Cool Cats have entered the new Reddit Gen 4 Avatars

Cool Cats have entered the new Reddit Gen 4 Avatars

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Characters from the popular NTF collection Cool Cats have become the heroes of the next Reddit Gen 4 Avatars.

This drop, which will take place on July 26 at 3pm ET, is the result of a forward-thinking and full blown partnership between the two giants Cool Cats (powered by Animoca Brands) and Reddit. Titled Retro reimagined, this release also features artwork by renowned NFT artist Micah Johnson. This is the next release after Avatars Gen 3, which was released in April 2023.

Reddit previously successfully released to date has sold over 18 million collectible avatars worth over $34 million. This allowed the platform to attract more than 14 million owners. Thus, this is a potential audience for Cool Cats, who have recently started developing three NFT game projects. This collaboration goes far beyond the avatar collection; this includes engagement, community participation, and collection growth. And given that Reddit Avatars cost only $5 to $200, it’s likely that this partnership will significantly increase Cool Cats’ weight in the NFT market.

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