Mastercard Music Accelerator Web3 releases a series of NFT tracks

Mastercard Music Accelerator Web3 releases a series of NFT tracks

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Mastercard Music Accelerator Web3 , the banking giant’s Web3 initiative is once again hitting the NFT market.

This time he releases 5 music NFTs created by musicians from different parts of the world using artificial intelligence:

  1. Young Athena: London-based soul and R&B singer,
  2. LeriQ: Nigerian afrobeat,
  3. Cocoa Sarai: American-Jamaican singer,
  4. Emily Vu: Vietnamese American pop artist championing LGBTQ+ rights,
  5. Manu Manzo: Venezuelan pop singer.

New tracks from these artists will be released on Billboard on July 27th.

As a reminder, the Mastercard Music Pass program has already carried out more than 100 mintings. At the same time, each of these events becomes an event on the NFT scene, and the Mastercard brand is increasingly becoming a large-scale and confident market participant. Such an initiative gives a variety of perspectives for the company: from creating a multimillion-dollar community to conducting various advertising campaigns.

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