to introduce you to the NFA.Space project, which launched The 10k collection drop. And right now, you have the opportunity to become a member of this community. Interesting? Then we’ll tell you more.

What is The 10k collection: Pass NFT Collection?

The 10k collection: Pass is a collection of 10,000 NFT paintings created by 1,000 artists from 65 countries and is also a member entry to the NFA.Space project community. And even now, as part of the project, a Warm Collection by George Makarow drop has been announced, which will take place on August 16th.

The sale of The 10k collection is divided into several stages:

  1. OG stage – 241 minted. Mint date: March 15, 2023,
  2. 2nd stage – 1,000. Mint date: Summer, 2023 (Now),
  3. Next stages – 8,000. Mint date: TBA (4th Quarter, 2023).

What utilities do you get as the owner of The 10k collection: Pass?

By purchasing The 10k collection: Pass, you get the right to:

  • To participate in various events, drops, IRL events, auctions, exhibitions and so on.
  • Membership in an exclusive and closed community of connoisseurs of real art,
  • Cashback for the resale of digital art,
  • Access to additional services (delivery, insurance, rent, etc.)

By participating in this mint, you become a part of the NFT landscape revolution, where organizers bring the true essence of art into the blockchain space.

What is NFA.Space?

NFA.Space is a fairly new player on the NFT market. And this is its plus – without having any established reputation, the project is designed to revolutionize and establish a new vision of digital art, rights and opportunities for it.

And here is what the project already boasts:

  • Over the past year, 1800 artists have joined the NFA, 500 of them are actively involved in all events and updates. Over 200 artists even received exclusive NFTs as proof of their impact on the project.
  • Since September 2022, NFA has collected a total of 5,500 artworks from talented artists representing 65 countries and working in 20+ languages.
  • The NFA team has launched 2 NFT collections since March 2023, showcasing artwork from the 10k collection.
  • In July, NFA sponsored and participated in the NFT Europe exhibition, presenting its innovative project to founders and art collectors.
  • During 2023, the team hosted over 20 spaces on Twitter and over 15 broadcasts on IG.

The project has a roadmap:

  • Summer 2023: opening of the first office, drops, first auctions, IRL event for holders,
  • Q4 2023: platform upgrade, development of worldwide communications, opening of a second office,
  • Q1 2024: AR gallery, knowledge base, artists’ social fund, NFT magazine for holders.

The 10k collection: Pass Official Links

When and where will The 10k collection: Pass drop be?

NFT drop The 10k collection: Pass takes place on OpenSea:

  1. Public stage: August 16 at 09:00 PM GMT+7. Price: 0.035 ETH. Limit: 20 per wallet.
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