Deadfellaz’s dive into gaming: RIP TCG and Vault sale unveiled

Deadfellaz’s dive into gaming: RIP TCG and Vault sale unveiled

Deadfellaz (DFZ), known for its groundbreaking Ethereum NFT art and culture, is making a significant leap into the world of gaming. After two years of tech innovations and NFT projects, DFZ is launching its very own digital trading card game (TCG) called RIP TCG.

Why are Deadfellaz developing the game?

Gaming provides a unique opportunity for Deadfellaz to leverage web3 technology, utilize its intellectual property (IP), and offer an engaging experience for its community. Deadfellaz has a passion for gaming and trading card games (TCGs), making this venture a natural progression.

Details about RIP TCG from Deadfellaz

RIP TCG is set to revolutionize the TCG genre. Described as a fast, intense, and cinematic digital trading card game, it promises an adrenaline-fueled experience for gamers. It will feature immersive 3D character-focused combat gameplay, deep card customization, a dark yet playful universe of lore, regular content updates through seasonal live-ops, and more surprises.

Deadfellaz is committed to delivering a world-class gaming, collection, and customization experience. While the initial idea was to create a play-to-earn (P2E) TCG, DFZ’s research and development focus over the past year have shown that gamers primarily seek enjoyment.

Blockchain integration in RIP TCG game

While Deadfellaz is not positioning RIP TCG as a “Web3 game,” it recognizes the value of blockchain technology. Certain blockchain-powered features, including on-chain XP, visual customization, and achievement unlock systems unique to each card, will enhance the gaming experience.

DFZ’s goal is to seamlessly integrate blockchain technology to improve user experiences, not overshadow them.

Development and partnerships in the creation of the RIP TCG game

Deadfellaz has spent a year refining the game’s mechanics, universe lore, card ecosystem, XP system, upgrade system, monetization strategy, and creative direction. This detailed documentation will be gradually revealed through a series of podcasts and development diaries called “Road to R.I.P.”

DFZ has also partnered with Unity Technologies, known for its work on popular titles like Battlefield, Star Wars, and Minecraft. This partnership will enable DFZ to create an “early alpha” version of RIP TCG, expected to launch by Q1 2024, with a beta version following in 2025.

Vault Sale: A Bridge to the gaming universe

To connect its existing ecosystem with the gaming world, Deadfellaz is introducing the Vault Sale. Vaults are boxes containing cases, packs, and cards, including rare ones. The first edition cards obtained from these vaults will be usable in RIP TCG.

The Vault Sale aims to reward existing collectors and attract new ones. Different pricing tiers are available, depending on the type and quantity of NFTs collectors own. Legacy wallets that minted Deadfellaz or Deadfrenz will also have access.

The sale begins on September 8th with a collector-only period, followed by general access on September 10th. It will run for 13 days or until supplies last, with specific terms and conditions that can be found on the purchase site.

Deadfellaz is taking security seriously by partnering with Props for the Vault Sale, ensuring secure access for all participants.

DFZ is excited to take its community on this gaming journey, and more details will be revealed soon. The game promises to be fun, engaging, and free-to-play upon release, maintaining DFZ’s commitment to providing a great user experience.

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