Drop Masterpieces by Coca-Cola: Touch a global brand through legendary creativity

Drop Masterpieces by Coca-Cola: Touch a global brand through legendary creativity

Experience classic art through the lens of contemporary artists and the world-famous Coca-Cola brand. Each of these pieces is part of the Coca-Cola Masterpiece Global campaign. And the NFT drop itself takes place as part of the Onchain Summer project from CoinBase, where everyone can purchase digital art without even having a cryptocurrency wallet, but only pay with a credit card.

Previously, we have already announced the first large-scale drop of New Era by DeeKay Kwon and Cozomo de’ Medici on this site, which caused a lot of noise. And now we are witnessing how one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges continues its path in the NFT market along with the largest Coca-Cola brand.

What is Masterpieces by Coca-Cola NFT Collection?

Masterpieces by Coca-Cola is an NFT collection of online art from emerging and historical artists curated by global company.

This NFT collection brings together iconic art and emerging talent in a unique way; and it’s all intertwined with the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. You will agree in any way that Coca-Cola is a full-fledged marker of generations, like each of the works presented in the drop.

So, there are 8 digital works of art in the NFT drop:

  1. Divine Idyll, © Aket 2022
  2. You Can’t Curse Me, © WonderBuhle 2022
  3. Falling in Library, © Vikram Kushwah, 2012
  4. Natural Encounters, © Stefania Tejada, 2020
  5. The Blow Dryer, © Fatma Ramadan, 2021
  6. Girl with a Pearl Earring, c.1665-6 (oil on canvas), Vermeer, Jan (Johannes) (1632-75) / Mauritshuis, The Hague, The Netherlands / Bridgeman Images
  7. Scream, Munch, Edvard (1863-1944) / Private Collection / Photo © O. Vaering / Bridgeman Images (lithograph)/colour origination Sam Hadley
  8. The Bedroom, 1889 (oil on canvas), Gogh, Vincent van (1853-90) / The Art Institute of Chicago, IL, USA / Helen Birch Bartlett Memorial Collection / Bridgeman Images

Depending on the works of art, the price of a mint varies: from 0.0011 ETH to 0.0014 ETH.

Masterpieces by Coca-Cola Official Links

When and where will Masterpieces by Coca-Cola NFT drop be?

NFT drop Masterpieces by Coca-Cola takes place on CoinBase:

  1. Starts: August 13 at 09:00 PM GMT+7.
  2. Ends: August 16 at 09:00 PM GMT+7.
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