Google to Allow NFT Game Ads with New Certification Requirements

Google to Allow NFT Game Ads with New Certification Requirements

In a significant development for the crypto and NFT gaming communities, Google has announced an update to its cryptocurrency advertising policy. Starting from September 15, 2023, Google will permit advertisers to run ads for NFT games, provided they adhere to specific criteria and receive certification from Google.

This move comes shortly after Google revised its Play Store policy, which now allows developers to list NFT games. The decision to permit ads for NFT games represents another step in Google’s evolving approach to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

NFT Game Ads in Google: Requirements and Certification Process

Under the updated policy, advertisements for NFT games must meet precise requirements and undergo Google’s certification process. Notably, these ads should not promote gambling activities associated with NFT games.

Furthermore, the following activities are not allowed:

  • Games that encourage NFT betting or staking with the chance to win real-world assets, including other NFTs.
  • Games that permit players to stake NFTs in return for different digital currencies, including the endorsement of “social casino games” that grant players NFT rewards.
  • Games that replicate traditional casino gambling experiences, like poker, slot machines, or roulette, where players can potentially acquire NFTs as winnings.
  • Games that promote destinations for “real money gambling,” including advertisements related to gambling that are visible on your game’s platform.

Google’s intention is to maintain a responsible advertising environment while acknowledging the growing popularity of NFT gaming.

NFT Game Ads in Google in the context of the crypto landscape

Google’s decision arrives at a time when the cryptocurrency market is navigating a period of volatility and uncertainty. The NFT gaming sector, which saw rapid growth and attention in recent years, has also experienced a decline in activity. This policy shift could potentially reinvigorate interest in NFT games and related projects.

Industry Insights and Reactions on NFT Game Ads in Google

Alex Salnikov, the co-founder and chief strategy officer at Rarible, sees Google’s policy updates as a positive sign for the blockchain industry. He suggests that major tech players like Google are increasingly recognizing the potential of blockchain technology. Salnikov believes that these changes could lead to greater adoption of decentralized applications and stimulate innovation among developers.

Bertrand Perez, CEO of Web3 Foundation, acknowledges the significance of Google’s actions but remains cautious about their impact on blockchain companies. While he appreciates the broader trend of traditional players acknowledging blockchain’s potential, he notes that the precise implications for the industry remain unclear.

NFT Game Ads in Google: Balancing Innovation and Responsibility

Google is making efforts to strike a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring responsible advertising within the evolving cryptocurrency and NFT landscape. The company will permit NFT game ads that promote in-game purchases, such as virtual apparel, weapons, or armor that enhance the user’s gaming experience. However, Google will continue to enforce prohibitions on ads related to gambling activities where players can wager or stake NFTs to win cryptocurrencies and other NFT prizes. This includes simulated casino games offering NFT rewards and ads containing links to NFT gambling sites.

In cases of policy violations, Google has outlined a warning process that includes issuing a notice to advertisers at least seven days before the potential suspension of their accounts.

Google’s updated cryptocurrency advertising policy reflects the tech giant’s willingness to adapt to the changing landscape of digital assets and blockchain technology. As the NFT gaming sector faces challenges, this move could potentially inject new life and enthusiasm into the market, while ensuring a responsible and regulated advertising environment. The full implications of these policy changes will become clearer as they come into effect on September 15, 2023.

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