Weekly NFT News Digest: September 9-15, 2023

Weekly NFT News Digest: September 9-15, 2023

Table of contents

We present the NFT News Digest for the past week from 9 to 15 September. Follow the links to learn more about each news.

And here are the main market news for this week:

  1. Beginning September 15, 2023, Google will allow advertisers to run ads for NFT games, provided they meet certain criteria and are certified by Google. Under the updated policy, advertisements for NFT games must meet precise requirements and undergo Google’s certification process. Notably, these ads should not promote gambling activities associated with NFT games.
  2. Deadfellaz (DFZ) is making a significant leap into the world of gaming. After two years of tech innovations and NFT projects, DFZ is launching its very own digital trading card game (TCG) called RIP TCG.
  3. In a groundbreaking move, Metagood, the creative minds behind the OnChainMonkey (OCM) NFT project, has announced the migration of the OCM Genesis, a collection comprising 10,000 unique NFTs, from Ethereum’s blockchain to Bitcoin’s blockchain. The migration initiative gained massive support in a recent vote organized by the OCM DAO, established in 2021.
  4. Manifold, a leading player in the blockchain space, has unveiled a groundbreaking feature known as Claim Codes, ushering in a new era of minting accessibility. This innovative approach allows users to grant minting access through simple text-based codes, eliminating the need for complex wallet addresses or allowlists.
  5. Animoca Brands, has successfully raised $20 million in a funding round led by CMCC Global. The company issued new ordinary shares at A$4.50 (~$2.87) per share granting investors a free-attaching utility token on a 1:1 dollar basis. This fresh capital injection is earmarked to propel the development of Animoca Brands’s Mocaverse project.
  6. In an unprecedented move, NounsDAO, a leading DAO-run Nouns NFT project, faces a treasury split on September 15. Disgruntled holders, considering a “rage quit” amid the bear market, are pushing for a more favorable rate for their NFTs from the project’s substantial ETH holdings. Key figures include DCFGod, who possesses 28 Nouns.
  7. The Binance NFT Marketplace announced that starting from September 26, it will no longer support the sale or listing of Polygon NFTs and stop supporting ‘The Sandbox NFT Staking Program.’
  8. NFT marketplace Magic Eden has announced the launch of a new feature called “Lucky Buy”, where you can purchase valuable NFTs at a significantly lower price.
  9. Milady Maker NFT collection, known for its anime profile picture NFTs, has fallen victim to a significant exploit, resulting in the diversion of approximately $1 million in fees generated from Remilia Corporation. Charlotte Fang, the creator of the Milady NFTs, made this unsettling revelation on X (formerly Twitter) on September 11.
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