Moonbirds Mythics NFT collection from Proof Collective begins minting

Moonbirds Mythics NFT collection from Proof Collective begins minting

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Moonbirds by Proof Collective announced the launch of the Moonbirds Mythics derivative collection of 20,000 tokens. At the same time, this collection was announced a year ago; all this time it was created and worked out the details. Against the backdrop of the unsuccessful minting of Azuki Elementals, the organizers decided to use a different minting scheme.

And now the details:

  • In order to hatch Mythics, you need to have a mythic egg.
  • The original Moonbirds, which has a diamond status (be invested for 1 year), can receive a mythical egg.
  • Each owner of Moonbirds Oddities can also take part in the promotion, but for this he will need to burn the token itself.
  • Every day, the Proof Collective will randomly select 50 NTF Mythics for their owners to hatch an egg through
  • Every day, 50 Oddities will be randomly assigned to be burned in exchange for a new token.
  • The total minting period can be up to 100 days.
  • Each mythic egg comes in 3 types: Stone (20%), Runic (60%), and Legendary (20%).
  • Ownership of a new token gives full commercial rights, membership in the Moon Community and access to future releases and projects.
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